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Thailand Medical Tourism

Thailand, a popular tourist location in the heart of Southeast Asia, has gained recognition as a credible medical tourism destination as well. Ranked 47th by the World Health Organization, the Thai healthcare system has also been well recognized by the US consular information sheet. No wonder, large numbers of medical tourists head to this country every year, to avail excellent healthcare facilities at highly competitive prices.

The country has many internationally accredited hospitals, which offer all kinds of medical treatments, ranging from organ transplants to dental and cosmetic surgery.

Why Thailand is a great medical tourism destination

  • Medical treatments in Thailand may cost only a tenth of their prices in expensive countries like the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Hospitals here use the latest technology and provide high quality of medical care to their patients.
  • Acknowledging the boom of medical tourism in the region, the Thai government has taken several measures to promote the healthcare industry among international clients.
  • Visitors can expect a comfortable stay in Thailand, as the tourism industry is already very well established, and the necessary infrastructure is in place.
  • Hospitals in Thailand provide personal care to the patients; some also provide additional services such as language interpreters and special international wings to cater specially to international tourists.
  • Many Thailand hospitals are JCI accredited, and adhere to top ISO standards.
  • The doctors here are well trained; some even have certifications the US and UK. Most doctors and their staff are English-speaking, effectively removing any language barrier.

Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Thailand is known in particular for its stunning natural beauty, complete with tropical islands, stunning beaches, and several World Heritage sites. Visitors may indulge in many fun things when visiting the country for medical treatment. Vibrant nightspots, huge shopping malls, sandy beaches, Buddhist temples, national parks and many other tourist places in Thailand are thronged by people, who come here for medical treatment, but usually stay back to pamper themselves.

 Bangkok Skytrain

 Thai Authentic Architecture in Bangkok

 Erawan Waterfall in Kanchanaburi Thailand

 Ayutthaya, Thailand – Historical Park

 Giants at Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand

 Traditional Thai Longtail boat on the beach

The Thai shopping experience is unmatched, as the visitors here are provided with excellent bargains in clothing and accessories and they may also collect souvenirs to take back home. Most people travel to Thailand for a relaxing vacation. But as people are becoming aware of the affordable healthcare facilities in Thailand, many are flocking to this Asian country in pursuit of medical treatments.

Golf Course in Pattaya-Thailand
Foreign visitors in Thailand primarily visit historical sites, old markets and check out the intriguing indigenous lifestyles along the canals. Apart from all this, medical tourists can also avail the opportunity to indulge in the popular Thai massage, which is sure to rejuvenate their senses.

Map of Thailand 2Map of Thailand 1

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is known for hot and spicy delicacies. A combination of flavors from the four different regions in Thailand, Central, Southern, Northern and Northeastern, Thai cuisine also includes several Chinese dishes, a legacy of the Thai Chinese people.

Phad Thai Noodles

A liberal mix of spices and herbs, Thai food generally consists of one main rice dish supplemented by several other dishes to accentuate the flavor. Apart from rice, noodles are another popular component of Thai dishes, including Pad Thai and Rad Na.
An important point to note is that Thais consider fish sauce as integral to most dishes, and vegetarians must specially mention their requirements while ordering.

Travel Tips for Thailand

  • The climate in Thailand is a major factor to consider when planning your trip here. Though most of the country experiences tropical wet or dry savannah climate, the easternmost part of East Thailand experiences a purely tropical monsoon climate. While one can enjoy cool temperatures and clear skies from November to February, temperatures soar to somewhere about the mid or high 30s from March to May. May to October is the rainy season, with rains mostly occurring in the late afternoons or evenings and sometimes resulting in flooded streets.
  • Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has one of Asia’s busiest airports, with flights flying in from around the world, making travel easy.
  • When in Thailand travelling around is easy with options such as buses, trains, planes and taxis. Apart from this, visitors can avail a songthaew, a truck-based vehicle which works both as a local bus as well as a taxi, or the famous Tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled vehicle. Taxis are relatively rare, though extremely convenient; if you happen to catch one, just don’t forget to insist on using the meter.
  • Thai currency is the baht, and be careful when dealing with 1000-baht notes as counterfeits are common. There are plenty of ATMs in all cities and large towns, though from August 2009 they have implemented a surcharge of 150 baht on use of foreign ATM cards.
  • Visitors are required to carry their passports with them at all times, while in Thailand.
  • Visitors who do not possess an adventurous palate need not worry as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and even The Pizza Company outlets can be found in all major cities and large towns.

McDonalds in Thailand

  • Tap water in Thailand may not be safe, so opt for bottled water instead.
  • Thailand follows its own Thai calendar apart from the Georgian calendar, which is 543 years ahead, so don’t get confused if you see uncommon dates.
  • It is a criminal offence to be critical or to make defamatory comments about the monarchy in Thailand. So don’t try to do it even as a joke.
  • Buddhism is a major religion in the country, and Buddhist monks are not allowed to come in physical contact with a woman, or even a man for that matter. Local buses sometimes have special seats for monks, tourists are advised to be mindful of this and avoid occupying these seats.
  • Littering and smoking in the streets are illegal; if you’re caught doing these, they will hit you with a heavy fine.

Medical tourism in Thailand is flourishing as this hospitable nation offers high-quality healthcare services at relatively cheap prices, and allows the people traveling here to indulge in a superb holiday time.

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