Medical Tourism in Turkey

High costs of medical care and the long wait times for surgery force patients to seek treatment abroad.

You start to wonder – is there hope? Absolutely!

Medical tourism in Turkey is an affordable and promising option for your dental, orthopedic, or cosmetic surgery.

This ultimate guide will help you explore Turkey as a popular medical tourist place.

We invite you on this journey to learn why Turkey could be your best health choice!

Medical tourism in Turkey

Why Should You Choose Medical Tourism in Turkey?

First of all, Turkey is among the most visited countries for medical tourism.[1]Travel magazine
The 5 Most Popular Destinations For Medical Tourism
“In fact, an estimated 32% of patients in Turkey are medical tourists.”
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This is due to the many advantages that it offers.

To better understand the increasing number of international patients coming to Turkey, we will show you the reasons below:

Affordable Medical Treatment

Due to exchange rates and the low cost of living,[2]Tourism Review
Turkey – The Rising Star Of Medical Tourism
“The exchange rate and low cost of living make many things seem very cheap to foreigners. Moreover, the minimum wage is lower in Turkey, which results in cheaper labour costs.”
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the cost of medical treatment in Turkey is very affordable.

A self-pay American can save up to 70% of the money with treatment in Turkey.

High-Quality Medical Care

The experienced medical team works hard to provide safety and comfort to their patients 24/7.

Hi-Tech Technology and State-of-the-Art Clinics

High-class accommodation and top-notch technology adorn clinics in Turkey.

Among advanced technology are Robotic surgery, CyberKnife M6, and PET/CT.

No Waiting List for Treatment

You are tired of waiting for treatment in your country. This is not the case with Turkey. Your healthcare needs will get immediate attention.

World-Class Doctors

Doctors in Turkey have international training and certifications. They will approach you with care and empathy.

Numerous Places Tourists Love Visiting

You’ll see its rich historical culture wherever you go to Turkey for medical care. There’s a place for every tourist’s taste.

It’s needless to say that Turkey has all that one medical tourist needs!

From low-cost medical care to hot tourist spots, you’ll fall in love with Turkey as soon as you step on its ground.

Medical Tourism Turkey Prices

Medical tourism in Turkey prices are around 50%-80% lower than in the US or the UK.

For example, a dental implant in Turkey costs $540 while the same in America costs $3,000. You can get five implants in Turkey for the price of one in the USA.

In the table below, we compare the costs amongst Turkey, the UK, and the US for dental, orthopedic, and cosmetic treatments:

Cost of Medical Treatment in Turkey vs US and UK
Procedure UK USA Turkey
Dental Work
Titanium Implant $1,960 $3,000 $540
Zirconium Crown $750 $1,100 $220
Teeth Whitening $520 $600 $250
Root Canal $1,700 $700 $125
Orthopedic Surgery
Knee Replacement $15,000 $20,000 $2,300
Hip Replacement $15,000 $21,500 $2,370
Shoulder Arthroplasty $17,000 $21,500 $5,050
Cosmetic Surgery
Rhinoplasty or nose job $5,800 $5,400 $1,800
Hair Transplant $4,000 $4,000 $1,250
BBL $8,000 $8,500 $3,100
Breast Augmentation $4,500 $5,000 $2,600
Face Lift $13,000 $7,500 $2,200
*Prices & treatment duration may vary with the complexity of a case.

Healthcare in Turkey for Foreigners

Healthcare in Turkey for foreigners is cheap also because Turkey medical tourism packages include many facilities for a much lower price than US and UK. These packages mostly include:

  • Doctor support and follow-up after treatment
  • 1 companion may stay with the patient in the hospital room
  • Transfers to the hotel from the airport and back
  • Translation service

Why Get Dental Work in Turkey?

Why Choose Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Best Hospitals in Turkey

The best hospitals in Turkey are JCI-accredited and prioritize patients’ comfort and safety above anything else.
In this section, we will highlight the specifications of our partner clinics.

