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Turkey Hospitals

Turkey is slowly emerging as a new medical tourism destination. Hospitals in Turkey offers low cost but world class medical care services. Quality of health care and medical standards is closely monitored by Turkish ministry of health and other private health care associations. One such association is TAHA (Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association) which looks after the quality standards among its JCI accredited members.

Most of the hospitals in Turkey are accredited by national and international organizations like JCI, ISO, TAHA, TMA (Turkish Medical Association) etc. Some hospitals are also affiliated with international health care providers like John Hopkins and Harvard Medical School.

Some Highlights of Health Care Services in Turkey

  • Highest number of JCI accredited hospitals. There are currently 32 JCI accredited hospital in Turkey
  • Most hospitals and clinics provide state-of-the-art health care facilities
  • English speaking board certified doctors and staff in most of the hospitals
  • Some top hospitals are also affiliated with top international medical providers like the Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins US.
  • Hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern health care and medical technology.
  • As per AMERICAN CONSULATE GENERAL Istanbul, Turkey more than 35% of the staff is trained and educated in US and other developed western countries.
  • Around 40-50% difference in costs of health care services as compared to UK or US

Overview of Hospitals and Clinics in Turkey

Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey: Anadolu medical center in Turkey is affiliated with John Hopkins USA and it is a not for profit multi-specialty medical center setup by the Anadolu center. Hospital is one of the five center is Europe that provide latest radio-surgery technology for Cancer called the Cyber knife cancer treatment.

Various other treatments offered at Anadolu medical center include Cardiac Care, IVF, female infertility treatment, Orthopedics and Traumatology. For more information please visit Anadolu Medical Center webpage.

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