Hospitals in Lithuania

Lithuania is coming up as a leader in the healthcare system. The hospitals in Lithuania offer the latest technology with a highly skilled team.

You can get treatments here at low costs, and there is hardly any waiting time. Read below to know more.

Some of the best hospitals in Lithuania are:

Fi Clinica

Hospitals and Clinics in Lithuania

1. Fi Clinica, Kaunas

Fi Clinica is one of the Baltic states’ largest clinics. They have more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry.

The clinic boasts a 99% surgery completion rate that doesn’t need added adjustments.
Fi Clinica | Best Hospital in Lithuania

About Features
Google Rating 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Location Sporto St. 3, Kaunas, Lithuania
Affiliation Licensed by the State Accreditation Service for Health Care Activities under the Ministry of Health
Team More than 100 experts
Clinic Highlights
  • 2000 procedures performed yearly
  • Licensed staff
  • Experienced doctors
  • Latest equipment
  • Modern treatment methods
  • Offers all-inclusive packages
  • You can have the initial consultation in your home country.
  • The clinic has global experience and earned the trust of many foreign patients.

Here are some of the famous procedures available in Fi Clinica:

Plastic Surgery- Mommy Makeover, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty
Bariatric Surgery- Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Gastric Plication
Orthopedic Surgery- Primary Knee Arthroplasty, Primary Hip Arthroplasty, Knee Arthroscopy

Top Reasons To Choose Hospitals in Lithuania

1. High-Quality Treatments

In Lithuania, the healthcare system is well developed and funded by the state. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and short waiting time are also a huge plus.[1]Expat Financial
Lithuania Healthcare System
“This state-funded healthcare is available to long-term residents…There is hardly any wait time, and medical insurance covers most of the treatment.”
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Also, you’d be glad to know that medical treatment in Lithuania is of top grade[2]The University of Edinburgh
The commodification of Russian around the world
“Lithuania has positioned itself as a quality but affordable healthcare location for the post-Soviet states and capitalized from marketing its Soviet cultural and historical heritage”
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by skilled doctors.
High-quality Treatment in Lithuania

Fi Clinica Hospital

2. Affordable Costs

Medical tourism in Lithuania can help you save more than 50% of the cost than in the UK. For example, sleeve gastrectomy in Lithuania costs $6,000 compared to $13,000 in the UK.

Factors such as low cost of living[3]My Life Elsewhere
Cost of Living Comparison
“United Kingdom is 2.0 times more expensive than Lithuania.
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and a boost in the public healthcare budget[4]European Commission
Country Report Lithuania 2020
“Lithuania also slightly increased the budget for public health, continued to improve its e-health system, and took action to enhance primary care and make its healthcare system more efficient.
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have made healthcare in Lithuania affordable.

3. Experienced Doctors

We have picked the best doctors in Lithuania for you. You’ll be in trusted hands here and will receive quality treatment.

The doctors are qualified and hold licenses in their respective fields. They have graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, which is ranked 2nd in the country.[5]CWUR
LUHS Ranking 2019-2020
“Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Ranking 2019-2020 – Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) National Rank 2”
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Experienced Doctors in Lithuania

Doctors in Lithuania

4. English Speaking Staff

Lithuanian doctors are multilingual[6]Expat Financial
Lithuania Healthcare System
“ It has state-of-the-art equipment with highly qualified and multilingual staff.”
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and can fluently speak English. You need not worry about any communication issues here.

5. Advanced Technology

You can reap the benefits of modern treatments at low costs in Lithuania. The country is known for its electronic and laser industry.[7]Enterprise Lithuania
Learn more about Lithuania’s high-tech engineering capabilities
“With production from the sector growing by an average of 17% per year, one of Lithuania’s strongest areas of achievement is in electronics and laser technology.”
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Our partner hospitals have the latest technology and follow modern treatment methods.

6. Easy To Reach

You can reach Lithuania within a few hours from any part of the world.

Flight Duration to Lithuania
Origin Duration
Frankfurt 2h 0m
London 2h 30m
Paris 4h 25m
New York 10h 20m

Also, we can help you book flights as per your needs. Contact us for more information.

7. Tourism Destination

The pleasant weather and the Baltic sea breeze are tempting enough for anyone to visit Lithuania. The widespread forests, lakes, and farmlands make the country a heavenly tourist spot.

So you can enjoy a relaxing break as an added perk to your treatment.


Does Lithuania sound like an ideal medical tourism destination to you? If yes, then why waste more time! We’re here to help you plan ahead.

Contact us for more information on the best hospitals in Lithuania.


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