Below are resumes of the doctors in India who are part of our network. Medical Tourism Corporation strives to work with Hospitals that have the best physicians, specialists & surgeons.

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Organ Transplant
Dr. Vijay Kher
25 years of experience in the field of Nephrology & Renal Transplant Medicine
Dr Haresh Dodeja
Special interest in kidney transplant in obstetric practice. Educated in India and the UK.
Dr. S K Mathur
GI specialist, Liver transplant surgeon In India.
Orthopedic Surgeon India
Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
Performed over 9950 arthroscopies and over 3200 arthroplasties and over 100 MIS Total Knee Replacement Surgeries.
Dr. Vivek Sharma
Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgeon currently practicing in Gurgaon, India. His areas of special interest include Joint Replacement Arthroplasties and Sports Injury Management.
Dr. Harshavardhan K Hegde
Orthopedic Consultant in Gurgaon, India. Area of expertise is Spine Surgery and he has been trained on all complex surgeries of spine at various International Locations.
Dr P Suryanarayana
Dr Suryanarayanan has had extensive education and experience in India and abroad, expert in primary and revision joint replacement.
Dr. Kaushal Malhan
Orthopedics (specialist in hip resurfacing, hip & knee replacement). Has trained in India & has seven years of training & working experience in the UK. Dr. Malhan has performed hundreds of hip resurfacing & joint replacement surgeries. He also has several medical publications to his credit.
Dr. Sanjay Pai
Orthopedics (specialist in joint replacement, hip & knee revision surgery expert). Has trained in India, USA, UK & Australia.
Dr Sanjay Dhar
Dr Sanjay Dhar is well known spine & hip surgeon doing reconstructive spine & hip surgeries. He also loves to do complex Trauma (Orthopedic).
Dr. Hitesh Kubadia
Orthopaedic Surgeon from India, who is trained in the Conventional & Navigated Knee replacement surgeries and also knows the art of getting alignments of Total Knee Replacements as good as computer navigation without using computers.
Dr. Kaustubh Ravindra Durve
Dr. Kaustubh Ravindra Durve is an Orthopaedic Surgeon from India, who specializes in general orthopaedic & trauma surgery.
Dr. Mahadev Jatti
Dr. Mahadev Jatti is an orthopedic surgeon who has more than 15 years of surgical experience. He has performed over 2000 arthroscopic reconstructions, joint replacements and other major orthopedic procedures.
Dr. Mahesh Reddy
Dr. Mahesh Reddy is an orthopaedic surgeon from India who specializes in the area of shoulder surgery. He received the “Bharat Jyothi” Award in 2008 for excellence in the field of medicine.
Dr. Gautam Gopalrow Kodikal
Dr. Gautam Gopalrow Kodikal is an orthopedic surgeon from India. He has done around 300 Total Knee Replacemnets and more than 100 Revisional Total Knee Replacements.
Dr. Narendra Rangappa
Dr. Narendra Rangappa is an Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon from India. He took training in joint replacement from Germany.
Dr. Punam Bajaj
Radiologist in Gurgaon, India. She has been very active in the field of Radiodiagnosis and has served in several prestigious hospitals across India.
Dr. Devlina Chakravarty
Radiologist specializing in Diagnostic Radiology. She has trained and gained experience at various International Locations. Areas of special interest include USG and CT-PET.
Dr. Suruchi Chopra
Radiologist specializing in Radio-diagnosis, General Radiology, Ultrasounds, Color Doppler, CT Scans, etc.
Dr. Kailash Patel
Dr. Kailash Patel is practicing as a Consultant Radiologist in Gurgaon, India. His areas of interest include Vascular & Non Vascular Interventions, MRI & CT imaging.
Dr. Punam Bajaj
Radiologist in Gurgaon, India. She has been very active in the field of Radiodiagnosis and has served in several prestigious hospitals across India.
Dr. Devlina Chakravarty
Radiologist specializing in Diagnostic Radiology. She has trained and gained experience at various International Locations. Areas of special interest include USG and CT-PET.
Dr. Suruchi Chopra
Radiologist specializing in Radio-diagnosis, General Radiology, Ultrasounds, Color Doppler, CT Scans, etc.
ENT Surgeon
Dr Sanjay Sachdeva
ENT – Head & Neck Surgery.
Dr Lalit Mohan Parashar
Dr. Lalit Mohan Parashar is MS (Otorhinolaryngology). He is a National Talent Search Scholar and performs Endoscopic sinus surgery, Micro Ear surgery, Laryngeal Surgeries.
Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy
Ear, Nose and Throat specialist from India, involved in the management of routine ENT cases, thyroid diseases, vertigo management & more.
Eye Surgeon ( Ophthalmologist)
Dr. Jayant Shah
Opthalmic surgeon(Cataract & Refractive Specialist) practising in Mumbai, India. Dr. Jayant Shah has performed over 60,000 Ophthalmic Surgeries.
Dr. Tripti Arora Mongia
Dr. Tripti Arora Mongia is an accomplished eye surgeon in Mumbai, Indio who specializes in Cataract, Refractive Surgery , Lasik Surger & Medical Retina.
Dr. Savita Shah
Ophthalmologist (Cataract & Squint specialist) in India. Dr. Savita Shah has performed more than 1000 squint surgeries and is an expert in Surgical Management of Squint.
Dr. Anita Sethi
Dr. Anita Sethi, MD (Ophthalmology) – Expert in anterior segment surgery especially Phacoemulsification surgery and LASIK.
Dr. Deepak Sarin
Oncologist currently practicing in Gurgaon, India. Possesses vast experience and skill in Head and Neck Surgeries as well as Skull Base Surgeries.
Dr. Rajinder Kaur Saggu
A surgical oncologist from India, currently practicing in New Delhi. Holds vast experience in breast cancer as well as gynecology surgery.
Dr. Ashok K. Vaid
Medical Oncology Consultant in Gurgaon, India. An experienced and renowned Oncologist, he has authored several publications, research papers and abstracts.
Dr. Tejinder Kataria
Radiation Oncology Consultant in Gurgaon, India. Leading expert in radiotherapy techniques including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy.
Dr S M Bose
General & Laparascopic surgeon. Extensive experience in breast cancer surgery, thyroid and other endocrine organs, colo-rectal, gastro-intestinal, bariatric hepatobiliary, pancreatic, soft tissue surgery.
Dr Laleng Mawia Darlong
Oncologist in India:Dr Laleng Mawia Darlong is a well known Oncologist in India. He is also famous for Thoracic Surgery. Major Procedures done by Dr Darlong are EVLT, Cryosurgery, Needleoscopy for Hyperhydrosis and advanced NUSS procedure for pectus excavatum.
Cosmetic Surgeons in India
Dr K Ramachandran
Trained in the United States, France, and Germany. Expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon in India.
Dr. Rashmi Taneja
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon currently practicing in Gurgaon, India. She has trained and gained experience at various international locations. Has extensive experience in the fields of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
Dr. Manish Patel
Cosmetic Surgeon India. Expert in the field of cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring liposuction abdomen, thighs, hips, male breast (gynaecomastia), eye lid surgery and rhinoplasty.
Dr. Mukund Jagannathan
Renowned Plastic surgeon from India. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Indian Society of Cleft lip, palate and Craniofacial anomalies.
Dr. Ajay Kashyap
Plastic Surgeon from India who performs Minimal Access and Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.
Dr. Paresh Doshi
Consultant neurosurgeon in India, is highly experienced in performing Parkinson’s disease interventions, surgeries for movement disorders and intractable epilepsies.
Dr. Sumit Singh
Main areas of interest are Movement disorders, headache and Neuromuscular disorders.
Dr Sajan Hegde
MBBS, M.S.(Ortho), acclaimed internationally as an expert spine surgeon.
Dr. Ajaya Nand Jha
M.S. (Surgery), F.R.C.S. and F.R.C.S. (Surgical Neurology) from UK
Dr. Rajesh Misra 
 currently practicing in Gurgaon, India, Dr. Rajesh Misra is well trained to handle all type of cases with special preference for Pediatrics and Neurosurgery.
Dr. Saroha 
in Gurgaon, India. Specializes in Brain Trauma Surgery, Brain Tumor Surgery, Neuro-Oncology and Spine Surgery, among others.
Dr K N Krishna
Neorosurgery (Minimally invasive, microscopic cervical, thoracic and lumbar discectomies, Degenerative surgeries like microforaminotomies, lysthesis correction and stabilization, lamino plasty & more) Has presented and published over 40 scientific papers in the field of neuro surgery in the national and international forum and indexed medical journals.
Dr Vikas Gupta
Speciality interest in – Cerebro Vascular, Neuro Endovascular Surgery, Neurintervention & Spine Surgery. Has Many Internation and National publications.
Dr Ashok Hande
Dr Ashok Hande is an accomplished Neurosurgeon in India. He has also taken training in X –knife radiosurgery in radionics at Boston ,USA.
