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Spine Centre in Barcelona – Spain

The Spine Centre in Barcelona, Spain we work with is one of the most preferred spinal surgery centres in Europe and in the world. Patients from different parts of the world travel to Europe to acquire their services, and to get rid of debilitating back pains after undergoing more conservative treatments with no results.

Leading Spine Surgery Centers in Spain

Spine surgeries such as cervical laminectomy and spinal fusion in Spain, Europe are offered at the following surgery centers:

Clinica Diagonal

A full-service hospital just about 5 minutes from downtown and which has been serving Barcelona for over 35 years. Clinica Diagonal, Barcelona features:

  • 6 state-of-the-art operation theaters
  • 24*7 consultation rooms
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Comfortable patient rooms with TV and Wi-Fi, and a la carte catering
  • Underground car parking

Centro Medico Teknon

Hospital Quirón Teknon is an all-encompassing Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited medical facility which has been serving Barcelona for over 22 years. Located in uptown Barcelona, the hospital features:

  • Well-lit, air-conditioned patient rooms with the required medical equipment
  • 20 operating theaters in which more than 20,000 surgical procedures are carried out annually
  • 24/7 Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Well-equipped modern diagnostic center
  • 24/7 emergency department
  • Comprehensive international patient program featuring:
    • Language interpreters for non-Spanish speaking individuals
    • Assistance in travel documents
    • Hotel bookings
    • Transport arrangements
    • Access to international TV channels and a lot more

Spinal Surgery in Spain

Back and spine surgery in Spain is now widely sought-after because of great reviews from previous patients of the spine center in Barcelona. Patients from around Europe, and even from the US and Canada, go to Spain to work with experienced spine surgeons working in modern facilities for very low costs.

What is Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgery may also be sometimes referred to as neck surgery or back surgery. It is mostly done to correct problems with the spine that may lead to constant pain that may become debilitating and draining to a sufferer. However, because of the delicacy of the spine and its structures, doctors don’t always recommend this readily, and instead choose to start with other options to try to cure the pain.

Reasons for doctors to start recommending surgery in the spine usually are:

  • The pain becoming too great that it limits a person from performing daily activities
  • The pain is becoming a constant presence in the person’s daily life
  • The patient has tried taking prescribed medications but they do not seem to help with lessening the intensity or frequency of the pain.
  • The patient has tried rehabilitative procedures like massages, physical therapy, and other means but they are still not able to help

Spine surgery is by no means done just to look for what is causing the pain. It is not done to explore the structure to find the problem areas and to fix them. All spine surgeries are done purposely and with a detailed plan beforehand, formulated by the spine surgeon and his team based on diagnostic procedures like MRIs and other evaluations done on the patient.

Spine Surgeons in Spain-Europe

In Spain, spine surgery is being performed by one of the top neurosurgeons in Europe and his team of spinal specialists. Traditionally, spine surgery is mostly performed by neurosurgeons, but orthopedic surgeons have also begun sub-specializing in spine surgery, and are now also qualified and certified to perform such procedures. The following are some points to consider when choosing between the two very qualified professionals:


  • Trained to diagnose and treat medical conditions of the brain, spine, nerves, and other structures in the cranial and spinal areas.
  • Some may choose to further concentrate just on brain, others on spine, and some can combine the two areas of interest in practicing their profession.

Orthopedic Surgeons

  • Trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal structures for disorders, anatomical deformities due to congenital defects, or trauma and injury.
  • Some orthopedic surgeons choose to specialize in spine surgery, and some also choose to deal with joint surgeries like hip, shoulder, or knee surgeries

Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon?

  • In trying to decide who to choose to perform spinal surgery, consider the area identified in the diagnostic procedures. One of the two may be better qualified or experienced in dealing with whatever structure is in need of repair or treatment.
  • A neurosurgeon may be more qualified to perform surgeries in the dura of the spinal cord, while an orthopedic surgeon would be better at performing procedures in the spinal bone structures itself, as in deformities like scoliosis for example.
  • The key in choosing the right medical professional is to consider their expertise and experience in doing whatever type of spinal surgery has to be performed for your specific condition.

The Spine Surgery Team in Barcelona

  • The Spine Center in Barcelona, Spain specializes in minimally-invasive spine surgery. This is a great break for those who can’t help but worry about the delicacy of the operation and the recovery process afterwards.
  • This innovative procedure ensures that surgeons are able to perform the surgery accurately without having to cut open the neck or back as in traditional surgeries.
  • It also means recovery time is shortened considerably, leaving the patient able to return to daily non-strenuous activities more quickly.
  • The spine center is equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies to help the spine surgery experts carry out their jobs with the best resources possible.
  • This additionally ensures that patients are diagnosed and treated as accurately as the latest advancements in science and technology will allow. They are continually updating their facilities and equipment in order to keep in constant alignment with changing times.

Spain Medical Tourism

The medical tourism industry in Spain is a booming industry that speaks well of the excellent quality of healthcare that it can offer not only to its citizens, but to other patients from around Europe as well. Even patients from other continents like North America and Asia have begun flocking to Spain in order to avail of its medical services.

Why Spain for Spine Surgery?

  • The Spanish neurosurgeons are experienced and have impeccable credentials.
  • The medical facilities are excellent and advanced.
  • The medical team can understand and speak English very well, and are used to serving international patients from all over the world.
  • The cost is lower compared to what the same procedure will cost in countries like the US, UK, and others, with the same excellent quality.
  • The tourist attractions scattered all over Barcelona and other Spanish cities and towns.

Tips for Planning a Medical Trip to Spain

For patients who are interested in Spain for spine surgery, here are some tips to make sure that the trip goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Try to contact a reputable medical tourism industry and see which doctors and spine centers they are working with. Usually good ones will have access to packages that will cost less than if you were to pay for lab tests, doctor fees, surgical fees, and other medical procedures separately.
  • Medical tourism agencies will also have recommendations as to affordable hotels and even transportation services for airport-hotel-hospital transfers and vice versa.
  • Inform the agency or the spine center about other plans while in Spain, so that your itinerary can be adjusted based on your preferred activities. Your doctor will also be able to tell you about which activities can be done before and after the procedure, so you can choose those that you can do without putting yourself at risk.

Going to another country for surgery does not have to be stressful and put much strain on your pockets and budget. Numerous options are available so that patients can be able to enjoy their trip while being there for a major medical procedure like spine surgery. The Spine Centre in Barcelona, Spain is an excellent choice when it comes to getting excellent-quality services for very affordable prices.

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