Medical Tourism in Mexico

Seeking affordable healthcare abroad? Medical tourism in Mexico can save you up to 80%!

No more worries about the incredibly expensive US healthcare system.[1]CNN Health
Medical tourism to Mexico is on the rise
“… the US health care system is incredibly expensive…”
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Read this article for pricing, top destinations, best healthcare providers, and more.

Testimonial: Affordable Medical Tourism in Mexico

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Mexico boasts one of the strongest economies in Latin America.

The healthcare professionals here have the knowledge, education, and facilities required to deliver top-quality services.[2]New York Post
1.2 million Americans visit Mexico for ‘medical tourism’ each year
“Medical Tourism Mexico boasts that the country has “one of the strongest economies in Latin America” and says its doctors “have the knowledge, education…”
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Don’t just take our word for it—check out these patient testimonials for extra reassurance.

Medical Tourism Mexico Reviews

Dental Work in Mexico
Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico

Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico
Weigh Loss Surgery in Mexico

Over 90% of California border crossers for medical services found healthcare in Mexico to be of “same or better quality” than in the US.[3]New York Post
1.2 million Americans visit Mexico for ‘medical tourism’ each year
“more than 90% of a group of people crossing the border in California for medical services said they felt health care services in Mexico were the “same or better quality” ….”
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Wondering about the affordability of treatments?

Scroll down and find out how much medical treatment costs in Mexico.

Cost of Medical Procedures in Mexico

You can really benefit from the affordable healthcare in Mexico.

On average, medical treatments here can be up to 80% cheaper than in the US.

Whether you need dental work or bariatric surgery, you’ll find more budget-friendly options in Mexico.

Plus, the quality of medical services in Mexico is just as good as in the US.[4]ScienceDirect
Analysis of medical tourism at the Andrade port of entry
“..Mexican health care services are of the same or better quality compared with those in the United States, for a lower cost, ..”
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Want to know the medical tourism Mexico prices for your desired treatment?

Take a look at the table below!

Cost of Medical Tourism in Mexico Vs. US in USD
Treatments US Mexico
Dental Procedures
Titanium implant with abutment $5,000 $650
Porcelain veneer* $2,500 $250
Porcelain crown $1,800 $300
Full denture** $2,000 $450
Bariatric Surgery
Gastric sleeve $21,000 $4,295
Gastric bypass $23,000 $5,495
Lap Band  $18,000 $4,000
Cosmetic Procedures
Liposuction $9,500 $4,000
Tummy-tuck $15,000 $5,000
Breast Augmentation $12,000 $3,500
Facelift $15,000 $6,000
Orthopedic Surgery
Total knee replacement^ $30,000 $7,000
Total hip replacement^ $44,000 $9,000
ACL reconstruction*** $35,000 $4,500
*per unit, ** per jaw, ^ unilateral, ***resurfacing
*Medical tourism Mexico prices are case-dependent and subject to change.

How much does a doctor's visit cost in Mexico?

The short answer is – it depends on your specific treatment.

Let’s explore the Mexican costs for consultations and surgeries to get a general idea.

General Doctor’s Consultation

A doctor’s consultation in Mexico costs 50- 400 MXN (about 2.50 – 22 USD).

Specialist Consultation

Seeing a specialist like a cardiologist or gynecologist in Mexico typically costs 800-1,000 MXN per visit without insurance.

That’s approximately USD 40 to 50.


  • Surgical procedures in Mexico are also more affordable than in the US.
  • A hip replacement in Mexico costs about USD 12,500, whereas in the US, it can reach USD 40,000 without insurance.

Thus, many medical consultations and procedures in Mexico are only a fraction of the cost compared to the US.

Even medications in Mexico are significantly cheaper.

Many that require prescriptions in the US are available over the counter in Mexico.

Source: Mexico Relocation Guide[5]Mexico Relocation Guide
What Are Your Healthcare Options in Mexico?
“To see a general doctor, you can expect to pay less. Somewhere between $50-$400 MXN (about $2.50 USD-$20 USD)….”
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Request a free quote today to take advantage of low medical costs in Mexico!

When it comes to healthcare in Mexico for tourists, they offer all-inclusive packages.

This means that medical tourists in Mexico can have their treatment and enjoy a nice holiday without breaking the bank.

Take a look at what our partner healthcare providers include in these packages!

Mexico Medical Tourism Packages

The cost of medical treatment in Mexico is inclusive of:

  • Consultation & check-ups
  • Necessary tests
  • Hospital & surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia, medications
  • Hotel stay for special tariffs
  • Ground transfer & more

Now that you are familiar with Mexico medical costs, let’s move on to the savings.

How Much to Save With Medical Treatment in Mexico 2023?

Bariatric Cost Savings in Mexico

Only 10% of insurance covers bariatric procedures in the US.[6]Omnia Health
Medical Tourism: Passport To Quality Care
“…only about 10 per cent of their insurance plans cover weight loss surgeries…”
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Weight loss surgery in Mexico can offer up to 79% savings for Americans.

Orthopedic Cost Savings in Mexico

Orthopedics is a top specialty in medical tourism.[7]IFP News
Top 6 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World
“Among the most popular specialties why people go abroad are Plastic surgery, Dentistry, Cardiovascular surgery, Orthopedics…”
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Opting for orthopedic surgery in Mexico can save Americans up to 87%.

