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Bulgaria is not just the “Land of Roses” as most people know it of. It is also one of the cheapest dental care hub[1]DW
‘Dental tourists’ search for treatment in Bulgaria
“As cost pressures in the health care systems of rich countries start to bite…”
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. The low-cost dental work in Bulgaria not only attracts Europeans but also tourists from the west.

Cost of Dental Works in Bulgaria

The cost of dental care in Bulgaria begins at a nominal price for 100 USD for Teeth whitening. For major treatments like all-on-4 dental implants or full mouth restorations, you will still save on more than 50% on the cost back home.

Cost Comparison (USD)
USA Germany UK Bulgaria
Single Titanium Implant
$3,500 $3,255 $3,566 $600-$1,400
Mini Implant
$1500 $1,085 $1,843 $600-$955
$24,000 – $36,000 $9,982 $17,500 $3, 145-$7,290
Porcelain Crown
$500 – $1,500 $1,231 $820-890 $400-$760
Porcelain Veneer (per unit)
$250 – $2,500 $450 $1,228 $380-$560
$2,1000 $3, 500 $4,972 $244
Root Canal
$700 $440 $250 $65
Teeth Whitening
$2,000- $3,000 $600 $400-$500 $100-$350

Why Choose Bulgaria for Dental Works?

  • Save on cost

The dental treatment in Bulgaria is a lot cheaper than any other European country. For this reason, Europeans, Americans and Canadians find a reasonable bargain as compared to treatment cost in their home countries. The cost here is approximately 50-70% lower than that in the UK.

  • Quality treatment

MTC has been serving the industry for more than 14 years. The partner clinics and dentists are handpicked according to their experience, cost, ease of communication, accreditations, etc.

  • Safe Tourist Spot[2]US Travel advisory
    Bulgaria Travel Advisory
    “Bulgaria – Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions”
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According to the US travel advisory, Bulgaria is safe to travel for Americans. Although amidst global coronavirus outbreak, it is better that you avoid any travel as of now.

  • Pick-up and Drop-off

If you want, we can help you with arranging your pick-up and drop-off and other touristic activities.

  • Relaxing Vacation

Bulgaria is a blessed with natural beauty. According to the Bulgarian National Bank, 479,276 foreign tourists came to Bulgaria, [3]
‘EUR 3.7 Billion is the Revenue from International Tourism in Bulgaria in 2019

“3.7 billion euros are the revenues “
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which is 0.4% more than it was recorded in 2018. You can also book a guided tour with us like a one-day trip to Rila monastery and the old town of Plovdiv.

  • No language barrier

People in Bulgaria are well versed Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, although you will find English quite commonly spoken here. So, there is virtually no language barrier at all.

Dental Clinics in Bulgaria

MTC has partnered with the following dental clinics to cater to all your teeth-care needs here.

Bulgaria Dent

Bulgaria Dent- Dental Clinic in Bulgaria
Bulgaria Dent

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria Dent comprises of skilled dental surgeons and technicians. More features about Bulgaria Dent is mentioned below:

  • English speaking staff and also well versed in Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish.
  • Flexible appointments
  • Dentists are trained certified by European esthetic dentistry, European Implant Asociation
  • Class B Autoclave sterilization is used that is approved by European standards
  • Easy payment and insurance options
  • High-level implant systems and technician laboratories and equipment like EMS Piezon Master 700 used
  • Free OPG, free 3D tomography
  • Open on Weekends
  • Sedation Dentistry

Dentists in Bulgaria Dent, Bulgaria

Dr Gabriela Bacheva

Specialized in pediatric and therapeutic dentistry.

Dr Tanya Atanasova

Specialized in oral surgery from the Military Medical Academy

Dr Leonid Nikolaev

Specialized in dental implantology and aesthetic restorations

Dr Ekaterina Radoslavova

Specialised in implantology, prosthetics and laser dental medicine.

