Dr Anoop Misra is a specialist in Diabetes, Obesity, Lipid Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome. He is a WHO Expert Committee Member on Childhood Obesity and Obesity in Indians. He is member of several National Committees on Diabetes (India), and Diabetes Control Programme, DPR Korea.

Dr. Misra has received several prestigious decorations and awards including the Dr. B C Roy award for 2006. He has several new scientific findings to his credit, and is on the Editorial Boards of five international journals on diabetes. He has served as Personal Physician to two former Prime Ministers of India.

He has been a faculty at the Department of Endocrinology and Human Nutrition at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, USA.

He has been World Health Organization fellow at Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk at the Royal Free Hospital, UK (2000) and Department of Endocrinology and Human Nutrition at the University of Texas (1996).

Prof. Misra is an internationally acclaimed researcher and scientist.

He has several important new scientific findings to his credit including new definitions of obesity, abdominal obesity and syndrome X in Asian Indians and new test for monitoring of diabetes.

He has several research projects (hypothesis driven, genetic-metabolic, clinical pharmacology research etc) involving several collaborators in India and in other countries (USA, UK, The Netherlands, Australia etc).

He is member of Elsevier Scientific Advisory Board on Diabetes in India.

He has started the biggest health education programs for school children in Asia aiming at prevention of obesity and diabetes now covering 500,000 children in 10 cities in north India, aided by grant from World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark (Project ‘MARG’).

Awards, Orations and Honors

  • S.N. Tripathy Memorial Oration (2003)
  • Prof. Austin E. Doyle Oration (2004)
  • Dr K.L. Wig Oration (2005)
  • Sam G. Moses Oration (2005)
  • Prof. B.R. Sengupta Oration (2005)
  • Searle Oration (2006)
  • Amar Sen Oration (2006)
  • D.K. Pal Chowdhary Oration (2006)
  •  Dr BC Roy Award (2006)
  • Kamala Puri Sabharwal Oration (2007)
  • Dr O.P.Gupta Oration (2007)
  • Padma Shree award (2007)
  • Amrit Mody Oration (2008)
  • V Ramalingaswami Oration (2009)

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