Orthopaedic surgery in Lithuania allows you to pay attention to your screaming joints. It’s time to stop turning a deaf ear to your pain because of high surgery prices in the UK. Read on to find out how traveling to Lithuania can make your bones happy while saving up to 73% of the UK cost.

Orthopaedic Surgeries Offered by Lithuania

Orthopaedic Surgeries Offered By Lithuania

Medical innovation has grown more than thrice in the Lithuanian business sector over the past three years.


Let's first understand the USP of this country in the sphere of medical tourism.

Why Should I Choose Lithuania for Orthopedic Surgery?

You should note that many factors make Lithuania an excellent destination for orthopaedic surgery. Some of them


It's Affordable

First, the cost of living in Lithuania is 55% less expensive than in the UK.[2]

In turn, this makes medical procedures highly affordable in the country.

Due to this, orthopaedic surgeries also cost 80% less than in the UK.

Low-Cost Treatment

Prime Healthcare

It is important to note that the state monitors and funds the medical institutions, implying you'll get the highest standard of care.[3]

Plus, the healthcare system in Lithuania meets the conditions of the EU.[4]

Above all, the surgeons here are also highly qualified.

Certified Doctors in Lithuania | Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Certified Surgeons

Splendid Vacation

It is noteworthy that in 2020, 2 million people visited Lithuania.[5]

The country's varied goth, renaissance, and classical styles invite travelers to experience its warm hospitality, lush countryside, and breathtaking hills.

Now you know what makes Lithuania a favorable destination for orthopaedic surgery.

Let's help you analyze if getting this surgery in Lithuania is pocket friendly or not.

Vacation | Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Bonus Vacation

What Is the Cost of Orthopedic Surgery in Lithuania?

Othepaedic surgery in Lithuania can cost between €2,000 and €7,000, basis the procedure you opt. For instance, hip replacement surgery cost in Lithuania is around €6,340 compared to €18,280 in the UK.

It renders a saving of ~66%.

Similarly, the cost of knee replacement surgery in Lithuania is €7,040, whereas the same procedure is priced at a whopping €18,805 in the UK. This implies you can save up to 62% on getting a knee replacement done in Lithuania.

All in all, you can expect to save around 62%-73% on getting any orthopaedic procedure in Lithuania.

Prices of Orthopaedic Surgery in Lithuania vs the UK (in EUR)
Procedure UK Lithuania Savings
Hip replacement surgery €18,280 €6,340 66%
Knee replacement surgery €18,805 €7,040 62%
ACL knee replacement surgery €7,716 €2,900 62%
Meniscus repair €5,500 €2,000 63%
Knee arthroscopy €7,325 €2,000 73%
Shoulder arthroscopy €7,100 €2,875 73%

Prices may vary depending on the severity of your case.  

Save ~73% on surgery bills!

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Best Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery in Lithuania

You'd have understood that treating your joints in Lithuania will not cost a bomb. Let's now analyze this decision from a quality angle.

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Lithuania

If you wonder if Lithuania is the home of some of the best Orthopaedic surgeons globally, the answer is yes! Dr. Sarunas Tarasevicius is one of the most sought-after orthopaedists in Lithuania.

Check out the below section to learn more about him.

Dr. Sarunas Tarasevicius

15 years



Orthopedic surgery


Lund University, Sweden

  • Led 5,000+ orthopedic surgeries
  • 15+ years of experience in orthopedic procedures
  • President, Lithuanian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

It's also important to understand the ins and outs of a particular surgery before getting under the knife.

Let's explore more about orthopaedic surgeries in Lithuania.  

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Orthopedic Surgery: A Relief for Your Joints

Now, we will help you understand whether orthopaedic surgery in Lithuania will benefit you or not.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery deals with severe injuries, congenital and acquired disorders.

In addition, it also deals with chronic arthritic or overuse conditions of the bones, joints, and associated soft tissues, including ligaments, nerves, and muscles.[6]

Watch on YouTube
Hip Replacement Procedure
Watch on YouTube
Total Knee Replacement Procedure

What Are the Types of Orthopedic Surgeries in Lithuania?

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery in Lithuania is a health procedure for sharp hip pain.

The hip joint comprises a ball at the top of the thigh bone (femur) and a socket in the hip bone (pelvis).[7]

Your surgeon will remove the damaged parts of your hip and replace them with bits usually made of ceramic, metal, and rigid plastic.[8]

Savings in Lithuania: 66%

Hip replacement in Lithuania

Hip replacement in Lithuania

Hip-replacement in Lithuania

Hip Replacement in Lithuania: An illustration
Surgery Recovery Durability Hospital Hotel  Complication
2 Hours 3-6 Weeks 10-25 Years[9] 2 Days 10-14 Days 5.3%[10]

Knee Replacement Surgery

Also known as total knee arthroplasty (TKA), it is the most common solution to treat knee osteoarthritis.[11]

The extremities of the bones that make up the knee joint and the kneecap are capped with metal and plastic pieces.

You may consider this operation if you have severe arthritis or a significant knee injury.[12]

Hip replacement surgery in Lithuania

Knee Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

Knee replacement in Lithuania

Knee Replacement: A Snapshot

Other Surgeries for Repairing the Knee Include

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a band of tissue that runs down the inside of your knee.

When it strains or rips, it is damaged.

ACL injuries are prevalent in athletes because they perform motions that put a lot of strain on the knee.