AllDental Clinics

AllDental Clinics, Bulgaria
AllDental Clinics, Bulgaria

AllDental Clinics has a history of 1000+ satisfied clients and their journey doesn’t stop here. With 8 dental surgeons on their team, they strive to cater to the dental needs of the patients. Some highlights of the clinic are:

  • Flexible Appointments
  • Free airport pick-up and drop-off facility
  • Free consultation and local anaesthesia
  • In-house dental lab
  • Easy payment options like Revolut, bank transfers, Visa, Cash, Pay Pal, Master Card, DentaCoin.
  • Dental insurance is accepted here
  • Painless dentistry
  • English speaking staff
  • Free parking zone
  • Internationally accredited physicians
Dentists in Bulgaria
Left: Dr Ventsislav Gyokov, Right: Dr Ivan Kostadinov

Dr Ivan Kostadinov

Specialized in Prosthetic & Aesthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Dental Hygiene & Prevention, Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Ventsislav Gyokov

Specialized in Oral Surgery, Endodontist, Prosthetics, Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Dental Tourism in Bulgaria

Tourist Locations

Bulgaria is rich in diversity and has something for all strata of society. It even houses UNESCO heritage sites which never fails to amaze. [4]UK Essays
Tourism in Bulgaria
” Pirin National Park which is a part…Sveshtari tomb.”
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Rila Mountains

Rila Mountain in Bulgaria- Dental Tourism in Bulgaria
Rila Mountain in Bulgaria

The Rila is the highest mountain range in Bulgaria. It is a famous tourist spot for spa tourism, recreation and cultural tourism.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia- Dental Tourism in Bulgaria
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

The cathedral is famous for its gold plated dome which is 45 meters in height. The art and architect lovers will surely like this place. The Italian

Sand Sculptures

Bulgaria Sand Castle Festival- Dental Tourism in Bulgaria
Bulgaria Sand Castle

If you are fond of some fun art, then the sand sculpture festival is for you. This festival takes place every July in the Town of Bourgas.

Travel Tips for Bulgaria Tourists

Whenever you are travelling to another country, follow the rule “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”. For that, keep the following pointers in mind so that you have a good Bulgarian vacation.:

  1. Don’t forget to exchange your money to Bulgarian lev (BGN). Its because Bulgaria is not a part of the Eurozone, so Euros do not work here.
  2. Always leave a tip in restaurants and gas station
  3. Beware of pick-pocketers
  4. If you are driving, keep to your left as Bulgaria is a left-hand drive country
  5. Don’t miss the Bulgarian cuisine like “Kyufte and kebapche”, lutenitsa, local made Pizza, Bulgaria Traditional Salad, etc
Traditional Bulgarian Salad- Dental Tourism in Bulgaria
Traditional Bulgarian Salad

Learn some local phrases like:

  • Dobar den! means Hello
  • Dovijdane! means Good bye
  • Izvinete means Excuse me
  • Kolko struva? means How much is it?
  • Edna golyama bira/rakia, molya!means One big beer/rakia, please!

Flight details to Bulgaria

Flights to Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF)
City IATA code Travel time Stops
Rome, Italy FCO 17 h 40 min Lay-over in Serbia
Frankfurt, Germany FRA 2 h 20 min Non-Stop
Athens, Greece ATH 1 h 15 min Non-Stop
London, UK LHR 3 h 10 min Non-Stop

Foreign Embassies in Bulgaria

British Embassy in Bulgaria

Address: 9, Moskovska St, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: (+359) 2 933 9222
Fax: (+359) 2 933 9250

German Embassy in Bulgaria

Address: Ulica Frederic-Joliot-Curie 25 1113 Sofia Bulgaria
Telephone Number: (+359) 2  91 83 80
Fax : (+359) 2 963 16 58

Italian Embassy in Bulgaria

Address: Head of Mission H.E. Ambassador Stefano BALDI, 2, Shipka Street, 1000 Sofia – Bulgaria
Telephone: (+359) 2 9217300
Fax: (+359) 2 9803717

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