Dental Clinics in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the popular health and dental tourism destination among Americans. Dental clinics in Costa Rica are one of the best in the world and most of the clinics and have state-of-the-art technology along with modern dental treatment equipments.

Dental Clinics in Costa Rica

1. New Smile Dental, San Jose, Costa Rica

2. Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

3. Costa Rica Dentist

4. Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

5. Dental Tourism Costa Rica

6 . Doctors & Surgeons in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has so much to offer in tourism that you can enjoy eco-tourism, adventure tourism or just leisure travel alongwith the opportuity to get one of the best quality dental treatment services in the world at affordable costs.

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dentist in Costa Rica are highly experienced and most of them are trained in US, UK or other dental schools of same reputation in west. WHO (World Health Organization) has rated health care system in Costa Rica as one of the best in the world. Costa Rica has highest life expectancy rate in the world whereas infant mortality rate in the country is dropping.

Number of people visiting Costa Rica for medical tourism or dental treatment in increasing due to affordable prices and the fact that despite spending upon hotels, flights they still end up saving good amount of money. Cost savings in Costa Rica can be anywhere between 30 to 80% of what it cost in US.

Dental Work

Overview of Dental Clinics in Costa Rica

New Smile Dental Clinic is leading the growth of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica. More information can be obtained on the New Smile Dental Clinic web page.

Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is a dental clinic in Costa Rica offering wide variety of cosmetic and mouth restoration dental works. More information can be found at Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica page.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates medical treatments at leading hospitals in Costa Rica and around the world. Please fill out the Medical Questionniare on this page for more information & medical treatment quotes from these hospitals.

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