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Fertility Surgery Testimonials

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Gestational Surrogacy in India – India surrogacy trip experience of Nivie and Jae Llyod from Beverly Hills, California.

Surrogacy, India: The Carltons from USA.

Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico – Testimonial of Lorena Valencia of Sunnyside, WA about Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico.

Hysterectomy in Costa Rica – Maria Dumas of California, USA, who underwent open hysterectomy in Costa Rica, shares her experience of engaging Medical Tourism Co. for arranging a hassle-free medical trip.

Hysterectomy Surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica – Melisa talks about her hysterectomy (remove a woman’s uterus or womb) surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Myomectomy Surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica – Melisa from Phoenix, Arizona talks about her myomectomy and hysterectomy surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Australian Gay Father – Surrogacy in India – An Australian gay father talks about choosing India as a surrogacy destination and shares his experience about the procedure.

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