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About Medical Tourism Corporation

Welcome to Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC), where our CEO, Deepak Datta, is like a superhero with a frequent flyer card!









Here’s the scoop on the man making the world of healthcare a lot less “Ouch!” and a lot more “Ahh!”

Who is Deepak Datta?  With a BS from India and an MS from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!),USA, Deepak swapped working in computer chips to make healthcare affordable for all.

Why MTC? Sixteen years ago, Deepak had an “aha!” moment. He realized that health shouldn’t be a luxury item and boom – MTC was born! It’s his passion project, turning frowns upside down one healed toothache at a time.

Witnessing someone’s transformation to better health offers a sense of job satisfaction unmatched by any feat of engineering” says Deepak, who transitioned from engineering to founding MTC.

Trust Factor: When Deepak recommends a clinic, it’s not because they have the best coffee in the waiting room (although that’s a plus!). He’s been there and probably has the hospital gown to prove it. He’s looking for quality care that won’t break the bank.

So come over to MTC, where we take the “grim” out of the “waiting room”.
With Deepak and our team, you’re in for a journey only focused on You.


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Mission Statement

The goal of Medical Tourism Corporation is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. This is achieved by removing confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a health care trip. We do our best to meet our client’s expectations of finding the best healthcare solution for them.

What does Medical Tourism Corporation do?

Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC), facilitates contact with overseas doctors & hospitals and present their credentials to prospective clients. We also provide information to these clients about the various medical procedures and recuperation packages available. The information we provide is often used by our clients to make their own decisions, as to where they want to have their medical or dental care.

We are a facilitation service, not a medical advisory service. We do not have a physician-patient relationship with our clients. We always suggest that they seek the advice of a qualified health provider regarding a medical condition, and make their decision about going on a medical trip abroad based on the health provider’s recommendation.

Medical Tourism Advantages are:

  • Medical procedures availed at affordable prices from proven certified healthcare facilities & expert physicians
  • Comfortable and cost effective trip planning, journey, stay, tourist experience & recuperation.

Medical Tourism Corporation achieves this mission by:

  • Listening to our clients’ needs.
  • Being connected to our clients throughout the experience.
  • Establishing active direct communication between the client and physicians & medical facility even before the trip begins.
  • Learning from past clients’ experiences
  • Contracting & building relationships with certified medical facilities & experienced physicians worldwide
  • Having alliances with leading tourism operators worldwide.

*Please review our full disclaimers, Terms & Conditions and, Health Privacy & Confidentiality Statement. Individual results may vary. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA or any medical professional.

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