All on 4 Dental Implants in Puerto Rico

You don’t have to pay for dental implants through your nose anymore! MTC is here to offer you affordable implants right at home.

Get all on 4 dental implants in Puerto Rico and replace your missing teeth at a much lesser cost. This page is a guide to the ins and outs of the process.
All on 4 Dental Implants in Puerto Rico

All on 4 Dental Implants 

Why Choose All on 4 Dental Implants in Puerto Rico?


This US territory offers affordable dental solutions to its visitors. You can save more than 50% of the cost by getting your dental treatment done in Puerto Rico.

However, the low cost won’t compromise the quality of the treatment.

Part of US Territory

Puerto Rico has been a part of the US territory since 1898. Its residents are American citizens; moreover, you can travel to the island without a passport or a visa.[1]USA Today
Yes, Puerto Rico Is Part of the United States
“Puerto Rico first became a U.S. territory following the Spanish-American War…As U.S. citizens, Puerto Ricans can freely travel and move to the U.S. mainland without a passport or a visa.”
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In addition, the Puerto Rico Dental Board of the Department of Health aligns with the American Dental Association.[2]ASTDD
Current Status and Strategies to Improve Oral Health Program Infrastructure and Capacity in Puerto Rico
“All dental professionals in Puerto Rico are required to obtain a license from the Puerto Rico Dental Board of the Department of Health aligned with the American Dental Association.”
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Mountain-View | Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Experienced Staff

The staff at our partner clinic is US-trained and highly skilled. The dentists have an experience of more than 30 years.

Advanced Technology

You can find the latest technology at our partner clinic in Puerto Rico. Machines for digital impressions, digital x-rays, and crown milling are available. 

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in Puerto Rico

The all on 4 dental implants in Puerto Rico cost around $10,000 compared to $25,000 in the US. That means up to 60% of savings!

Even though Puerto Rico is a part of the US territory, dental treatments here are much cheaper than in the mainland states. Check out the table below for more details.

Cost Comparison of All on 4 Dental Implants in Puerto Rico
Procedure Puerto Rico USA
All-on-4 Dental Implants* $10,000 $25,000
All-on-4 Dental Implants (Zirconium)* $13,000 $28,000
Bone Grafting** $475 $1,200
*including Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw, **per unit

*Prices are case dependent

For the latest prices and packages, contact us now. 

Best Clinic for Dental Implants in Puerto Rico

We’ve handpicked the best dental clinic in Puerto Rico to restore your oral health. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer you.

Ciudadela Dental Concierge

Ciudadela Dental Concierge in Puerto Rico offers its patients personalized yet affordable treatment plans. Do you want to know more? Check out the details listed below.
Ciudadela Dental Concierge | Best Dental Clinic in Puerto Rico

Ciudadela Dental Concierge, Puerto Rico
Features Details
Certification Certified by Puerto Rican Government
Google Rating 5.0
Location Clínica Las Américas Suite 505, 400 Roosevelt Ave 00918 San Juan
Clinic Highlights
  • The dentists are US-trained
  • The clinic follows US dental standards
  • State-of-the-art clinic
  • Advanced technology (Milling machine, digital x-rays, and impressions)
  • Multilingual staff
The clinic accepts insurance. 

Affordable Implant Dentist in Puerto Rico

Finding a trustworthy dentist is essential, and we have got you covered. Dentists in Puerto Rico are highly skilled and trained in the US.

Hence, the quality of treatment is bound to be of top quality.

Dentist Details
Dr. Carlos H. Martínez

Dr. Carlos H. Martínez | Best Dentist in Puerto Rico

Experience: 30+ years

Expertise: Dental implants & cosmetic dentistry


  • Marquette University School of Dentistry (Doctor Dental Surgery)


  • Medical Tourism Association
  • President of Health & Wellness Network of the Americas, Bairoa Dental Care, and Advanced Dental Center.

Other information

  • Founder of Ciudadela Dental Concierge
  • Board-certified and licensed dentist
Dr. Lionel Martínez

Dr. Lionel Martínez | Best Dentist in Puerto Rico

Experience: 30+ years

Expertise: Dental implants & cosmetic dentistry


  • Penn State (PA) Undergraduate Studies
  • Marquette University Dental School (Doctor Dental Surgery)

Membership: Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education

Other information: Board-certified and licensed dentist 

All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure

Understanding dental procedures can be difficult for a layman. Let us simplify the process for you.

Video Courtesy: Dentavacation


  • The implant dentist will examine your mouth by taking dental X-rays and CT Scans.
  • If you’re fit for the surgery, the dentist will take measurements of your mouth to make the prosthesis.


  • The dentist will use general anesthesia to minimize the pain during the procedure.
  • The implants will be placed inside your jaw.
  • Next, abutments will be set to secure temporary dentures.


  • The healing process takes around 3-6 months.
  • During this time, the bone will merge with the implants.