Dental Cost Savings in Mexico

Dental work in Mexico costs about one-third of the US prices.

The country is known for its top-notch dental care.[8]InternationalLiving
Mexico Country Guide:
“Without question, Mexico offers exceptional, professional, and affordable medical care…”
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Cosmetic Cost Savings in Mexico

Cosmetic surgeries are costly and often not covered by insurance.[9]AP News
Medical tourism: Traveling outside US for care is common
“And cosmetic surgeries, like tummy tucks that cost thousands of dollars, are largely uncovered by U.S. health insurers….”
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With Mexico cosmetic surgery, patients can save 58-70%.

Savings on medical tourism in Mexico
Curious about why medical costs are lower in Mexico, here is the answer.

Why Is Healthcare Cheaper in Mexico?

The promise of high quality at nearly one-third the price might seem confusing.

How is it that even the same brand’s implants cost less in Mexico than in the US?

While currency exchange rates make the prices appear cheaper, other factors contribute to their affordability.

These lower costs are rooted in the medical culture of the country.

Some of the driving factors include:

Lower salaries
Earnings in Mexico are lower across the entire spectrum of jobs, including medical professionals.[10]Mexico News Daily
octors, nurses confront coronavirus—with long hours and low pay
“ Mexican doctors earn around 16,146 pesos (US $670) per month, about one-third of what doctors make in countries like Brazil and Italy..”
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Subsidized education
Mexico doctors carry no student loan debt due to government subsidies.[11]
Arizona man turns to Mexico to study medicine and avoid debt
“…he will graduate with no student loan debt, unlike almost 80 percent of medical students graduating in the U.S….”
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It reduces the chance of overcharging their service.

No malpractice insurance
Mexican doctors don’t purchase expensive medical malpractice insurance.[12]Pacific Prime Latin America
Complete Guide to Medical Tourism in Mexico
“Doctors do not have to purchase expensive medical malpractice insurance like the U.S. doctors, leading to lower patient fees.”
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It is often used in the US to protect doctors against lawsuits.
Low prescription cost
Most prescription drugs in Mexico are 50-70% less than in the US.[13]Focus Mexico
Medical Tourism in Mexico
“A retiree can expect to pay 50%-70% less for most prescription drugs in Mexico”
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Little regulation by the govt in the US affects the price of medicines sold there.

Though medical care for US citizens in Mexico is affordable, some use health insurance for extra savings.

Interested in using insurance for medical treatment in Mexico? Discover more in the next section.

Does Mexico Accept US Health Insurance?

MTC network hospitals accept US medical or dental insurance in Mexico.

They assist patients with insurance paperwork.

It, in turn, helps the patient to make an insurance claim.

However, knowing the overseas insurance coverage terms is essential:[14]U.S. EMBASSY & CONSULATES IN MEXICO
Medical Information
“ Hospitals in Mexico usually require payment up-front for services and…. The U.S. government does not pay for medical care overseas. Some private U.S. insurance companies pay for overseas medical care, usually on… a reimbursable basis,”
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  • The US Government does not pay for medical care in Mexico.
  • Private US insurance companies may settle for reimbursement.
  • Mexican hospitals generally require an up-front payment.
  • Rarely Medicare covers non-emergency inpatient care in hospitals near the US-Mexico border.

Knowing the terms of cover can help you more.

Do check the insurance coverage areas with your insurance provider.

Mexico is home to over 1.6 million Americans and 500,000 Canadians, boasting the highest number of US expats worldwide.[15]InternationalLiving
The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2023
“There are now more than 1.6 million Americans and half a million Canadians who call Mexico home….more U.S. expats live in Mexico than in any other country…”
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But why do people go to Mexico for medical treatment? Find out below.

Top Reasons to Choose Mexico for Medical Travel

Mexico offers a great vacation with its colors and beaches!

But, when it comes to medical work, one may want to research more.

Below is a list of some driving factors for medical tourism in Mexico:


Affordable Medical Services

The cost of medical services in Mexico is 70 to 80% less than in the US.

The savings for various procedures are:

  • Dental: 80%
  • Bariatric: 75%
  • Orthopedic & cosmetic: 70%
  • Prescription drugs: 50-70%
With lower healthcare costs, Mexico is the world’s second-best retirement spot.[16]InternationalLiving
The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2023
“the best retirement havens in 2023…2. Mexico..Healthcare costs are at least 50% lower in Mexico ..”
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Best Healthcare

  • Most Mexican cities have at least one world-class hospital[17]Mexico Daily Post
    Mexico is among the 5 countries with the best healthcare in the world for retirees
    “In Mexico, every medium to large city has at least one first-rate hospital. ”
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  • State-of-the-art facilities comparable to the US hospitals
  • Certified & highly experienced doctors with excellent patient safety records
  • No waiting times and lesser treatment duration
Mexico ranks among the world’s top 5 countries for healthcare quality.[18]Medical tourism in Mexico
Focus On Mexico
“Mexico is among the 5 countries with the best healthcare in the world for retirees”
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Travel Convenience

  • Proximity to the US and Canada
  • Visa-free tourism for 70+ countries, including the US & Canada[19]Gov of Mexico
    Visitors who do not require a visa, with a stay up to 180 days
    “…Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela…”
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  • Direct flights from major US, Canadian & European cities

