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Dr. Vikas Gupta

MS – India

Below is the resume of Dr. Vikas Gupta from India, an expert in Cerebro Vascular, Neuro Endovascular Surgery, Neurointervention & Spine Surgery.
He has contributed in many books including Indian Clinical Neurosurgery.

He holds Degree in Neurosurgery and has many International and National Publications. His Basic medical graduation is from Dayanand Medical college Ludhiana.

Procedures Done by Dr Vikas Gupta:

Vascular Neuro-Surgery, Endo-Vascular Neuro-Surgery, CCSVI (aka Liberation Surgery or Zamboni Procedure).


Dr. Vikas Gupta Senior Consultant Neurosurgery

Neuro Endovascular  surgery

Languages spoken: Hindi, English, Punjabi

Previous Experience:

  • After his post doctorate degree in Neurosurgery in 1998 he continued as a Senior Research Associate (pool officer) at G.B Pant Hospital till 2002.
  • Subsequently he joined as a Consultant and Head of Neurosurgery at EHRIC Faridabad 2002-2004.
  • Since 2004 he is working as Senior Consultant Neurosurgery in India.

Professional Memberships:

  1. Neurological Society of India.
  2. Indian Society of Cerebrovascular Surgery.
  3. Delhi Neurological Association.
  4. Association of Spinal Surgeons of India.
  5. Congress of Neurological Surgeons.
  6. American Association of Neurology Surgeons.
  7. American Stroke Council.
  8. World Stroke Organization.
  9. Indian Medical Association.
  10. World Federation of Intervention & Therapeutic Neuroradiology

Education and Fellowships:

  • Basic medical graduation from Dayanand Medical college Ludhiana, Punjab University Chandigarh in 1987.
  • Subsequently continued to do M.S (surgery) from same institution.
  • Did post doctorate in Neurosurgery (M.Ch) from G.B. Pant Hospital & MAMC Delhi University New Delhi in 1998.
  • After almost 10 years of busy professional work, he took a sabbatical for six months to pursue a fellowship in Interventional Neuroradiology at University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland under Prof A Valavanis.

Contribution in Books by Dr Vikas Gupta:

  • Singh AK, Gupta V: Techniques of microvascular decompression of trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm. Progress in Clinical Neurosciences, 1999: 95 – 116.  Published by Neurological Society of India.
  • Singh AK, Gupta V, Saxena A: Technique of anterior microdiscoidectomy for soft disc herniation. Indian Clinical Neurosurgery 2000; 94-101. CBS Publishers, New Delhi .
  • Kumar S, Gupta V, Goyal A: Trans-cervical exposure of upper cervical spine.  Indian Clinical Neurosurgery 2000; 217-225. CBS Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Singh AK, Gupta V, Dua V: Planning and executing a classical approach to supratentorial gliomas: Indian Clinical Neurosurgery Vol II 2002; 97-107. CBS Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Singh AK, Gupta V, Sinha S: Reoperation for recurrent gliomas rationale and techniques. Indian Clinical Neurosurgery Vol II 2002; 466-475. CBS Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Singh AK, Singh D, Gupta V: Transoral odontoidectomy – experience at G. B. Pant Hospital.  CVJ anomalies – an Indian experience. Published by SGPGI, Lucknow 1997 , 46 – 48 .
  • Gupta V, Singh D, Singh AK:  Anterolateral transcervical approach to CVJ.  CVJ anomalies – an Indian experience.  Published by SGPGI, Lucknow 1997, 87 – 91.
  • Singh AK, Gupta V, Saxena A. Meningiomas of the cerebellopontine angle. Microsurgery of Infratentorial Lesions. Published by V.H.S. Hospital, Madras 20 – 26.
  • Singh AK, Gupta V, Saxena A: Supracerebellar approach to posterior 3rd ventricular tumour. Microsurgery of Infratentorial Lesions. Published by V.H.S. Hospital, Madras 27 – 32.


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