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Breast Augmentation in Tijuana – Mexico


Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery aimed at enhancing the size of naturally small breasts. It is also used to return back the volume lost in the breasts following pregnancy.

After Breast Augmentation


Your breast augmentation procedure in Tijuana, a Mexican border town, would cost you the following:

Breast Augmentation$3,500
Breast Lift with Implants$5,200

Note – For the latest prices and specials, fill our online quote form as the above-mentioned prices are subject to change without any prior notification.

Advantages of having Breast Surgery in Tijuana

  • Pay only 30-40% of the US prices by having breast augmentation in the Mexican border town.
  • Geographical proximity of the border town to San Diego, CA allows medical tourists to save on both travel expenses and time.
  • No waiting periods involved.
  • No language impediments as we work with English-speaking plastic surgeons.
  • No feeling of being in a foreign country as the Mexican border town is quite Americanized.
  • Proximity of TJ to an American airport, the San Diego airport, which makes getting there easy.
  • Culturally not very different from that of the United States.

Profile of the Plastic Surgeon

We’ve compiled in brief the credentials of the plastic surgeon that will perform your breast implant surgery in Tijuana.

  • US-trained
  • Plastic surgery fellowship from the Stanford Medical Center (1996)
  • 90% of his patients are Americans
  • Diplomas in micro and reconstructive surgery from the San Diego School of Medicine, Davies Medical Center (San Francisco, Ca.), and the Stanford Medical Center
  • Memberships: Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, Association of Plastic Surgeons of Jalisco, Association of Plastic Surgery of Baja California, Iberoamerican Federation of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation Packages for Tijuana

Our typical packages include the following:

  • Visa and passport expedite
  • All kinds of travel assistance
  • Assistance in tourism activities if required
  • Pre- and post-ops
  • Surgeon and his team’s fees
  • Pick-up services
  • Assistance in shopping around for the cheapest airfares and ticket bookings
  • Services of a destination manager

We also provide easy financing options and accept credit cards.

Abraham Lincoln's Statue on a Roundabout in Tijuana


Watch a video (by clicking on the hyperlink) in which Helen from England gives a detailed review of breast surgery in Mexico.

“I had an amazing experience. The only thing I regret is waiting so long to take the decision. – Helen, England

Breast Augmentation Explained

  • Breast augmentation involves placing breast implants to make the boobs fuller and to correct them for any asymmetries.
  • The procedure makes smaller breasts bigger.
  • It also adds volume to breasts which have lost their perkiness following pregnancy and weight loss.
  • If you suffer from severe sagging, you might be recommended to go in for a breast lift surgery along with implants.
  • After administration of general anesthesia, the surgeon will make incisions in those parts of the breast which will minimize visibility of scars.
  • The surgeon will then put in a silicone or a saline breast implant either beneath the pectoral muscles or above them, depending upon certain considerations.
  • One can make out the results immediately after the surgery.

Who makes a Good Candidate for Surgery?

You make a good candidate for breast augmentation procedure if you:

  • Have good physical health
  • Have fully-developed breasts
  • Are conscious of your breast-size
  • Have lost shape and volume in breasts after pregnancy, breast-feeding or weight loss
  • Have asymmetrical breasts
  • Suffer from abnormal development of one or both the breasts

Tips on Traveling to Mexico

  • The best border crossing times at the San Ysidro border in San Diego are weekday mornings. Border wait times range from a half an hour to an hour.
  • For patients traveling from northern parts of the United States, your plane will likely land at the Tijuana International Airport (IATA Code – Tij).
  • Make sure to bring your passport with you for when you return to the United States.
  • It is advised that you travel with a companion for safety, especially if you are planning to venture out after dark.
  • Keep your valuables in your hotel safe if you are traveling around the city.
  • Keep your wallet as close to you as possible to avoid pickpockets.

Breast implant surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is a popular option for medical tourists looking for treatments that are easy-on-the-pocket. In addition to the low cost plastic surgery, foreign patients will benefit from the warm weather and the sunny beaches.

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