Urban Comforts

Mexico offers many of the First World conveniences like:[20]InternationalLiving
The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2023
“…many international airports offering direct flights to the U.S. …modern highways…The country has reliable internet, electricity, and cell phone service….”
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  • Good highways, plenty of airports
  • Reliable telecom services
  • Fast and stable internet connections


Popular Wellness & Tourist Destination

  • The 2nd most visited tourist destination in the world in 2023[21]Travelness
    10 Most Visited Countries in the World
    “2. Mexico: 31.9 million visitors”
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  • A diverse landscape of sunny deserts, snow-covered mountains, and steamy, tropical rainforests.[22]InternationalLiving
    The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2023
    “…high-altitude central highlands, sleepy villages, sunny deserts, some of the world’s liveliest beach resorts, snow-covered mountains, and steamy, tropical rainforests…”
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  • The serene climate of Mexico is perfect for patients on the path to recovery.[23]The Yucatan Times
    High healthcare costs are triggering a medical tourism boom in Mexico
    “The serene climate of Mexico is also ideal for patients who are seeking recovery of their health.”
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Mexico is the fifth most megadiverse place in the world. It is home to 12% of Earth’s known species.[24]Rutopia
Mexico is part of the 10 most megadiverse countries in the world
“Mexico ….is also the fifth most megadiverse place in the world. 12% of the known species on Earth live there.”
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Watch this video for insights into medical tourism in Mexico

Mexico Medical Tourism

Guide to Medical Tourism in Mexico

Considering a medical trip to Mexico and unsure about where to go or find reliable healthcare?

Your search ends here!

Scroll down to find all the information you need for safe and successful medical treatment in Mexico.

Top Procedures for Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico provides top-notch healthcare services for dental, bariatric, cosmetic, and orthopedic surgeries.

The table below shows some of the sought-after treatments by medical tourists in Mexico.

Dental Bariatric Orthopedic Cosmetic
Dental implants Gastric sleeve Total knee replacement Tummy tuck
All on 4 Gastric bypass Total hip replacement Liposuction
Full mouth restoration Robotic gastric sleeve Robotic knee replacement Breast augmentation
Dental crowns & bridges Robotic gastric bypass Knee arthroscopy Breast lift
Dental braces Mini gastric bypass Meniscus repair BBL
Dental veneers Lap band ACL repair Mommy makeover
Dentures Gastric balloon ACL reconstruction Facelift
Root canal Duodenal Switch PCL reconstruction Nose job
Teeth whitening BariClip surgery Shoulder replacement Eyelift
Extraction Revision surgery Rotator cuff repair MACS lift

Want to book a medical treatment in Mexico? Call us to get a free quote.

Below, listen to doctors & medical tourists in Mexico as they share their views.

Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico
WLS in Mexico
Dental Treatment in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico – Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider

There is a large diversity when it comes to healthcare providers in Mexico.

Some are aware of an international patient’s needs.

Still, others may not be well equipped or trained to do so.

Not all healthcare providers have the same high standard of quality you would expect at home.

Hence, research is vital while seeking medical care in Mexico.

Focusing on the following criteria helps to select a doctor overseas:

  • What safety standards does the hospital overseas follow?
  • How close is the hotel zone to the hospital/clinic in Mexico?
  • Do Spanish doctors speak English?
  • How much is healthcare in Mexico?
  • What type of aftercare is available for medical tourists?
  • Does my medical insurance cover me in Mexico?

Tips to Choose the Best Medical Provider in Mexico

Look for the hospital’s quality indicators. These include:

  • mortality rate
  • infection rate
  • nurse-patient ratio
  • surgery success rate, etc.

Compare them with your provider back home.

Also, check out the patient reviews and testimonials for shortlisted clinics.

Every hospital’s in-house team will assure you that they are the best.

In this case, a reliable third-party source of information can help.

This way, you will make a more informed decision.

At MTC, we prioritize finding the top specialists in each city.

Our verification process includes checking for:

  • A medical license
  • International accreditations
  • Latest technology
  • Sterilization protocol
  • Experience
  • Patient reviews

Top Medical Tourism Destinations in Mexico

Did you know? Medical tourism in Mexico attracts around 1.2 million Americans yearly.[25]New York Post
1.2 million Americans visit Mexico for ‘medical tourism’ each year
“1.2 million Americans visit Mexico for ‘medical tourism’ each year…”
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The country has several safe and reliable medical tourism destinations.

From lively cities to serene coastal towns, you have various locations to choose from.

If you’re searching for the best medical treatment in Mexico, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of the top medical facilities in each location.

These places offer affordable medical services, prioritize your safety, and offer high-quality care.

So, you’re not just saving money; you’re getting great care while you’re at it!

Border Cities

Medical Tourism in US Mexico Border Cities

Medical tourism along the US-Mexico border is attractive because it offers both accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

In many Mexican border towns, you’ll find medical facilities conveniently located.

They are within walking distance or less than an hour’s drive from the border.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top medical tourism destinations in the US-Mexico border areas.

Medical Tourism in Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones is a small town at the US-Mexico border.

