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Dental Work in Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular choice among people looking to get cheap dental work done abroad. Vietnam Dental prices are up to 3 times less when compared to countries like Australia, the US or Canada.

Dental work in Vietnam
A beautiful day in Vietnam

This is why people travel from across the globe to Vietnam to take advantage of the affordable price points of dental treatments.

It’s worth pointing out that despite low costs, many Vietnamese dental clinics use some of the most sought after technoloties in the industry today.

Let’s take the example of Australian Dental Clinic, one of our associates in Hanoi. You’ll find Belmont Phot-X II Intra_Oral X-Ray and Picasso Lite Plus in their facility.

Cost of Dental Work in Vietnam

Dental Implants in Vietnam, All on 4 dental implants, Dental Crowns and Veneers are among the most popular dental issues that people travel to Vietnam to address.

That said, even if you are looking for a solution to a different type of dental problem, you’d easily be able to find a cost-effective solution in Vietnam.

If you’re wondering ‘How much does dental work cost in Vietnam,’ this table should come in handy:

Cost of Dental Procedures in Vietnam
Procedure Cost

Root Canal

 $50 – $100

Single Implant

 $700 – $1,650

All-on-4 Implants

$5,800 – $7,600

All-on-6 Implants

$7,500 – $9,500

All-on-8 implants

$10,000 – 14,000

Porcelain Fused with Metal Crown

$65 – $130

Full Porcelain Crown


Veneer (per unit)

$350 – $450

Partial Denture/Full Denture Frame (without tooth)


Single Tooth for a Denture


This table covers the cost of the most popular dental services in Vietnam. The prices are subject to change. 

About Our Clinics

We have two associate clinics in Vietnam. They are:

  • Australian Dental Clinic, Hanoi
  • Rose Dental Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City

Australian Dental Clinic, Hanoi

Dentist table
Australian Dental Clinic

The Australian Dental Clinic has been in business for over 13 years. Here, you’ll find a team of 8 dentists, all with a substantial amount of experience in their field and a knack for continually bettering their skillset.

Take a look at some of the technological offerings of this clinic:

  • X-Smart™ Plus
  • Belmont Phot-X II Intra_Oral X-Ray
  • Nomad Pro 2
  • Picasso Lite Plus

And these are the accreditations of the clinic:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists)
According to Forbes, Vietnam’s GDP is just 11 years behind China.[1] Forbes.
Vietnam’s GDP Is Just 11 Years Behind China, And Growing Rapidly.
Fast-forward 11 years, and Vietnam is the ambitious new kid on the block…
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Rose Dental Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City

Rose Dental Clinic lab
Rose Dental Clinic

Located in the legendary Ho Chi Minh City, the Rose Dental Clinic is among the most sought after dental clinics around. And it’s been in existence for 20 years. The staff is friendly and committed to ensuring your experience with them is both pleasant and satisfactory.

Here’s the latest in cutting edge technology this clinic uses –

  • Kavo Surgery Machine
  • Zoom While Speed Machine
  • 3D CT Scan Cone Beam X-Ray

Why Choose Vietnam for Dental Work?

  • The cost difference between dental care in Vietnam compared to dental care in other countries could be as much as 70%.
  • Dentists in Vietnam use modern technology to carry out dental procedures.
  • If you like traveling, Vietnam is an excellent tourist destination to visit.
  • Vietnam is an emerging dental tourism destination. Our associate clinics have experience in dealing with foreign patients.
  • Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have international airports.
  • You get visa, intracity commute and accommodation assistance by us.


Dental Work In Vietnam: Is It a Good Idea?

Yes. The primary reason why one might consider going to a country abroad to get dental work done is the cost. You can easily save 50-60% on your dental bill if you choose to get dental work done in Vietnam.

Additionally, our associates speak decent English and are accustomed to dealing with foreign patients. The additional benefits of traveling abroad to seek medical help is the vacation.

Will My Phone Work in Vietnam?

Yes, your phone will most likely work in the urban areas of Vietnam. Several tourists flying into Vietnam  from Australia, New Zealand, and the US also chose to get a local number for favorable tariff plans.

Do Vietnamese Dentists Speak English?

It’s not easy to find Vietnamese dentists who speak decent English. That said, all our associates speak decent English. You’ll be able to explain yourself to them easily without too much trouble.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Vietnam?

Yes, Australian, Kiwi, American, and Canadian citizens require a visa to travel to Vietnam. They can obtain a visa on arrival from any Vietnamese airport. You can also visit the Vietnamese government’s official website for visa inquires.

Dental work in Vietnam  like dentures, crowns, implants, etc.can help you find an affordable solution to their dental woes. Get in touch with us today to get a quote. 


  1. Forbes: Vietnam’s GDP is just 11 years behind China, And growing rapidly.
  2. Vietnam Visa: Vietnamese visas and visas on arrival. 

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