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Sani Dental Los Algodones Mexico
Sani Dental Group has one of the best dentists in Los Algodones – Mexico. It has been providing high-quality dental care for more than 30 years.
Prices are 70% cheaper than in the United States and Canada. Clients from these countries frequently visit the facility for dental tourism.

International Patients at Sani Dental Group

  • 80% of the patients come from the U.S. and Canada, along with Russia and Europe.
  • Commonly done dental procedures include implants, crowns, bridges, and laser treatment.


Types of dental procedures performed at Sani’s dental office in Los Algodones are:

  • Implants: Standard implant, implant crown, all-on-four (fixed acrylic bridge), all-on-six (MegaGen implants), all-on-six (Nobel Biocare implants), all-on-eight (fixed porcelain) and Straumann implants.
  • Dentures: Partial (metal or flexible), full (immediate or healing), full (composite, acrylic or porcelain teeth).
  • Bridges: Porcelain, acrylic, and prettau zirconia implant bridges.
  • Crowns: Porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal-bridge, full porcelain/ceramic, zirconia.
  • Other procedures: Cosmetic dentistry treatment, such as veneers, teeth cleaning and whitening; bone graft/sinus lift, root canal, filling, and extraction.

Dentists here have more experience than any other clinic in the region.

The clinic has an on-site lab, which helps cut treatment time.

Sani Dental Group On site Lab

Sani’s dental specialists have graduated from top universities in Mexico. They have completed courses at:

  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • International Center for Laser Education.
  • Mega’ Gen Implants Factory in South Korea.

Sani Dental Clinic has been accredited by:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Global Clinic Rating
  • Mexican Council of Medical Tourism
  • Medical Tourism Association

The clinic has a comfortable waiting room with a phone and internet.

It offers a two-year warranty on dental work.

Sani Dental Group Waiting Room

The dentists and staff are bilingual.

It has the latest dental technologies, such as:

CAD-CAM Panoramic X-rays
Dental Laser Digital Periapical X-rays
Intra-Oral Camera CT Scan
Ozone Therapy Nitrous Oxide or IV Sedation

Los Algodones Dentist Prices (in USD)

Prices for various procedures at Sani Dental are as follows:

Procedure Price*
Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crown/Bridge $180
Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown $340
Zirconia Crown $450
Porcelain Veneer $350
Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (upper or lower) $250
Full Denture, Composite/Porcelain Teeth (upper or lower) $350
Titanium Implant $750
Bone graft (per unit) $400
Sinus Lifting (starting at) $700
All-on-4 System with fixed acrylic bridge (upper or lower arch) $8950
All-on-6 System with Nobel BioCare Implants (upper or lower arch) $11,280
‘All-on-8’ System with fixed porcelain bridge (upper or lower arch) $10,280

Prices are subject to change. Fill our free quote form for the latest prices and special offers.

*The clinic charges no consultation/diagnosis fee. Prices will be available to you beforehand.

The clinic accepts various forms of dollar payment, such as:

Cash Money orders
Personal/Traveler’s/Cashier’s checks Credit/Debit Card
Wire Transfer Dental Financing

Sani in Pictures

Click to enlarge the images below:

Sani Dental Clinic: Los Algodones

  • Sani Dental Group Alamo: This is the group’s main office, with an in-house lab. It is connected to a gated shopping arcade and restaurants. Underground parking is available.
  • Sani Dental Group Platinum: This is Sani’s newest branch. Dentists in the Los Algodones, Baja California area are trained here.

Sani Dental Group Clinic

Dentists at Sani Dental: Los Algodones

  • Dr. Carlos Alberto Marquez Caldera
Dr. Carlos Alberto Marquez Caldera
  • Specialist in Restorative Dentistry
  • First Degree Specialty in Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Omar Eduardo Castillo Nunez
Dr. Omar Eduardo Castillo Nunez
  • Dental Surgeon: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California MX
  • Applied Biomimetic Stratification with Composites in High Aesthetic
  • Dr. Roxana Jakeline Cruz Arriaga
Dr. Roxana Jakeline Cruz Arriaga
  • Dental Surgeon: University of Michoacán de San Nicolas de Hidalgo MX
  • Refresher Course in Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Christian Baldomero Estrada Saldivar
Dr. Christian Baldomero Estrada Saldivar
  • Dental Surgeon: Universidad Cuauhtémoc MX
  • Training Program: Integral Dental Consultation

Why Dental Work Costs Less in Mexico

  • Unlike American dentists, Mexican dental specialists are not deep in debt when they complete their education. This is because college tuition is paid for by the government. Graduates then serve patients for free in their first year of practice.
  • Real estate prices in Mexico are not as high as in the U.S.
  • Mexican dental professionals do not spend a lot on malpractice insurance.
  • Staff salaries, utilities, and rent are low in Mexico, as compared to the U.S.

Hotels in Los Algodones – Mexico

Current Special: Free Stay at Hotel Hacienda

The clinic can arrange a free stay at Hotel Hacienda for you. This depends on the cost  of the dental work that you undergo:

Treatment Cost (in USD) Free Stay
More than $1000 1 Night
More than $2000 3 Nights

Sani Dental Los Algodones Hotel Hacienda

Sani Dental Los Algodones Hotel Hacienda Room

Sani Dental Nearby Hotel Hacienda Location

Getting There

  1. You may walk across to the clinic. It is a few blocks from the US-Mexico border.
  2. The clinic provides free ground transfers that connect:
    • Yuma airport (IATA: YUM)
    • US-Mexico border crossing
    • The clinic
    • Hotel Hacienda
  3. If you are traveling by your car to Los Algodones for dental work, the driving time from U.S. cities is as follows:
City of Origin Driving Time
Yuma, Arizona (west on Interstate 8) 25m
San Diego, California (east on I-8) 2h 40m
Phoenix, AZ (west on I-8) 3h
Tucson, AZ (west on I-8) 3h 40m
Los Angeles, CA (south on I-5 & east on I-8) 4h 20m

The clinic has its parking lot.