It is home to over 350 established dental clinics.[26]Bloomberg
How a Tiny Mexican Border City Built a Budget Dental Empire
“Medical tourists flock to Molar City for its 350 dental offices and relief from the high costs in the US and Canada.”
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Here, our partner clinic has over 35 years of proven dentistry experience.

Review of Dental Tourism in Los Algodones

It is one of the largest and most reputed dental groups in this Molar city.

Best Healthcare Providers in Los Algodones

  • Dental treatment: Sani Dental Group & Dental Solutions
  • General surgery: Sani Medical
  • Regenerative medicine: GIOSTAR

Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

A gateway to Mexico, that’s Tijuana for you!

Here, one can expect an eclectic mix of attractions.

This border town acts as a day-trip destination for Americans.

Hassle-free Dental Tourism in Tijuana

With exotic beaches, monuments, and fine restaurants, your medical trip will indeed feel like a vacation.

Best Healthcare Providers in Tijuana

  • Dental treatment: Smile Builders, Dental Brush, Improvedent, Wellness Dental Clinic, Quality International Dental, Dr. Mexico, Dental 3 Smiles.
  • Bariatric surgery: Dr. Guillermo Lopez (LIMARP hospital), Dr. Luis Cazares (Oasis of Hope), Dr. Hector Perez
  • Orthopedic surgery: Dr. Hans Ruiz Serna, Oasis of Hope
  • Cosmetic surgery: Dr. Javier Garcia, Dr. Arturo Munoz
  • Ophthalomology: Vision Mendez
  • Regenerative medicine: Renovation Advanced Therapy

Medical Tourism in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Nuevo Laredo is yet another US-Mexico border town.

The city’s main attractions are colorful streets with classic architecture.

You can also visit museums, parks, and historical places.

Hassle-free Dental Work in Nuevo Laredo

Our partner dentist in Nuevo Laredo has 20+ years of experience.

Best Healthcare Providers in Nuevo Laredo

  • Dental treatment: Laredo Smile Center, Family Dental Center
  • Bariatric surgery: Dr. Galileo Villareal

Medical Tourism in Nogales, Mexico

Heroica Nogales is more commonly known as Nogales.

This Mexico-Arizona border town is a fun and vibrant place.

You can find many curio stores & hotels within walking distance from the clinic.

Benefits of Dental Tourism in Nogales

Like other MTC partner clinics, you can be restful about a safe neighborhood.

Best Healthcare Providers in Nogales

  • Dental treatment: Desert Dental

Medical Tourism in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is the second most populous city along the US-Mexico border.[27]World Population Review
Ciudad Juarez Population 2023
“..the second largest binational metro area along the US-Mexico border after San Diego-Tijuana..”
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Its proximity to El Paso, Texas, makes it a convenient choice for medical tourists seeking fast treatment.

This border city also boasts several tourist attractions.

Church in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez

It includes parks, archaeological sites, white sand dunes, and historical monuments.

Additionally, you can expect modern medical care provided by experienced and well-trained professionals.

Best Healthcare Providers in Ciudad Juarez

  • Dental treatment: Invo Dental, Nucleo Dental
  • Orthopedic surgery: Dr.Jesus Gallarzo (Hospital Angeles)

Medical Tourism in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Nuevo Progreso, bordering Progreso Lakes, Texas, is a popular hub for dental & pharmaceutical services.[28]Travel Awaits
Why I Travel To Mexico For My Prescriptions
“Progreso is known as a destination for dentistry (crowns, implants, fillings, et cetera)….pharmaceuticals.’”
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You’ll find various items within walking distance, from Mexican candies to jewelry & leather goods.

Visitors often park on the US side and walk across the bridge for shopping convenience.

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Nuevo Progreso

Additionally, our partner dental clinic boasts over 30 years of valuable experience.

Best Healthcare Providers in Nuevo Progreso

  • Dental treatment: Texas Dental Clinic

Medical Tourism in Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali shares a border with California, US.

This Mexican border town is open to adventure and tourism.

There’s a vast list of services that can solve practically any medical situation here.

Review of WLS in Mexicali

Best Healthcare Providers in Mexicali

  • Dental treatment: RamLanz Dental Clinic
  • Cosmetic treatment: Hospital  de la Familia
  • Opthalmology: Hospital  de la Familia
  • Ortho & spine: Hospital  de la Familia

Resort cities

Medical Tourism in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a resort city located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.

It offers serene beaches, adventure sports, and vibrant nightlife.

More personalized & professional medical care than in the US is available.

How Safe is Dental Tourism in Cancun?

Best Healthcare Providers in Cancun

  • Dental treatment: Dentaris, Cancun Dental Specialists, Sani Dental Group, Neo Dental Group, Canam Smile Makeover
  • Bariatric surgery: Dr. Hector Perez
  • Orthopedic surgery: Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona
  • Cosmetic surgery: Riviera Institute, Dr. Rafael Velasco
  • Ophthalomology: Perfect Vision
  • General surgery: Dr. Hector Perez

Medical Tourism in Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo is one of Mexico’s leading travel destinations and a vibrant city.

Be sure to expect first-class cuisine, adventure, and fun at every beach or desert attraction.

Review of Dental Work in Los Cabos

You will get high-end dentistry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Best Healthcare Providers in Los Cabos

Dental treatment: Advanced Cabo Dentistry

Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a gourmet city.