You will be able to walk with crutches after the surgery. However, total recovery may take 6-9 months.

Source: HSS.edu[13]

ACL knee replacement in Lithuania

ACL Knee Replacement Surgery

Meniscus Repair in Lithuania is a surgery to repair torn knee cartilage.

The meniscus is a knee cushion that preserves the cartilage and helps avoid osteoarthritis. The knee has 2 menisci: a medial (inside) and a lateral (outside) meniscus.

Although the procedure is largely minimally invasive, the knee may require additional tiny incisions or cuts to complete the repair.

Source: Washington University[14]

Knee meniscus surgery in lithuania

Knee Meniscus Surgery in Lithuania

It is a surgical treatment that allows surgeons to examine the knee joint without cutting through the skin or other soft tissues.

You should note that a tiny camera called an arthroscope is inserted into your knee joint during knee arthroscopy.

Your surgeon uses the images from the camera to guide small surgical tools, which are displayed on a television monitor.

Source: AAOS[15]

Knee Arthroscopy in Lithuania

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery in Lithuania

Elbow Arthroscopy

Orthopaedic doctors employ elbow arthroscopy as a less invasive procedure.

Fiberoptics and a miniature camera are used, which are placed through small incisions or portals.

The camera's magnified images are shown on an operating room television monitor.

Source: HSS.edu[16]

Elbow Arthroscopy in Lithuania

Image courtesy: JARS

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Rotator cuff tears, labral tears, proximal biceps tears, loose bodies, arthritis, and other pathologic shoulder disorders are often treated via shoulder arthroscopy.

It is performed through small incisions using a camera to see the inside of a joint.

Source: JARS[17]

Shoulder Arthroscopy in Lithuania

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Is Orthopedic Surgery Safe in Lithuania?

We know that as a medical tourist in a brand-new country, you will have many doubts. You will be worried not just about the procedure but also about the safety of your life. Let us first address your woes as a patient.

Lithuania comes decked with state-of-the-art hospitals and expert surgeons. In other words, this ensures the safety of the bones or joint surgery you plan to undergo there.

Above all, the country's health index is 59.9, which is considered significant. This marks an increase of 8.1 points from 2019.[18] Now, let's talk about the risks as a tourist in Lithuania. The country has a safety index of 59.5, as per the latest news.[19]

Further, if you abide by the below-listed points, you will always be out of risk:

  • Keep a low profile
  • Do not travel to unknown places at night
  • Prefer public transport wherever possible
  • Don't travel without researching the area beforehand 

Patient Reviews for Orthopedic Surgery in Lithuania

Check out the below section to find out what other patients say about getting their joints treated in Lithuania.

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

It is indeed a cherry on the cake when you get to savor a grand vacation along with medical treatment. The country is gaining favor from tourists as many people flock there for their medical treatment.

Lush forests, rich landscapes, and breezy resorts attract folks coming to this wondrous country.
Lithuania Snapshot

Snapshot of Lithuania

Entry & Exit

You will be glad to know that the visa is exempt for UK citizens for a stay of 90 days per 180 days. However, you will need a proof of:

  • Enough funds in your bank
  • Return ticket
  • Purpose of stay

Please note that you'd also require confirmation with the airline that boarding will be allowed sans the visa.

Source: CIBT Visa[20]

How To Reach?

If you are arriving from the UK, the air route will suit you the most. Plus, Lithuania has an international airport in most major cities.

However, since Nord Clinic is situated in Kaunas, we recommend you catch a flight for it. It is worth noting that the Kaunas International Airport (KUN) is located in the city's heart.

Flights from the UK to KUN
Origin Distance Time Stops
London (LTN) 1,270 mi 2 hr 40 min Direct
Birmingham (BHX) 1,396 mi 6 hr 10 min 1 stop
Leeds (LBA) 1,455 mi 5 hr 55 min 2 stops

Tourist Attractions

  • Nida Resort Town: Witness a lucent sunset here.
  • Kaunas Castle: Get immersed in a historic affair.
  • Gediminas Tower: Gain a panoramic view of the city from here.

Nida Resort Town Lithuania

Nida Resort Town

Kaunas Castle Lithuania

Kaunas Castle

Gediminas tower Lithuania

Gediminas tower
  • Palanga Beach: Treat your beach bum this cool and sandy beach.
  • Trakai Island Castle Museum: Get awestruck by this castle surrounded by a lake.
  • Vilnius Old Town: Indulge in this cozy town's street music and stunning churches.

Palanga Beach Lithuania

Palanga Beach

Trakai Island Castle Lithuania

Trakai Island Castle

Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius Old Town 


Depending upon the orthopedic procedure, it can cost you around €1,486 to €6,396. It entails a saving between 55%-73% on UK costs.

There is good news for you! There is no waiting time. Orthopaedic Lithuania won't make you wait many weeks like NHS. Once you get in touch with us, your appointment will be fixed immediately, and you can plan your itinerary for Lithuania.

The post-surgery recovery time will depend on the procedure. For instance, after knee replacement surgery, you can resume your day-to-day activities within 6 weeks.

However, swelling and pain may take 3 months to 1 year.[21] Similarly is the case with hip replacement surgery.


Let's just admit that orthopaedic surgery in Lithuania checks all boxes! Be it low-cost treatment, excellent health care, good surgeons, or a posh vacation spot; this country pledges to satisfy all your needs.

Hence, without much ado, take the first step towards making your joints happy.

Get ortho surgery in Lithuania!

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