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Mexico Hospitals

Hospitals in Mexico have long been a safe and affordable health-care alternatives for scores of Americans who cannot afford medical care in the USA. Be it dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, weight loss procedures, general surgery or any other medical procedure, the Mexican is one of the most popular places in terms of catering to US medical tourists.

With many private hospitals having secured international accreditations such as JCI and ISO, hospitals in Mexico have also taken several initiatives to attract international patients. Many of these private mexican hospitals have hired english speaking doctors & supporting medical staff.

Some Top Hospitals in Mexico

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo is one of the top-rated hospitals in the country, complete with a JCI accreditation in place. Equipped with highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art technology, the hospital is more than capable of catering to any medical needs.

Another renowned hospital, just 90 minutes by air from Texas, is Hospital CIMA Monterrey. JCI-accredited and managed by an American group, the International Hospital Corporation, the hospital has some excellent affiliations, including those with Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital Boston and many others. This 70 bed hospital with 6 operating rooms is known for its excellent medical care and service.

Hospital Angeles in Tijuana is another excellent institution, providing state of the art technology, immense expertise via highly skilled specialists, and extremely attractive prices, all just 25 minutes from San Diego, California airport. This hospital is so popular with medical tourists, from the United States in particular that they make up nearly 50 % of the patients in the hospital.

Hospital Star Medica is another hospital of repute. Located in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Hospital Star Medica is part of a private hospital group, which has a total of 8 immensely well-equipped hospitals under its wing. Just 20 minutes from El Paso, the hospital is renowned amongst medical tourists from the south west states of USA. With up to 20- 80 % savings, combined with excellent care, it is not surprising that Hospital Star Medica is so popular amongst medical tourists.

Hospital in Mexicali: Hospital in Mexicali is a network hospital of Medical Tourism Corporation in Mexico.

Hospital in Puerto Vallarta: Our network hospital Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

New Hope Fertility Clinic: Our partner IVF clinic in Puerto Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, Hospital Angeles in Ciudad Juarez, was specifically built to cater to medical tourists, from countries such as USA and Canada. With majority of the patients consisting of medical tourists from around the world, the hospital is already an established name in the industry. Located in an upscale area, the hospital is self-contained and built to cater to all patient needs.

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