  • Choosing Turkey for your medical needs can save you around 50-70% of costs compared to the U.K. or U.S.
  • The Turkish Ministry of Health monitors the quality of healthcare and medical standards of these hospitals.
  • Use of the latest medical technologies that comply with international standards in terms of quality.
  • Board-certified surgeons trained and educated in the US and other western countries.
  • Fluent English-speaking staff, eradicating communication barriers.

To know more about the best hospitals in Turkey check out our page- Hospitals in Turkey.

Best Surgeons in Turkey

We have partnered with some of the best surgeons and dentists in turkey. Their primary aim will be to ensure your comfort and safety, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

With such qualified experts, your surgery will run smoothly.

To know more about the best surgeons in Turkey check out our pages specially curated to provide you with all information about- Doctors in Turkey and Dentists in Turkey.

Is Turkey Safe for Medical Tourists?

Without a doubt, Turkey is very safe for surgery.[3]The broke backpacker
Is Turkey Safe for Travel in 2022?
“Turkey is safe to visit although we always advise caution and recommend you travel smart – especially in major cities. ”
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In addition to high-quality treatment and experienced surgeons, you will have safe and effective surgery in Turkey.

However, we always advise caution and recommend you take care, especially in major cities. Here is how you can stay safe during your visit to Turkey:

  • Carry only necessary items in tourist areas.
  • Don’t travel alone at night.
  • Carry a passport or identity document at all times.
  • Follow local news sources during your stay to remain abreast of any potential areas or times of concern.
  • Exercise caution and good judgment, and maintain a high level of vigilance.

Turkey Emergency Contacts

Police Contact Turkey
Fire Contact Turkey
Ambulance Contact Turkey

Medical Tourism Turkey Statistics

Medical tourism Turkey statistics show that in the first quarter of 2021, 6,42,444 foreigners received health services in Turkey.[4]USHAS
Data Of Health Tourism
“In the first quarter of 2021, 642.444 people received health services and the amount of income obtained was 1.048.549 USD.”
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Turkey’s among the ten most visited countries for medical tourism.[5]Hurriyetdailynews
Turkey among top 10 medical tourism spots
“Turkey, the sixth most visited tourism destination in the world, has also become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations…”
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USHAS reports that Turkey will reach 1.5 million medical tourists by 2023. And we firmly believe it will be so.[6]USHAS
Health Tourism
“Our country’s target for 2023 in health tourism is to reach 1.5 million health tourists and 10 billion dollars health tourism income.”
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Medical Tourism in Turkey- Travel Guide

Whether you’re visiting Turkey for the first time or you have visited before, it’s always good to know more about the country you’re traveling to.

We have picked up handy information about Turkey which will help you plan a hassle-free trip. Take a look!

Turkey Information
Capital Ankara
Language Turkish
Currency Turkish Lira (TL)[7]Global Exchange
The Turkish lira
“The Turkish lira is the legal tender in Turkey…”
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Payment Options
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • ATMsCredit
  • Debit cards (Visa and Mastercard).
Time Zone GMT+3

Source: Nations Online[8]Nations Online
“Turkey has a population of 83.2 million people (in 2020), the largest city is Istanbul, the national capital is Ankara…”
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The Best Time to Visit Turkey

If you are coming as a medical tourist, the best time to visit Turkey is during the spring and fall months. The days are long and the temperature is moderate.

Also, prices are significantly lower in the markets, shopping centers, and hotels when it’s not a peak tourist season.

Spring time in Turkey
Spring Time
Autumn in Turkey
Autumn Time

Turkey Medical Tourism Visa – Documents Needed

Entry Requirements are simple for foreigners traveling to Turkey. However, you must check if your country is exempt from a Turkey visa.[9]Visa Guide
Do I Need a Visa for Turkey?
“Currently, the nationals of 78 countries and territories do not need to get a visa before traveling to Turkey for tourism or commercial purposes.”
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When entering Turkey, you need to bring the following documents:

  • A passport that expires at least 60 days beyond the duration of stay.
  • A valid visa you can obtain upon arrival in Turkey or from the Turkish Consulates in your country.
  • Find the specific visa requirements for your country on the Turkish MFA website.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkey[10]Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkey
General Information About Turkish Visas
“Foreigners wishing to enter Turkey should carry a travel document (passport)…”
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How to Reach Turkey

Turkey is highly accessible and well-connected to major world cities like New York, London, and others.