  1. Flying time to Yuma (YUM) and San Diego (SAN) from other U.S. cities is as follows:
From To Yuma (YUM) To San Diego (SAN)
Dallas (DFW) 4h 20m 3h 50m
Houston (IAH) 4h 50m 3h 20m
Austin (AUS) 4h 10m 3h 05m
San Antonio (SAT) 4h 30m 3h 05m

5. Flying time to Los Angeles (LAX) and Tucson (TUS) from other U.S. cities is as follows:

From To Los Angeles (LAX) To Tucson (TUS)
Dallas (DFW) 3h 25m 2h 20m
Houston (IAH) 3h 40m 2h 45m
Austin (AUS) 3h 45m 4h 05m
San Antonio (SAT) 3h 25m 4h 25m

6. Flying time to Phoenix (PHX) and Las Vegas (LAS) from other U.S. cities is as follows:

From To Phoenix (PHX) To Las Vegas (LAS)
Dallas (DFW) 2h 30m 2h 45m
Houston (IAH) 2h 40m 3h 10m
Austin (AUS) 2h 25m 2h 50m
San Antonio (SAT) 2h 25m 2h 50m

Sani Dental Reviews

Patients from the US and Canada visit the clinic in large numbers in the winter.

  • Tara from California reviews Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Tara from California Reviews Sani Dental Los Algodones Mexico

Los Algodones Dentists FAQs

  1. Does Sani Dental charge a consultation or diagnosis fee?
  • No, this is done free of charge.
  1. Does the clinic provide a warranty with dental work?
  • Yes, Sani Dental offers a two-year warranty with all kinds of treatment.
  1. Can I get my old metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored ones?
  • Yes. Removing the metal fillings comes at no extra cost. The dentist will place a resin or tooth-colored filling on the affected tooth.
  • This costs US$ 45, while the procedure is completed within a day.
  1. I have a missing tooth. What can be done to replace it?
  • Sani’s on-site dental lab can fabricate a partial denture as a replacement for the missing tooth.
  • The dentist can put a dental bridge in place of the missing tooth. As opposed to partial dentures, dental bridges are secure and feel like natural teeth.
  • Dental implants provide the best possible solution in such cases. The implant forms the artificial root for the missing tooth. The dentist places a crown on top of the implant when it has fused with the jawbone.

The advantages of dental implants are:

They feel like natural teeth. They have a long life.
They can be used to replace several missing teeth. They do not cause grinding of adjoining teeth.
  1. If I am diabetic, am I required to inform my dentist?
  • Yes. In fact, diabetic patients having dental work done need special care.
  • You should inform your dentist about your condition and medication at every appointment, even if this finds mention on your file.
  1. Does the clinic accept payment in US Dollars?
  • Yes. In fact, the US Dollar is a commonly accepted currency in Los Algodones.
  1. Does Sani Dental accept credit cards or checks for payment?
  • Yes. The clinic accepts credit cards (VISA and MasterCard), cash, personal, traveler’s & cashier’s checks, money orders, and debit cards.
  • A 4% fee applies to payment made through a credit or debit card.
  1. Can I make use of my dental insurance at Sani Dental?
  • Yes. The clinic can complete the required paperwork for the reimbursement of your money by your insurance company. This is even when Sani Dental may not have a direct tie-up with the organization.
  • You can ask for this US$ 30 service from the front desk when you arrive at Sani Dental for your first appointment.
  1. Is sedation dentistry offered at the clinic?
  • Yes, however, none of the procedures that you may undergo at Sani Dental require sedation. If you wish to be sedated, the clinic can facilitate this. Dental professionals at the clinic provide Nitrous Oxide or IV Sedation, which costs US$ 600.
  • If you wish to avail of this service, you may inform the staff when booking your appointment.
  1. How many visits do I need to make to the clinic for getting dental implants? How long does each stay last?
  • If your jawbone has good density, dental implants may take two trips. The first trip is 2-3 days long. This is when the dentist will place the metal implant post into your jawbone. The doctor will use anesthesia for this process.
  • You have to then wait for six months for the jawbone to grow into the surface of the dental implant.
  • The second trip takes 3-5 days. This is when the dentist will place a crown on top of the implant.
  1. I wish to drive to Los Algodones. Where can I leave my car?
  • Sani Dental has a dedicated parking lot adjoining the clinic. It is located two blocks away from the Andrade border.
  • There is no parking fee for patients.
  1. I am an American. Do I need a passport to enter Mexico?
  • Although you will not require a passport to cross the border, you will need it when re-entering the US.
  • The clinic can provide you with a letter to speed up the process of border-crossing.
  1. Are there specific timings for crossing the border?
  • Yes, the border-line opens at 6 AM and closes at 10 PM.
  1. Is it safe to stay overnight in Mexico?
  • Yes. Los Algodones is located on the US-Mexico border and is famous for dental tourism, also known as the ‘Molar City‘.
  • Los Algodones receives a large number of dental tourists from North America, and all the locals speak English. Amenities are at a walking distance within the city.
  1. Does treatment price include the hotel stay?
  • The quote does not include the hotel stay. However, our current promotional offer includes a free stay at Hotel Hacienda and the Cielito Lindo.
  • Both hotels are within walking distance of the clinic.

The duration of your free stay depends on the cost (in US$) of your treatment:

Treatment Cost Free Stay
More than $1000 1 Night
More than $2000 3 Nights

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