Be prepared to treat yourself to many restaurants with famous chefs.

Also, you can enjoy a variety of ocean or mountain-based activities here.

With state-of-the-art facilities, our partner clinics here provide proactive dental care.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Best Healthcare Providers in Puerto Vallarta

Dental treatment: International Dental Center, Dental Solutions, Smile Vallarta

Bariatric & cosmetic Surgeries: CMQ Premier Hospital

Orthopedic & spine surgeries: Dr. Max Greig

Medical Tourism in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a nature-blessed destination.

The city attracts travelers with beaches, theme parks, and exclusive resorts.

Prioritizing safety, our highly credentialed dentists tend to the patients here.

They offer a full range of general & specialized dental care in Playa del Carmen.

Fundadores park in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Best Healthcare Providers in Playa del Carmen

  • Dental treatment: Sani Dental Group
  • Regenerative medicine: GIOSTAR

Inland cities

Medical Tourism in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is a metropolis city in Mexico.It invites tourists with exciting culture and food.

Also, you will see that the recommended clinic is in a safe location.

They use the latest techniques & FDA-approved biomaterials.

It brings them one step closer to safe dental treatments.



Best Healthcare Providers in Monterrey

Dental treatment: Dentistas Teran

Medical Tourism in Merida, Mexico

Merida’s loving nickname is ‘the White City.’

It is for the town’s iconic whitewashed buildings.

Also, archaeological sites and ancient residences encircle it.

Review of Dental Work in Merida

You will find that our certified partner dentists here work in a very safe neighborhood.

Best Healthcare Providers in Merida

Dental treatment: Whiteline Dental Clinic

Medical Tourism in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City has a historical reputation for being the best destination for medical tourism in Mexico.[29]Travel Weekly
Medical tourism on the rise in Cancun
“Historically Mexico City and Monterrey have been known for their medical tourism”
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Its proximity to Canada and the US makes it easily accessible.Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and snow-covered volcanoes, it offers incredible attractions.

Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral , Mexico City

Mexico City

Our partner dental clinic in Mexico City boasts over 30 years of experience, ensuring top-notch patient care.

Best Healthcare Providers in Mexico City

Dental treatment: Ideal dental center

Cosmetic surgery: Dr. David de Rungs

Are safety concerns on your mind after finding Mexico’s top medical tourism facilities?

Get answers below.

Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico for Medical Tourism?

When looking for low-cost health tourism abroad, prioritizing safety & quality is vital.

Let’s explore how medical tourism in Mexico ensures both secure locations and treatment.


Is Mexico Safe for Tourists?

Mexico is as safe as the United States.

In fact, the crime rate per thousand people is three times higher in the US when compared to Mexico.

Tourist areas are safe due to the Mexican government’s dedicated efforts.

Staying at a resort is often a safe choice, even in riskier areas.[30]Travel Safe Abroad
How Safe Is Mexico for Travel?
“Tourist areas are safe. The Mexican government makes a lot of effort to keep it that way. Even in dangerous areas, you should be fine at a resort as long as you stay at the resort.”
View in Article

How safe is Mexico?

Want to know how safe health tourism locations are in Mexico? Check the table below.

Safety Evaluation of Top Medical Tourism Destinations in Mexico – 2023
Mexican City Safety Assessment
Los Algodones
  • The safest city in Mexico
  • Safe for all foreign travelers and solo tourists.[31]Travel Ravel
    Is Los Algodones Safe To Travel
    “This city is one of the safest locations in Mexico. It is danger-free for all foreign travelers and for solo tourists too. ”
    View in Article
  • Safer now with increased police & surveillance.[32]Chester Travels
    “… Tijuana has taken steps to improve its safety record. Today, …government has increased the presence of police in the city”
    View in Article
  • Avoid Tres de Octubre, Sánchez Taboada, Camino Verde, and Urbivilla Del Prado2[33]Playas y Plazas
    Is Tijuana Safe?
    “..Neighborhoods like Sánchez Taboada, Camino Verde, Tres de Octubre, and Urbivilla Del Prado 2 should be avoided…”
    View in Article
Nuevo Laredo
  • Daytime is moderately safe. Avoid walking at night.[34]HikersBay
    What should I know while traveling to Nuevo Laredo?
    “You can feel moderate safe when walking during the day. We strongly discourage night walks in Nuevo Laredo”
    View in Article
  • MTC partner providers in secure neighborhoods.
  • Safe border town with well-developed tourism
  • Avoid areas like Villafontana and New Mexicali[35]The discovery nut
    “Avoid areas like Villafontana and New Mexicali…one of  the safest border towns in Mexico, with well-developed tourism and service industries”
    View in Article
Mexico City
  • One of the safest places with lower crime rates than some US cities.
  • Areas to avoid: Iztapalapa, Tepito[36]Travellers wolrdwide
    Is Mexico City Safe in 2023?
    “Mexico City is one of the safest places in Mexico and has a lower rate of crime than some cities even in the United States….avoid is Iztapalapa,…”
    View in Article
  • Monterrey is generally safe
  • Areas to avoid: Colonia Independencia, Coahuila & San Luis Potos[37]Travel Ssfe Abroad
    How Safe Is Monterrey for Travel?
    “Monterrey is generally safe,..area to avoid is the Colonia …”
    View in Article
  • The safest city in Mexico
  • Exercise caution in the city’s south due to rumored violent gangs.[38]Travel Safe Abroad
    How Safe Is Merida for Travel?
    “ safest city in Mexico…careful in the south side of the city since there have been rumors about violent gangs living in small private housing areas….”
    View in Article
  • Tourists face no risks in Cancún.
  • Areas to avoid: Lopez Portillo, near Bonfil & downtown at night[39]Travel Safe Abroad
    How Safe Is Cancun for Travel?
    “Tourists are not at risk in Cancún…. Lopez Portillo, near Bonfil….”
    View in Article
Playa del Carmen
  • Tourists feel safe as tourism drives the local economy.
  • Areas to avoid: Colosio, Villas del Sol[40]Travel Safe Abroad
    How Safe Is Playa del Carmen for Travel?
    “Tourists typically feel protected since tourism is the primary source of economy in the area..Areas to avoid include:..Colosio…”
    View in Article
Los Cabos
  • Los Cabos is mainly safe
  • It has moderate crime, with pickpocketing as the primary issue.[41]Travel Safe Abroad
    How Safe Is Los Cabos for Travel?
    “Los Cabos is mainly safe….Los Cabos has a medium crime level and pickpocketing is the main problem.”
    View in Article
Puerto Vallarta
  • The overall safety risk is low
  • Areas to avoid: Colonias East of the Libramento[42]Travel Safe Abroad
    How Safe Is Puerto Vallarta for Travel?
    “overall safety risk is low…Don’t walk the Colonias East …”
    View in Article
Nogales Recently the city has improved visitor safety through law enforcement, surveillance, cross-border cooperation, and tourism initiatives.[43]Borderlandia
Is Nogales Safe?
“he governments of both countries have taken significant steps to enhance security in Nogales. Increased law enforcement presence, surveillance systems…These efforts combined with those in tourism have made Nogales a safer place to visit….”
View in Article

