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Facelift in Mexico

Facelift surgery helps take years off one’s countenance by tightening loose and sagging skin, improving the muscle tone, erasing deep creases, and removing excessive fatty deposits in the face.

Attractive Facelift Packages for Mexico
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The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Mexico discussing the candidate profile for a facelift surgery.

Benefits of Choosing Mexico for Facelift

  • Cut down your surgery costs by almost 70%.
  • Cut down on travel costs and time as well because of proximity to the US and Canada.
  • You can choose a border town such as Tijuana which is not very far from major American cities.
  • If you have rest and rejuvenation in your mind, you can choose for a resort city such as Cancun for your facelift surgery.
  • The major Mexican cities have their own international airport; hence getting there is easy.
  • Also the major cities here are quite Americanized, when it comes to food, shopping and eating experiences.
  • Delays in scheduling your facelift surgery are highly unlikely due to almost non-existent waiting lists.
  • Likelihood of language barriers, especially inside the hospital, is quite low as most of the renowned medical professionals here and their staff speak English.

Plastic Surgeon for Your Facelift – A Sneak Peek

Below are the profiles of the plastic surgeons we work with in Tijuana and Cancun in brief:


  • MD from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery division)
  • Microsurgery and Reconstructive Surgery diplomas from the San Diego School of Medicine, Davies Medical Center – San Fransisco, CA, and the Stanford Medical Center
  • Visiting scholar at the plastic surgery arm of the Stanford University Medical Center
  • Lectures at various workshops and seminars in Mexico and other countries organized on cleft lip and palate surgery, heel reconstruction and aesthetics
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, Association of Plastic Surgeons of Jalisco, Association of Plastic Surgery of Baja California, Iberoamerican Federation of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

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  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Education and training from the USA, Germany and Mexico
  • Majority of his clients are from the USA, Canada and England
  • Memberships:
    • American Medical Association
    • International Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery
    • Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship in Krankenhaus Bugenhauesen in Munich, Germany, 1996-97

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Facelift Before-and-After

Why Us?

  • Ease in scheduling surgery
  • Surgery by the biggest names in the field of facelift surgery in Mexico
  • Assistance in visa and passport
  • Tourism related assistance
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Free pick-up
  • Pre and post-ops included
  • Financing options also available
  • Hotel-stay at special discounted prices

What is Facelift Surgery?

  • It is alternatively known as rhytidectomy.
  • It can essentially be described as surgical removal of wrinkles on the face to give it a more youthful appearance.
  • The procedure also involves removal of redundant skin with or without tightening the related tissues.
  • Facelift is often combined with a number of facial cosmetic procedures to erase years off the face.
  • MACS lift or Mini Access Cranial Suspension Lift is a less-complex version of a regular facelift as it involves removing signs of aging by making a smaller incision. (We also offer MACS mini facelifts in the major Mexican cities.)

Useful Travel Information

  • If you choose the Mexican border town of Tijuana for your facelift surgery, then the nearest American airport to you would be the San Diego International Airport (IATA code: SAN).
  • Tijuana is just 17 miles from San Diego.
  • The airport code of the Cancun International Airport is CUN.
  • Americans and Canadians would need a valid passport for entering Mexico.
  • Americans do not need a visa to stay within the border zone for less than 72 hours.
  • Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country. Some of the important words and phrases in Spanish are:
    • Yes – Si
    • No – No
    • Please – Por favor
    • Do you speak English? – Habla usted ingles?
    • Hello – Hola
    • Goodbye – Adios
    • I don’t understand – No entiendo

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