How Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC) Works

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Start by searching through our handpicked clinics in your favored medical destination. Once any clinic interests you and meets your needs, fill out the request quote form & get a free estimate.

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Discuss your needs with a consultant. They will help you plan your entire trip. From online consultations to the visit to your hospital/clinic, we have got you covered.

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When the plan is in place, all you need to do is pack, travel, and get treated. Also, when you’re back home and require any medical assistance, we are always there!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling abroad for a medical procedure can be safe if you research with due diligence!

At MTC (Medical Tourism Co.), we handle this research for you to ensure a seamless experience. Here's what we offer:

  • We partner with reputable hospitals/clinics worldwide known for serving international medical tourists.
  • The hospitals/clinics are situated in safe, well-populated areas adhering to strict sterilization and security protocols.
  • MTC maintains rigorous quality checks to ensure high standards of care.
  • Patient feedback is valued, enabling us to recommend the safest medical facilities.

With MTC, you can trust in the safety of your medical procedure abroad.

Additionally, conducting thorough research and remaining vigilant during your stay further ensures a smooth experience.

Many of our partnered hospitals offer excellent hotel recommendations nearby. Additionally, some provide discounted or complimentary stays for patients, along with perks like free pick-up and drop-off services and discount coupons for added convenience.

Moreover, there are various accommodation options available, including resorts and Airbnb.

With MTC, you can enjoy stress-free medical treatment and a seamless stay experience.

For travelers undergoing medical treatment abroad, it's advisable to have the following documents handy:

  • Photo ID
  • Passport
  • Visa (if required by the destination country)
  • Any other travel-related documents stipulated by the respective countries

Note that visa-free countries still have specific entry and exit requirements that should be carefully reviewed.

To ensure a smooth process, it's recommended to check the specific travel requirements for the country you are traveling to.

Additionally, for accurate quoting during the initial consultation, we encourage sharing any relevant medical documents such as X-rays, CT scans, and reports from your local doctors as soon as possible.

Our partner clinics accept various payment methods.

  • You can pay using cash, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, PayPal, and banker’s cheque.
  • Financing options are also available at selected hospitals for you.
  • Moreover, Care Credit is accepted by our providers in some countries.

You can schedule a call with us or request a quote for your preferred healthcare provider.

We will assign a medical tourism consultant to help you plan your entire medical tourism trip.

Yes, our doctors speak in English and they also have translators onboard to avoid any language barriers.

Our medical practitioners are accredited by their national healthcare authorities.

Moreover, many have pursued their education at renowned international institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, and New York University.

We diligently conduct background screenings to validate the doctor's credentials.

The decision to have a companion during your medical journey is entirely up to you.

Traveling with a friend or family member can add enjoyment especially if you plan to turn your trip into a vacation.

Additionally, having a trusted companion is advisable if you undergo treatment requiring general anesthesia for added support and safety.

At MTC, you benefit from having appointments pre-scheduled.

Unlike in Western nations where wait times can extend up to 6-8 months, you can usually secure an appointment date promptly with us.

We prioritize fixing your procedure date as soon as possible, sparing you from prolonged waiting and ensuring timely access to care.

Our medical facilities adhere to global sterilization standards.

Prior to interacting with patients, doctors and staff wear protective gloves and masks. Surfaces are disinfected using antibacterial solutions, and the equipment is sterilized.

We prioritize the use of internationally recognized sterilization techniques and equipment to uphold the highest levels of patient safety.

We do not charge any additional fees for our services.

Our goal is to make medical tourism accessible and affordable for everyone. You will only be responsible for the costs directly associated with your medical treatment and travel arrangements.

Yes, we facilitate direct communication between patients and doctors whenever possible.

Whether it's through in-person consultations or video calls, we prioritize open communication to ensure that your medical concerns are addressed.

In the meantime, you can ask your medical tourism consultants any questions related to logistics that you may have.