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Medical Tourism – Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico has been popular trend for many years. Many Americans choose to travel south of the border for affordable medical care, and rich Mexicans travel to the USA for advanced medical treatments.

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Medical Tourism in Mexico

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Private hospitals in Mexico are growing by double digit after years of stunted growth. The hospital & medical clinic construction boom has been in small clinics & surgery centers, as well as big high quality hospitals.

A number of factors are fueling this healthcare related construction; a big increase in demand from medical tourists who travel south for affordable treatment, an increasing number of Mexican middle class opting for private health care and a growing health insured population in Mexico to name a few.

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Growth of Medical Tourism in Mexico

There are many reasons for the increase in number of people prepared to get medical treatments like heart surgery, dental work, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic treatments and weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Some new hospitals are state-of-the-art & can be compared to the best in the world. The development of medical tourism in Mexico has reinforced patient confidence in Mexican hospitals, and many of them get large numbers of foreign patients. In addition to the price, what attracts patients to Mexico is the experience of the doctors. In case of many medical procedures, the Mexican doctors have more experience than US doctors, as either the procedure has not yet been approved in the USA by the FDA or has only recently been approved.

Besides, traveling to Mexico is quite convenient for Americans and Canadians as the distance is less and there are frequent flights to major cities. Many Americans choose to get their weight loss surgeries and dental implants in US-Mexico border areas, where they can conveniently travel by road, and sometimes, return the same day.

A 2009 study by UCLA researchers and colleagues revealed that almost a million people from California alone go south of the border to seek medical care in Mexico each year.

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Language Tips for Medical Tourists in Mexico

Spanish is the commonly used language in Mexico. Doctors and nurses, who regularly deal with medical tourists, are usually comfortable with English. In case there is any language barrier, language interpreters can be arranged. However, knowledge of the common Spanish terms should be of help, when you hit the Mexican streets.

Here is a list of some words that you may have to use in Mexico:

English Spanish Pronunciation
Yes Si See
No No Noh
Please Por Favor Pohr Fah-Bohr
Thank You Gracias Grah-see-ahs
You’re Welcome De Nada Day-Nah-That
Sorry lo siento Low see-en-toe
Hello/Hi hola OH-lah
Do you speak English? Habla inglés? Ah-bla een-Glays
I don’t understand no entiendo Noh ayn-Teeyan-doh
What is your name? Cómo se llama? Koh-moh say yah-mah
My name is… mi nombre es … Mee Nohm-bray ays…
Where is/are… Donde está/están…? DOHN-day ays-TAH /ays-Than
When? Cuando? Kwahn-doh
Can you help me? Puede ayudarme? Pway-day ah-yoo-Dahr-may
I don’t know No sé Noh say

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Mexico Medical Tourism: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Anyone going to Mexico for healthcare services must be prepared to adjust his/her system to the changes in climate and altitude. It is advisable to have plenty of fluids, and drink only distilled or bottled water.
  • Remember to take along your casual clothes, comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion, especially if you intend to go there during the summer months.
  • When traveling to a foreign land, your passport is possibly the most important document. One must keep the passport and other important travel documents safe with them. As a further precaution, you could scan and save them in your email, so you can access them even if you lose the documents somewhere.
  • Nuevo Peso (N$) is the official Mexican currency; it is available in denominations of 20, 50 and 100.
  • The US dollar is widely accepted, but carrying the Mexican peso would be safe so you can make small purchases and give tips, where required. Banks in Mexico operate Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 P.M.  Foreign currency can be exchanged from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M in the banks.
  • You may also exchange at the casas de cambio (exchange houses), which usually offer quicker service and stay operate longer than the banks.
  • Visa, Master Card, American Express and other major credit cards are accepted. Those intending to rely on their plastic money are advised to inform their credit card company in advance. A fraud safety block by may otherwise render your card useless in Mexico.
  • Do not flaunt cash and jewelry – if not important, your valuables are best left at home.
  • If you intend to drive down to Mexico, check with your auto insurance provider in advance as most refuse to provide coverage in a foreign country.
  • Auto insurance is also available on both sides of the border crossings.
  • However, driving in another country may not be safe as traffic rules are different and the roadside signs may be difficult to read.
  • If you plan to rent a car, you may book the vehicle before leaving home so as to ensure it is available when you get there. Booking in advance will also help you get a good rate.
  • A valid driver’s license will be required. Also, the person who rents the car should be atleast 25 years of age.

Medical Tourism Co. works with reputed hospitals in various Mexican cities and facilitates a wide range of medical and dental treatments in Mexico at affordable prices.

Hospital Angeles is the largest chain of hospitals in Mexico. They have recently opened two state of the art hospitals in border towns of Ciudad Juarez & Tijuana. Both these hospitals have been planned keeping medical travelers from the USA in mind. For more information visit the Hospital Angeles web site.

CIMA Hospitals in Mexico are owned by a leading health care company in the USA. With most of the top management from the USA, it is part of eight ultra modern hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica & Brazil.

Star Medica hospital in Ciudad Juarez is part of Grupo Star Medica the fastest growing hospital chain in Mexico.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates low cost medical treatments in Mexico. Request a quote using the form on your right for more information.

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