Keep in mind that safety situations in any location can change over time.

So, always check for the latest information before planning travel.

MTC partner clinics are in a safe and friendly location.

These include commercial zones near hotels, tourist attractions, or near the border.


Is Medical Treatment Safe in Mexico?

World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) marks Mexico’s national destinations with the “Safe Travel” stamp.[44]Travel Weekly
Destinations across Mexico earn their WTTC stamp of approval
“Destinations across One by one, Mexico’s top tourism destinations are receiving their safety stamps, as administered by the World Travel & Tourism Council…”
View in Article

The country adopts global health and hygiene standards.

Thus, it would be right to say Mexico is safe for Medical Tourism.

Also, the following reasons contribute to this:

  • The quality of health care services in Mexico is comparable to the States.[45]ScienceDirect
    Analysis of medical tourism at the Andrade port of entry
    “Mexican health care services are of the same or better quality compared with those in the United States”
    View in Article
  • Mexico has the highest number of certified hospitals in Latin America.[46]Oxford Businee Group
    Investment in expanding Mexico’s medical tourism segment
    “In terms of certified hospitals, we have the largest in Latin America – Doctors Hospital – we have recognized doctors and specialists in all kinds of practices,..”
    View in Article
  • Modern equipment is plentiful in major cities.[47]InternationalLiving
    Healthcare in Mexico
    “Modern equipment is plentiful in bigger cities”
    View in Article
  • Medicines in Mexico are as safe as it is in the US.[48]Focus on Mexico
    Medical Tourism in Mexico
    “Medicines in Mexico are as safe as they are in the USA.”
    View in Article
  • Most importantly, the healthcare system in Mexico is not profit-driven.[49]InternationalLiving
    Healthcare in Mexico
    “The primary difference and one that is usually quite obvious is that the care system is not profit-driven.”
    View in Article

Seeking medical care through a reliable mediator may help alleviate some of the associated risks.

It’s because these facilitators mainly work with certified/accredited healthcare providers.

MTC partners with the best medical providers in Mexico for safe, successful treatments.

Our stringent vetting process selects top-notch surgeons and hospitals.

Rest assured, you are in capable and secure hands.

Now you know how safe the best healthcare providers are for medical tourism in Mexico.

Let’s dive into some travel essentials to help you reach your desired destination.

How to Travel to Mexico?

There are many options for getting to Mexico. The easiest way is to fly or drive.

You can reach Mexico overland from the US via train, bus, or car.

Air Travel

The country has 45 international airports.[50]Infobae
How many airports does Mexico have
“In the country there are 45 airports certified with the status of International, ”
View in Article

Here, we provide flight details to help you reach Mexico’s top medical tourism destinations.

