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Dr. Vivek Jawali – Cardiac Surgeon

Heart Surgeries in India

Heart surgeries in India are performed on a large scale every single day. Highly experienced surgeons perform these surgeries in world class, accredited hospitals. Patients from all over the world fly to India every year for different heart surgery procedures. Below is a video interview of Dr. Vivek Jawali, a leading heart surgeon currently practicing in India.

In the video, Dr. Jawali details the different surgery procedures performed in India, achievements made by him and other heart surgeon in India over the years and reasons why India is the preferred destination for medical treatments.

Dr. Vivek Jawali is a pioneer in Cardiac Surgery and has performed over more than 500 heart surgeries. In addition, he has presented more than 200 scientific papers. He was the first Indian surgeon to perform an awake bypass surgery.

Trained and experienced at several international locations, particularly the US, Dr. Jawali specializes in Valve Replacement Surgery. The hospital he practices at is a JCI accredited center and promises professional management of all cases.

India as a Preferred Destination for Heart Surgeries

Cardiac surgeons in India are highly trained and experienced. Every day, various heart surgeries are performed in accredited Indian hospitals, including bypass surgeries, minimal invasive heart surgeries, valve replacements and awake open heart and bypass surgeries. International standards, both in terms of treatment and care are followed and the country has a history of successfully treating patients from all over the world.

Patients who travel to India for cardiac surgeries are, more often than not, complex cases and do not have straight needs. Despite this, surgeons have been able to successfully meet with their needs. Patients who cannot get a heart surgery in their home countries, due to reasons ranging from high costs to long waiting lists, will find India an apt medical center for all their Cardiac Surgery needs.


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