Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Las Vegas

The popular opinion is that weight loss surgery in the US can cost a fortune. What if we told you that we have an affordable option for you?

Gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas can help you shed the extra pounds and be light on your pocket at the same time.

Often, people from Portland travel to Nevada to fix their weight loss woes.

You will be amazed to see these transformations post gastric sleeve:

Redefine your figure at low cost

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Body Transformation After Gastric Sleeve

Before & After: Gastric Sleeve in Woman

Body Transformation After Gastric Sleeve

Before & After: Gastric Sleeve in Man

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Las Vegas

Gastric sleeve in Las Vegas will cost you around $9,995 compared to $23,000 in the US states. This price difference will help you save 55% on your weight loss procedure.

Check out the table below for a cost comparison of gastric sleeve procedures at different locations.

Cost Comparison of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Location Cost of Procedure
Las Vegas (<45 BMI) $9,995
Las Vegas (>45 BMI) $13,995
Canada $20,000
USA $23,000
*Prices are case dependent

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Next, let’s look at why it’s worth getting your surgery in Las Vegas. 

Why Go For Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Las Vegas?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular bariatric procedure worldwide. 70% of the initial procedures are performed in the USA.[1]Research Gate
Why We Think Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Is a Good Operation
“Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is currently the most frequent primary bariatric procedure performed worldwide.1 In the United States, 75% of all primary bariatric procedures are sleeve gastrectomies (SGs).”
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Get Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas

Get Treatment in Your Country

Surgery in Las Vegas saves the hassle of arranging a visa and tickets to travel to another country for your surgery.

Treatment in USA

Affordable Surgery

You can get cheap gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas and save up to 55% of the costs in Portland, OR and other US states. However, the low costs will not affect the quality of your treatment.

Affordable treatment

Experienced Surgeon

Surgeons in Las Vegas are highly skilled and board-certified. With an experience of 20+ years and more than 600 operations, you can trust that you’d be in safe hands.

Experienced Surgeons

Why Vegas is A Top Destination for Medical Tourism?

Do you wish to learn more about your bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas? Check out his work profile in the next section. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Las Vegas

Doctor Details
Dr. Bernie Hanna | Best Bariatric Surgeon in Las Vegas

Dr. Bernie Hanna


22+ years of experience




  • The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons
  • Nevada State Medical Association
Other details

  • Performed 100+ surgeries
  • Involved in research related to bariatric surgery
  • Presented many papers on a global level
  • Received “Top Surgeon” honors
  • Received “Top Doctor” award

Dr. Bernie Hanna’s Credentials

Learning what the surgery entails can help you prepare for it. Read ahead to understand the steps of the surgery.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually done as a minimally invasive procedure under general anesthesia.

1. The surgeon will make small incisions on your abdomen.
2. A laparoscope and other tools are inserted.
3. The surgeon will divide your stomach into two equal parts.
4. Almost 80% of the outer curved part of your stomach will be removed.
5. The remaining 20% will be stapled together.

As a final result, you’ll have a banana-shaped stomach. Further, this will limit your calorie intake and aid in weight loss.

 Source: Healthline[2]Healthline
What to Know About Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery
“Gastric sleeve surgery is almost always done as a minimally invasive procedure using a laparoscope. This means a long, thin tube is inserted into your abdomen through several small incisions…”
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What to Expect After Gastric Sleeve in Las Vegas

Guidelines for the follow-up of patients undergoing gastric sleeve in Las Vegas

Gastric Sleeve Las Vegas Reviews

A Happy Patient After Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Las Vegas
“Because of my surgery, I have corrected the majority of my breathing problems, energy level raised, and all around I am much more healthier. My self-esteem is raised. Excellent, professional, kind & caring staff.”
-Denise (Google Rating 5.0)
“They helped me with my weight loss goals, and now I have dropped unwanted pounds and am back to feeling healthy and beautiful like my younger years again! Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
-Sheena (Google Rating 5.0)

Is It Safe To Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Las Vegas?

The patient’s safety is our top priority. However, we advise that you do thorough research about the hospital and the doctor you’re considering.

Here are a few things to remember.

  • Accreditation of the clinic or hospital
  • Qualifications of the doctor
  • Brands and technology used for treatment
  • Patient reviews and testimonials 

How To Reach Las Vegas?

Reaching Las Vegas, Nevada, is quite easy as the city is connected to all the major US cities, such as Portland, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

You can either drive down or fly in, as per your convenience.

Traveling to Las Vegas via Road

Reaching Las Vegas via Road
Origin Distance Duration
Los Angeles, California 270 m 4h 08m
Portland, Oregon 300 m 4h 43m
Phoenix, Arizona 300 m 4h 43m
Salt Lake City, Utah 421 m 6h

Traveling to Las Vegas via Air

Las Vegas has an international airport, and you can easily fly in and out of the city.

Flight Duration to Las Vegas
Origin Duration
Portland 2h 09m
Chicago 3h 40m
Toronto 4h 35m
Orlando 4h 50m
New York 5h 15m


How much is gastric sleeve in Las Vegas?

The cost of a gastric sleeve in Las Vegas is around $9,995 for people with <45 BMI and $13,995 for >45 BMI. The same procedure costs $23,000 in other states in the US.

Hence, you save 50-60% of the cost in most US states!

How much weight qualifies for gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery is for patients who are obese and have a BMI of more than 40 and have no coexisting illness.

Other than that, patients with a BMI of 35-39.9 can also qualify if they have at least one obesity-related illness such as hypertension, diabetes, joint pains, etc.[3]Semantic Scholar
Summary of Bariatric Surgery Guideline of the Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey
“Refer to Table 1.The Candidates for Bariatric Surgery”
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What is a typical diet after gastric sleeve?

After gastric sleeve surgery, you can start with a liquid or soft diet for the initial days. Afterwards, the consistency of the food can be increased gradually during the first few weeks.[4]Springer Link
Diet Approach Before and After Bariatric Surgery
“Therefore, in order to avoid or minimize regurgitation and vomiting, most post-operative nutritional protocols suggest a liquid or very soft diet in the first days after surgery and a very gradual increase in food consistency in the first post-operative weeks.”
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Can my insurance cover the costs of gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas?

Yes, our provider accepts most insurances. Also, they can assist with the necessary paperwork.

Final Word

Solve your weight problems with a safe, affordable gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas. Therefore, the procedure can help you save up to 60% of the cost in other cities in the US.

We at MTC can help you plan your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Interested? Feel free to contact us and book an appointment now.


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