BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Weight loss procedures cost quite a buck if you don’t have insurance.

In such a case, it’s helpful to look for options abroad, like, the BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.

It is a less invasive and reversible procedure that can help fight stubborn obesity.

This post explores BariClip (aka GastriClip) surgery, its pros and cons, and if it is a good option for you.

Ditch the extra weight in Mexico!

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Bariclip Before & After
Happy Patients Post Their Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Why Choose BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

Here are some reasons to choose BariClip WLS in Mexico –

1. Easy to Qualify

In the US, the candidate is disqualified from weight loss surgery (WLS) if there’s a family history of lung disease or previous drug addiction.

Mexico has less-restrictive qualifications.

2. Affordable All-inclusive Packages

In the US, you have to pay for all doctor consultations prior to the surgery.

On the other hand, with medical tourism in Mexico, you can get an all-inclusive package for surgery, recovery, and consultations.

What’s more, the all-inclusive package costs $6,900! In the US, you can expect to pay $15,000 for the surgery alone.

3. High Standard of Care

Many hospitals (in Mexico) that receive medical tourists are accredited by international or local medical boards.

These help to set the same standard of care, so you get treatment on par with the US hospital experience.

4. An Added Vacation!

Since BariClip surgery is minimally invasive, you may not be required to stay at the hospital.
You can use this time to explore the new city!

What is the BariClip? 

The BariClip (also known as gastric clip) is a silicone-coated titanium device inserted laparoscopically.

The titanium layer is rigid, while the silicone layer is smooth and provides comfort.

Once placed, the clip creates a narrow vertical section of the stomach, thereby reducing food capacity.

This allows the person to feel ‘fuller’ faster.

There is no stapling, cutting, or removal of the stomach.

Bariclip Device

The digestive anatomy stays intact, and hence, BariClip WLS is reversible. The procedure of the surgery is as follows:

BariClip WLS

BariClip WLS Procedure

Step 1: Initial preparations like injecting local anesthesia are made.

Step 2: The surgeon makes small incisions near the belly button.

Step 3: Hollow surgical instruments called trocars are inserted through these incisions.

Trocars allow the surgeon access to the abdominal cavity.

Step 4: The bariatric surgeon calibrates the size of the new stomach and places the BariClip.

Step 5: Any required adjustments are made and the BariClip is closed.

Step 6: Sutures are applied at the point where the clip and stomach wall meet to prevent slippage.

The pressure from the clip segments the stomach into two: the inner section with reduced stomach volume and the unused section. This is called gastroplasty.

Step 7: Follow-up with the doctor to monitor recovery.

Video Courtesy: Dr. Patrick Noel

Pros & Cons of BariClip WLS in Mexico

You can look at the following benefits of BariClip surgery:

✔️ Reversible procedure

✔️ Long-lasting weight loss[1]NIH
Gastric Clip Clinical Trial Results
“Weight loss is progressive and long-lasting post-operatively”
View in Article

✔️ Anatomy of the stomach and intestines do not change

✔️ Reduced post-surgical GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)[2]Springer Link
Gastroplasty with BariClip
“Post-surgical GERD reduces”
View in Article

BariClip, like any other procedure, has its own set of downsides, major ones are:

? A relatively new procedure – long term effectiveness and risks under research

? A foreign device inserted into the body

If you are on the fence about the BariClip, don’t worry; your surgeon will look at your case in detail and let you know if it’s a good option for you.

If not, they will suggest alternatives.

Want to make a decision now? Talk to us and get all your doubts cleared!

Comparison of BariClip with Alternative Weight Loss Procedures

Weight Loss Efficiency
(first 2 yrs)
Reversibility Recovery
50% Yes Day surgery;
2-3 days soft diet
Lap Band
40-50% Yes Day surgery;
2-3 days soft diet
Gastric Bypass
60-70% Difficult 2 days hospital stay;
3 weeks soft diet
Sleeve Gastrectomy
60-70% No 2 days hospital stay;
3 weeks soft diet

For a cost comparison, please scroll down to the next section.