Placement of Implants

  • The dentist will remove the temporary dentures.
  • A new oral mold will be taken to make your final prosthesis.
  • The new prosthesis will be placed over the implants. 

Source: Health Centre[3]Health Centre
How Are All-on-4 Implants Placed?
“Dental implants like the all-on-4 act as artificial roots, structures that lie beneath the teeth we see and are responsible for anchoring each individual tooth…”
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All on 4 Dental Implant Aftercare

Did you know? Dental implants can last for a decade with or even a lifetime with proper care![4]Web MD
Dental Implants
“With good care, many implants last a lifetime.”
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Listed below are a few tips that you can practice.
Dental Implants Aftercare 

Is It Safe To Get All on 4 Dental Implants in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. The crime rate here is lower than in many mainland cities in the US.[5]BHTP
Is It Safe To Travel to Puerto Rico? (2022 Update)
“Puerto Rico remains one of the safer destinations in the Caribbean…With all that said, Puerto Rico is still one of the safest Caribbean islands, with a lower crime rate than many mainland U.S. cities.”
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You should also note that MTC has collaborated with Discover Puerto Rico, a not-for-profit entity entrusted by the government of Puerto Rico to promote tourism on the island. Through our collaborative endeavor, we strive for an excellent and seamless experience for our patients visiting Puerto Rico.

Discover Puerto Rico
Discover Puerto Rico

Moreover, the crime rate in our partner clinic’s area has dropped significantly since 2012.[6]US News
How safe is San Juan, PR?
“Violent Crime Rate Over Time (refer to graph)”
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However, as a tourist, you must follow general safety tips to keep yourself out of trouble.

As a dental patient, you can ask the following questions to ensure a safe dental experience.

  • What is the qualification of the dentist?
  • How much experience does the dentist have?
  • Which technology and brands does the clinic use?
  • What safety protocols does the clinic follow?
  • Does the clinic have good reviews?  

Dental Tourism in Puerto Rico

This Caribbean island is a hidden gem and a nature’s masterpiece. Home to US’s only rainforest, Puerto Rico is calm, serene, and peaceful.

Add to this tranquility a zing of culture, art, and hospitality, and you will arrive at a perfect concoction of prime dental experience and a splendid vacation!

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

San Juan

Old San Juan

Walk down along this old architectural town and feel the nostalgia.

El Morro Fort 200X200

El Morro Fort

Dating back to 1593, this fort sitting on a peninsula will drop your jaws!

El Yunque

El Yunque

Put your walking shoes on to enjoy a hike amidst nature’s best.

Culebra Island

Culebra Island

Playa Flamenco is the most famous beach on this island.

Rio Camuy Caves

Rio Camuy Caves

This third largest cave in the world covers 288 acres of land.

Seven Seas Beach

Seven Seas Beach

This quiet beach will offer you quintessential ‘me time.’

Travel Tips

Keep in mind a few tips to make your trip safer and smoother.

  • Keep an eye on your bags and wallets.
  • Try to blend in and act as if you belong to the island.
  • Avoid hanging outside at night. Be wary of housing projects specifically.
  • Keep someone informed of your whereabouts.
  • Learn some basic Spanish phrases.
  • Get accustomed to local laws. For instance, drinking alcohol on the street is not allowed.
  • Watch out for weather warnings.
  • Wear a mosquito repellant with DEET.

 Source: BHTP[7]BHTP
Is It Safe To Travel to Puerto Rico? (2022 Update)
“Here are our top safety tips for traveling to Puerto Rico: 1. Be careful of your belongings. Don’t leave them unattended, don’t carry bags with long straps and don’t hang bags on chairs…”
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Is dentistry cheaper in Puerto Rico?

Dental care in Puerto Rico is about 60% cheaper than in the US. In Puerto Rico, all on 4 dental implants cost $10,000 compared to a whopping $25,000 in the US.

How many trips will I have to take to get all on 4 dental implants in Puerto Rico?

You’ll have to take a single 7-day trip to Puerto Rico to get all on 4 dental implants.
How long will my all on 4 dental implants from Puerto Rico last?

As per research, all on 4 dental implants have good results in long-term outcomes (up to 10 years).[8]Wiley
The All-on-4 Treatment Concept for the Rehabilitation of the Completely Edentulous Mandible
“The All-on-4 treatment concept demonstrated to be a predictable treatment modality for full-arch rehabilitation with good results in the short-, medium- and long-term outcomes (up to 10 years).”
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However, they can even last a lifetime with proper care.
Does the clinic accept insurance for all on 4 dental implants in Puerto Rico?

Yes, our partner clinic is a part of the US so they accept dental insurance. They can also assist in any paperwork required.


Bring back your beautiful smile with all on 4 dental implants in Puerto Rico. You will save 60% of the cost in the US and get quality dental services here.

Moreover, you’ll get a chance to have a relaxing retreat on the Caribbean island. What’s next? We can help you plan it all; feel free to contact us.


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