Dr A K Singh
Dr A K Singh is a well-known Neurosurgeon of India. He has numerous scientific articles to his credit and is the author of three textbooks on Neurosurgery, which are widely read in India and abroad.
Dental Surgeon
Dr Manoj Rajan
Expert in detnal Implants & Prosthodontics.
Dr. Aashish R Shah
MS, DNB, FRCS (Glasgow) Consultant Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgeon
Dr. Ramcharan Thiagarajan
MS (Living Liver And Paediatric Liver Transplant), FACS Consultant, GI And Laparoscopic Surgery
Dr. Deep Goel 
Minimal Invasive and Gastro Intestinal Surgeon
. Trained and experienced at institutes in England. Has authored number of publications, research papers and abstracts.
Dr. Surya P Potharaju
Nuclear Medicine Consultant in Gurgaon, India. Trained and gained experience in American institutes. Specializes in Positron Emission Tomography and PET-CT.
Dr. Haimanti Sarin 
Consultant Pathologist
 in Gurgaon India. Has valuable experience in the fields of Cytopathology and Immunohistochemistry.
Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh
Lifestyle Management Expert, Psychologist & Stress Counselor and Homeopathic Physician.
Dr. Sunil Prakash 
Consultant Nephrologist
 in Gurgaon, India. Specializes in intensive care of patients requiring dialysis and management of renal transplant patients.
Dr. Uma Chaturvedi
Pathology Consultant in Gurgaon, India. Specializes into field of surgical pathology with special reference to tumor pathology and immunohistochemistry.
Dr. Vishal Sehgal Classified Emergency Specialist.
Involved in some very complex case management of mass casualties, polytrauma, cardiac and non-cardiac emergencies.
Dr. Vivek Nangia
TB & Respiratory Diseases. One of the very few qualified Infectious Diseases Specialist in the country. Have successfully completed a Diploma in Infectious Diseases from London University, UK.
Dr. P N Kakar
Dr. P N Kakar core areas of specialization are anaesthesia for joint replacement surgeries, obstetric analgesia (walking epidurals), regional anaesthesia, and post operative analgesia.
Dr Anoop Misra
Dr Anoop Misra is a specialist in Diabetes, Obesity, Lipid Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome. He is a WHO Expert Committee Member on Childhood Obesity and Obesity in Indians.
Dr Sabyasachi Bal
Dr Sabyasachi Bal has trained in Thoracic surgery in AIIMS, New Delhi and in the UK at the South West Regional Thoracic Surgery Unit at Bristol and at the Brompton Chest Hospital, London.
Dr Hemant Tewari
Dr Hemant Tewari is a consultant in Pulmonology and Medical Intensive Care MBBS, MD.
Dr Mrinal Sircar
Dr Mrinal Sircar is a renowned Pulmonologist of India. He brings with him 26 years of rich professional experience. Special Interest: Bronchoscopy, critical care research and teaching.
Dr. Rajeev Sood
A urologist from India, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of urology and has more than 800 renal transplant surgeries to his credit.
Dr. Vineet Malhotra
Dr. Vineet Malhotra is a well known Urologist and Andrologist from India.
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Obesity Surgeon in India
Dr. Sandeep Malhotra
Bariatric and General Surgery Consultant
. He has performed over 500 cases of bariatric surgery including Laparoscopic Bypass, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Lap Banding.
Dr Rajkumar Palaniappan
Consutant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Minimal Access & Obesity Surgeon in India.
Dr. Ramen Goel
Bariatric Surgery (gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass [Roux-en-Y], intra gastric balloons). Among the top bariatric surgeons. Extensive international (including USA) teaching & surgery experience. Performed hundreds of surgeries. Located in Mumbai, India.
Dr Randeep Wadhawan 
Leading Laproscopic Surgeon The procedures being done routinely are Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB) , Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Gastric bypass. The results are comparable with the best in the world.
Dr Pradeep K Jain
Dr. Jain’s areas of expertise include all kinds of Hepatobiliary pancreatic Surgery , Laparoscopic GI Surgery and G I Oncosurgery and Bariatric Surgery.
Dr. M.G. Bhat
Dr. M.G. Bhat, Bariatric Surgeon from India, has special interest in surgical gastroenterology, especially hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery and laparoscopic surgery.
Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh
Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, Bariatric surgeon from India, has special training in laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. Her areas of interest include Gastro-Intestinal Onco Surgery, Breast Diseases, Colorectal Surgeries & more.