Cost of BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

The average cost of BariClip weight loss surgery in Mexico is $6,900. This cost covers the following:

✔️ Initial consultation

✔️ Pre-operative tests

✔️ The BariClip device

✔️ Surgeon’s fee

✔️ Surgery and recovery related consumables

✔️ Follow-up consultation

Remember to consider travel and accommodation expenses when calculating the total cost of your trip.

Cost Comparison of Weight Loss Procedures (in USD)
USA Canada Mexico
$15,000 $12,000 $6,900
Lap Band
$15,000 $12,000 $6,900
Gastric Bypass
$23,000 $17,000 $5,995
Sleeve Gastrectomy
$20,000 $14,200 $4,795

The above costs are indicative and the actual cost may vary from case to case.

If you would like to know how much your surgery would actually cost, you can connect with us.

Traveling to Mexico for BariClip Surgery

Cancun and Tijuana are two of the popular cities for BariClip WLS in Mexico. Here’s how you can travel to either of these places.

BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun

Cancun is famous for its beaches and shopping centers.

You can go on the Catamaran cruise to explore the waterways.

Make sure to carry an empty bag for tons of shopping since you’ll find that prices are quite lower than in the US!

mexico beach

How to Reach Cancun?

Many cities from the US and Canada have direct flights to Cancun International Airport (CUN).

Origin City Flight Time
USA – Houston (IAH) 2 hr 15 min
USA – Dallas (DFW) 2 hr 40 min
USA – Los Angeles (LAX) 4 h 36 min
Canada – Toronto (YYZ) 4h 15 min
Canada – Montreal (YUL) 4h 50 min

BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

Tijuana is a well-guarded border and hence very safe to travel to.

It is well known for its wrestling matches, locales and food joints.

If you are a foodie, don’t forget to try the lobster!


How to Reach Tijuana?

Many cities from the US and Canada have direct flights to Tijuana International Airport (TIJ).

Origin City (from USA) Flight Time
San Diego (SAN) 30 min
Phoenix (PHX) 5 hr 50 min
Los Angeles (LAX) 2 h 14 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for BariClip Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

Qualifications for the BariClip weight loss surgery in Mexico are:

◾  A body mass index >= 29

◾  A body mass index >= 25 and obesity-related comorbidities

◾  Inability to achieve sustained weight loss after significant efforts over a long period of time

Please consult a doctor for a detailed analysis of your case.

Who is the best BariClip Weight Loss Surgeon in Mexico?

We recommend Dr. Hector Joaquin Perez.


◾  Bariatric surgeon certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery

◾  20+ years of experience, 3000+ successful surgeries

◾  Available at Victoria Hospital (Cancun) and Obesity Goodbye Center (Tijuana)

Is BariClip in Mexico preferred over other bariatric surgeries?

In some cases yes, and in others, no.

It is easier to qualify for the BariClip surgery in Mexico than in many cities of the US.

However, a doctor will ideally look at your case (weight, BMI, medical history, lifestyle habits, etc.) before recommending a surgical option, one of which can be the BariClip WLS.

Is BariClip surgery in Mexico safe?

Yes, BariClip surgery in Mexico is safe.

MTC recommended surgeons are highly-trained, experienced, and have a complication rate of < 1%.

Many of them practice at locally or internationally accredited hospitals that follow all security protocols.

These hospitals are also located in safe and civilized neighborhoods.

So, you needn’t worry. Simply be your ‘travel-vigilant’ self – not going out alone at night, keeping your belongings safe, being respectful of locals, you get the idea!

What is life like after BariClip weight loss surgery?

The person who undergoes BariClip WLS can return to a normal routine after the body heals.

Food supplements are usually prescribed and regular health check-ups are recommended.[3]American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Life After Bariatric Surgery
“Supplements are prescribed post surgery. A healthy lifestyle is advised.”
View in Article

It is advisable to stay hydrated, exercise moderately and sleep 7-8 hours every day.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol are to be avoided.

Are you ready for BariClip weight loss surgery in Mexico? You can speak to one of our case managers and get a custom all-inclusive package for your trip to Mexico.


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2. Springer Link: Laproscopic Clip Gastroplasty with BariClip

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