Reaching resort cities

Duration of Nonstop and 1-stop flights to Cancun, Los Cabos, & Puerto Vallarta (PVR).
From Cancun (CUN) Los Cabos (SJD) PVR
Dallas (DFW) 2 hr 45 min 2 hr 50 min 2 hr 50 min
Miami (MIA) 1 hr 45 min 6 hr 17 min* 6 hr 30 min*
Houston (IAH) 2 hr 15 min 2 hr 35 min 2 hr 30 min
Los Angeles (LAX) 4 hr 45 min 2 hr 20 min 2 hr 50 min
New York (JFK) 4 hr 20 min 5 hr 55 min 7 hr 50 min*
Toronto (YYZ) 4 hr 7 hr 06min* 7 hr 17 min*
Vancouver (YVR) 8 hr 20 min* 6 hr 35 min* 7 hr 25 min*
*1 stop flights

Reaching inland cities

Duration of Nonstop and 1-stop flights to Mexico City, Monterey & Merida
From Mexico City (MEX) Monterrey (MTY) Merida (MID)
Miami (MIA) 3 hr 25 min 3 hr 44 min 2 hr 10 min
Houston (IAH) 2 hr 20 min 1 hr 35 min 2 hr 08 min
Chicago (ORD) 4 hr 05 min 3 hr 20 min 6 hr 10 min*
Atlanta (ATL) 3 hr 30 min 2 hr 50 min 7 hr 04 min*
San Antonio (SAT) 2 hr 15 min 1 hr 10 min 4 hr 35 min*
New York (JFK) 5 hr 10 min 4 hr 45 min 7 hr 30 min*
Toronto (YYZ) 5 hr 6 hr 45 min* 9 hr 45 min*
Vancouver (YVR) 5 hr 30 min 8 hr 25 min* 8 hr 15 min*
*1 stop flights

Reaching US-Mexico border cities

US Airports Near Mexican Border Cities
Mexican city US Airport Mexican city US Airport
Los Algodones Yuma Airport (YUM), Yuma Nogales Tucson Airport (TUS), Arizona
Tijuana San Diego Airport (SAN) Nuevo Progreso Valley International Airport (HRL), Texas
Nuevo Laredo Laredo Airport (LRD), Texas Juarez El Paso Airport (EPL), Texas

Driving Time from US Airport to Mexican Border Cities

US Airport to Mexican Border City Duration US Airport to Mexican Border City Duration
Yuma (YUM) to Los Algodones 25 min Tuscon (TUS) to Nogales 1 hr
San Diego (SAN) to Tijuana 38 min HRL to Nuevo Progreso 42 min
Laredo (LRD) to Nuevo Laredo 30 min El Paso (EPL) to Juarez 28 min

Land Travel

With top medical tourism facilities on the US-Mexico border, Americans often seek quick treatment in Mexico.

There are several convenient ways to access Mexico by land:

  • For those visiting border cities like Tijuana or Algodones, you can simply cross the border on foot.
  • Alternatively, you can drive or use public transport like trains or buses.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these methods below.

Public vehicle

Traveling by Bus to Mexico From the US

Greyhound offers regular services to major border crossings, including direct routes to Mexican bus stations.[51]RoughGuides
How to get to Mexico
“Greyhound runs regularly to all the major border crossings. Some of their buses will also take you over the frontier to a Mexican bus station, ”
View in Article

Other US-to-Mexico bus companies include:[52]
Mexico Bus Travel
“Bus Companies From USA to Mexico… Autobuses Americanos…”
View in Article

  • Autobuses Americanos, Autobuses San Luis
  • Transportes Baldomero Corral, Tufesa, and
  • Transportes Intercalifornias.

Greyhound bus

Greyhound Bus

Traveling by Train to Mexico From the US

Amtrak is the primary train operator that connects the US/Canada with Mexico.

The most common route for train travel between the two countries is through the Amtrak Sunset Limited.

It travels from Los Angeles, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana, with stops in cities along the way.[53]RoughGuides
How to get to Mexico
“..served by Amtrak’s Sunset Limited service.. from New Orleans, Houston, Tucson and LA….”
View in Article

Amtrak train, Mexico



Driving for Medical Care in Mexico

Driving to Mexico could take as little as 15 minutes.

It is when you are visiting between border towns on both sides.

Alternatively, you can park your vehicle on the US side and walk across the border.

Nuevo Progreso border crossing

Driving to Nuevo Progreso

The tables below show average driving hours from various US cities to Mexico border cities.

Driving to Tijuana & Los Algodones

From Tijuana Los Algodones
San Diego, CA 25 mins 2 hr 40 mins
Los Angeles, CA 2 hr 10 mins 4 hr 20 mins
Las Vegas, Nevada 5 hr 15 min 4 hr 50 mins

Driving to Ciudad Juarez

US City Duration
Socorro, Texas 35 min
Sunland Park, New Mexico 35 min
Las Cruces, New Mexico 1 hr 10 min
Tucson, Arizona 5 hr

Driving to Nuevo Laredo

US City Duration
Laredo, Texas 20 min
San Antonio 2 hr 50 min
Corpus Christi 3 hr
Austin 4 hr 10 min

Driving to Nogales

US City Duration
Nogales, AZ 15 mins
Tucson, AZ 1 hr 15 min
Miracle Valley, AZ 1 hr 44 min

Driving to Nuevo Progreso

US City Duration
Progreso, TX 12 min
Weslaco, TX 20 min
Brownsville, TX 55 mins

Next, learn about the border crossing lanes between the US and Mexico.

US-Mexico Border Crossing – Which Lane to Use in 2023?

Lane Requirement
FAST Lane Fast Lane (Medical lane)

  • Tourist lane for general and medical tourists.
  • San Ysidro, CA Only
  • Single-use pass is available from medical providers or hotels.
  • MTC offers Fast Pass to clients for lane access.
Ready lane Ready Lane

  • Requires an RFID enabled ID card.
  • Electronic passports with the chip do not work.
  • Lane Usage: Most use passport cards.
  • Cost: $30 passport card, valid for 10 years.