Dr. Sabhyata Gupta Vaid
OBGYN currently practicing in Gurgaon, India. She has special interest in Gynec Oncology, Endoscopic Surgery and Treatment of Infertility.
Dr. Meena Naik
OBGYN Consultant with special interest in areas of Laparoscopic Gynec and Vaginal Surgeries.
Dr. Meenakshi Ahuja 
OBGYN Consultant
 Expertise in Management of Infertility & Complicated Antenatal Patients & Deliveries.
Dr. Neena Singh
OBGYN ConsultantHer special interest is in High Risk Obstetrics & Gynaec Endoscopy Surgery.
Dr. Sonu Agarwal 
OBGYN Consultant
Trained in Level – II Laparoscopic surgery – Laparoscopic assisted vaginal Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic ovarian cyctectomy, laparoscopic oophorectomy
Dr Pranay Ramnik Shah
Dr. Pranay Ramnik Shah is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist from India. His special interest is in Gynecological Urology and Fertility enhancing endoscopic surgeries.
Dr. Malvika Sabharwal
Dr. Malvika Sabharwal (Padmashree Awardee), is a Gynaecologist & Obstetrician from India. She completed her Hysteroscopy training with Dr. Wamsteker in Netherlands and Laparoscopic training with Dr. Adam Magos in the UK.
Dr. Jaya Bhat
Dr. Jaya Bhat is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from India. She was the founder Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India from 1991 to March 2007.
Heart/Cardiac Doctors & Surgeons
Dr Shantesh Kaushik
Trained in USA, Australia and India, in the field of Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeries.
Dr Naresh Trehan
Has performed more than 48,000 heart surgeries. Considered to be one of the most successful heart surgeon in India
Dr. Rakesh Rai Sapra 
Consultant Cardiologist
, Dr. Sapra has independently performed over 5000 vascular interventions including coronary angioplasties, balloon valvotomies, peripheral angioplasties and congenital interventions. Areas of interest include Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology.
Dr. Jas Katariya
Consultant Anesthesiologist in Gurgaon, India. Actively involved in complex case management and care of cardiac, thoracic and vascular patients.
Dr. Sangeeta Khanna
Consultant Anesthesiologist in Gurgaon, India. She is trained to handle all types of Cardiac Surgeries.
Dr. Madhukar Shahi
Renowned Cardiologist currently practicing in Gurgaon, India. Has received special training in Interventional Cardiology.
Dr. Kushagra Katariya 
CEO of leading hospital in Gurgaon, India. A Cardiothoracic Surgeon
, with special interest and vast experience in Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart Transplants and Lung Transplants.
Dr. Ashutosh Shukla
An experienced Cardiologist and Senior Internal Medicine Consultant in Gurgaon, India. He has been the author of many research papers and has made scientific presentations at various conferences and workshops and India as well as International Locations.
Dr. Arun Kumar Chopra
Interventional Cardiology Consultant with a special focus on and experience in Coronary and Non-Coronory diagnostic procedures and Electrophysiology.
Dr V Subhash Chandra
Specialization in non-coronary interventional procedures, device closures and endovascular repairs. Educated in India and in the UK.
Dr Vivek Jawali 
Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
 Performed the world’s first awake open heart surgery and more than 18,000 cardiac surgeries.
Dr T S Kler 
Cardiac Sciences
-Dr. Kler has personally trained over 100 cardiologists in India to perform advanced techniques of Electrophysiology.He is a very active interventional cardiologist and has performed more than 5000 coronary, renal & peripheral angioplasties.
Dr Y K Mishra
Has operated over 7000 cardiovascular cases so far and has special interest in Angioplasty and Pacemaker Installation.
Dr Z S Meharwal
He is one of the few surgeons performing very complicated surgeries likeCoronary Artery Bypass Surgery , Replacement of aorta for aortic aneurysms and dissections.
Dr Mahesh Kumar Singh
MS, DNB, MCH (CVTS). He is a renowned Cardiovascular Surgeon of India.
Dr Sandip K Rane
Dr Sandip K Rane is an accomplished Interventional Cardiologist in India. He has experience in performaing complex Angioplasties like Carotid Angioplasty, Renal Angioplasty and Chronic Total Occlusions.
Dr Upendra Kaul
Dr Upendra Kaul is an accomplished Cardiologist in India. He held the post of Director, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at Batra Hospital, New Delhi.
Dr Ashok Seth
Dr Ashok Seth has performed more than 50,000 Angiograms and 20,000 Angioplasties in his career. He has contributed significantly to the growth, development and scientific progress of Interventional Cardiology in Asia Pacific.

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