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Lap Band Monterrey – Mexico

Low Cost All Inclusive Special at $ 7,200 [JCI Accredited Hospital & Top Bariatric Sureon]

Lap Band in Mexico is offered at affordable costs and administered by experienced and renowned surgeons. People looking to get a weight loss lap band surgery find Monterrey an appealing, cost effective and trustworthy destination, especially patients from Canada and the US thanks to the destination’s proximity to these countries.

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The Lap Band System is an adjustable and reversible weight-loss surgery procedure and is approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The name “LAP-BAND” comes from the surgical technique used, laparoscopic, and the name of the implanted medical device, gastric band.If you are looking to get a lap band surgery in Monterrey, you have come to the right place! Through Medical Tourism Corporation, you will be able to get a lap band surgery at a world class JCI accredited hospital, administered by renowned and experienced surgeons, at affordable costs and minus any wait time.

Recently rated the best city in Latin America to do business with by the Fortune Magazine, the capital city of the Northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León, Monterrey boasts of the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico. Also, as per a recent report, Monterrey was rated one of the safest Mexican cities.

Gastric band surgeries in Mexico have been offered since the 1990s, which gives the country and its medical facilities a definite edge in experience when compared to the US. Monterrey has a successful record of performing gastric lap band weight loss surgeries and a history of happy patients. People who want a lap band surgery but cannot get it in their home country owing to factors like affordability issues, long waiting lists and lack of advanced medical facilities can turn to Monterrey.

Monterrey can be reached easily via a 90 minute flight from Dallas, Texas or only a 4 hour drive from San Antonio. It is also connected to the Texas border areas via bus services. In addition, Monterrey has an international airport which connects it to major world destinations.

People traveling to Monterrey for gastric banding will find the destination a perfect vacation spot as well. You can turn your medical travel into a vacation and enjoy the unique tourist attractions Monterrey offers. Travelers can enjoy shopping, visits around the historic city and its colloquial buildings and the many museums here.

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