Depending on the country you’re coming from, you can reach Turkey by air, sea, and road.


Turkey is a highly developed country and is very well connected to all the major cities in the world.

In the table below, we have mentioned the average duration of flights from some of the cities in the world to Turkey- Istanbul Airport (IATA: IST).

Flight To Turkey
City, Country – IATA  Duration
Toronto, Canada – YYZ 9.50h
London, UK – LHR 3.35h
New York, USA – JFK 10.30h
Los Angeles, USA – LAX 14.10h

Popular Tourist Destinations: Turkey

Ayasofya-Hagia Sofia | Medical tourism in Turkey
Ayasofya-Hagia Sofia
Grand Bazaar Istanbul | Medical tourism in Turkey
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Grand Bazaar Istanbul | Medical tourism in Turkey
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Topkapi Palace Museum | Medical tourism in Turkey
Topkapi Palace Museum
Antalya | Medical tourism in Turkey
Mediterranean Coast
Izmir | Medical tourism in Turkey


Here are some of the most delicious delicacies of Turkish culture.

Kofte Kebab
Kofte Kebab
Turkish Kebab
Turkish Kebab

Medical Tourism Turkey Reviews

Dental work in Izmir
Dental work in Antalya
Medical tourism in Turkey

“With 3500 Hair Grafts, I am very happy with the result. Thanks to all team at Saluss Medical Group.”

 -Sven from Germany

“I had a wonderful experience with Turkeyana beauty clinic; surgeons and the staff was always helpful and kind, and the translator Hamad did a great job. I am so glad I chose Turkeyana and would highly recommend it.”

-A Happy Patient

FAQ’s on Medical Tourism in Turkey

How much does BBL cost in Turkey?

BBL in Turkey costs USD $3,100. You would have to pay at least $8,000 for BBL in the U.K. and $8,500 in U.S. Overall, BBL in Turkey is up to 60% less.

Is Turkey good for medical tourism?

Turkey is a highly developed country but what makes it an excellent choice for medical tourism is that the Turkish Ministry of Health invests in quality facilities.

Besides having a high number of JCI accredited hospitals,[11]researchgate
Medical Tourism Market and Inter-Stakeholders’ Relations in Turkey
“The total number of health institutions that are accredited to the JCI Accreditation Body is 49…”
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Turkey also has highly experienced specialists in various medical fields.

Can I travel to Turkey during covid for medical treatment?

Yes, you just have to follow some additional protocols to safeguard the health of residents and tourists.

As a tourist, you are required to comply with the following coronavirus rules:

  • Passengers over the age of 12 must have a document showing a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Turkey.
  • Fully vaccinated and recovered patients are exempt if they can provide a vaccination certificate showing the last dose was given at least 14 days before arrival.

Source: Visas Turkey[12]Visas Turkey
“Negative COVID-19 test requirement for Turkey Passengers over the age of 12 must have a document showing a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Turkey…”
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Why do people go to Turkey for medical procedures?

People go to Turkey for medical procedures because it offers many advantages to self-pay patients. The following are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Savings up to 70% compared to other countries
  • JCI accredited clinics
  • Immediate access to treatment without waiting
  • Cutting-edge technology (MR-TRUS Fusion Biopsy, Robotic surgery, CyberKnife M6, and PET/CT)
  • Experienced doctors

Why is there medical tourism in Turkey?

Turkey has a highly developed medical tourism sector. Competitive prices which don’t compromise the quality of medical care attract thousands of tourists to Turkey each year.

The Turkish Ministry of Health invests in world-class clinics and doctors who have training in Europe and America.


Medical Tourism in Turkey is highly affordable. Patients from America and Europe can save up to 70% and receive quality medical treatments.

You can also enjoy a perfect while and explore the enchanting Turkish bazaars and soak in the Mediterranian culture.

Contact us right away if you have any queries and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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