SENTRI Lane (Global entry)

  • Requires a SENTRI Card.
  • Requires thorough background check and interview.
  • Lane Usage: Apply for SENTRI card
  • Cost: $100 per person for 5 years.
US customs & border protection  

Regular (All Traffic) Lane

  • Typically, these lanes have the longest wait times.
  • Lane Usage: Accepted documents include US Passport Book, Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), Foreign Passport Book, documents from Ready or SENTRI lanes, and more
  • Cost: No cost
Source: Baja Bound Insurance Services[54] Baja Bound Insurance Services
“Regular or “All Traffic” lanes accept the widest variety of identity documents …Ready Lane…ccept only RFID enabled identity cards. …”
View in Article

You can check the live waiting time for entry via any of these lanes.

It will help you plan better for your journey across the US-Mexico border.

Tips to Cross US-Tijuana Border

Travel Essentials for Medical Tourism in Mexico


Passport and Visa for Medical Tourism in Mexico

You will need the following documents to enter Mexico.[55]Travel.State.Gov
“A valid passport book is required to enter Mexico…Passport must be valid at time of entry…TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Yes, if visiting for more than 180 days…”
View in Article

  • A valid passport
  • Tourist visa (for stays over 180 days)
  • Entry permit (FMM)

Documents Required for Driving to Mexico

To cross the US-Mexico border by car, you must have:[56]Travel. State.Gov
Crossing the U.S. – Mexico Border by Land
“U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.”
View in Article

  • A valid passport & FMM
  • Vehicle import permit
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Mexican tourist auto insurance


Foreign Embassies in Mexico

US Embassy

  • Address: Paseo de la Reforma No. 305, Delegación Cuauhtemoc 6500 México, D. F. Mexico.
  • Phone: (+52) (55) 5080-2000

Canadian Embassy

  • Address: 3 West Kings House Road, Mexico City,  Mexico
  • Phone: (+52) (55) 5724-7900

Handy info


The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso, but many of our partner medical providers also accept USD.


Spanish is the official language of Mexico, but our partner clinics have English-speaking staff and doctors available.

Time Zone

Mexico operates on Central Standard Time (CST).

You won’t experience severe jetlag as the time difference with most areas of the US and Canada is minimal.

Best Time to Visit

Consider planning your medical trip to Mexico during the dry season.

This season runs from December to April with minimal rainfall & ideal conditions.[57]AudleyTravel
When is the best time to visit Mexico?
“The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain”
View in Article

Things to Know Before Your Visit Mexico
Creative Travel Guide

Medical Tourism in Mexico – Top Tourist Attractions

Video Courtesy: Joyous Travel

FAQs About Medical Tourism in Mexico

How can I pay for my medical treatments in Mexico?

Healthcare providers in Mexico accept cash, credit or debit cards, checks, wire transfers, bank transfers, and PayPal.

Does Mexico have a good healthcare system?

In general, Mexico’s healthcare system maintains high standards and operates effectively.[58]International Insurance
Mexico’s Healthcare System
“the healthcare system in Mexico offers good standards and operates efficiently… Mexican doctors go to medical school or do extra training in the United States or Europe. As such, there is a high percentage of doctors who speak excellent English…”
View in Article

  • Healthcare services are cost-effective, with major cities hosting excellent hospitals and clinics.
  • Many Mexican doctors receive their education or undergo additional training in the US or Europe.
  • This results in many English-speaking doctors who provide exceptional care.

However, the quality and availability of healthcare services can vary across regions.

So, medical tourists in Mexico should thoroughly research before seeking treatment.

Can US citizens get healthcare in Mexico?

Yes, US citizens can access healthcare in Mexico.

Many Americans seek medical treatment in Mexico due to cost savings and quality care.

It is essential to plan & research healthcare providers, facilities, and travel logistics in advance for a seamless healthcare experience in Mexico.

Also, consider appropriate travel and medical insurance when seeking healthcare abroad.

What is the best country for medical tourism?

Some of the top global medical tourism destinations include:[59]New-Medical.Net
World Medical Tourism Review
“…these countries offer relatively low-cost services….The global map of medical tourism includes destinations like Asia (India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand), South and Central America (including Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Mexico), South Africa,…”
View in Article

  • Asian countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
  • Central American nations like Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Mexico
  • South Africa and the Middle East, particularly Dubai
  • Various destinations in Central and Southern Europe

Medical tourists go here for accredited hospitals, quality and affordable healthcare.

Is it safe to go to Mexico for surgery?

Yes, Mexico is safe for surgery.

However, every surgery has inherent risks and complications, regardless of the location.

We mitigate complication risks by:

  • Carefully choosing specialists with advanced training.
  • Verifying credentials and facility accreditations.
  • Researching and selecting top specialists in each Mexican destination.
  • Partnering with certified institutions for international patient care.


Medical care for US citizens in Mexico is not only affordable but also accessible.

However, ensuring top-notch quality requires thorough research and knowledge of the chosen medical facility.

If you’re considering medical travel overseas, MTC is here to assist you every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out for more information on medical tourism in Mexico.


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