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Breast Lift in Tijuana – Mexico


Breast lift, or mastopexy, corrects drooping breasts surgically. Breast lift in Tijuana, a border town in Mexico can be considered by females who want to cut down surgery costs without having to compromise on the quality of surgery.

How Much for Breast Lifts?

Our package costs for mastopexy in Tijuana are as follows:

Breast Lift without Implants$4,000
Breast Lift with Implants$5,200

For the latest prices, we advise you to fill our online estimate form as the prices mentioned above are subject to change without any prior notification.

Breast Lift in Tijuana - Mexico

Benefits of Choosing Tijuana for Mastopexy

  • You pay only a fraction of the US prices and enjoy big savings.
  • The Mexican border town is just 17 miles from San Diego, CA which translates to savings in travel time and expenses for Americans.
  • The border town is just 20 minutes from the San Diego International Airport (Code: SAN), the closest American airport to it.
  • The border town is quite Americanized; hence medical tourists here won’t feel they are in a foreign country.
  • Your breast lift procedure can be scheduled as per your convenience without any waiting periods involved.
  • You will be taken care of by English-speaking medical staff; hence you won’t face any major communication hurdles.

Who will Perform Your Breast Lift Surgery?

Below is a sneak-peek into the profile of the plastic surgeon Medical Tourism Corporation works with to facilitate your breast lift surgery in Tijuana:

  • US-trained plastic surgeon
  • 90% of his patients are from the United States
  • Fellowship in plastic surgery from the Stanford Medical Center (1996)
  • Diplomas in reconstructive surgery and microsurgery from the San Diego School of Medicine, Davies Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, and the Stanford Medical Center
  • Exchange fellow at University of California’s plastic surgery division
  • Visiting scholar at Stanford University Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery Division
  • Member of various associations such as the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Jalisco and the Association of Plastic Surgery of Baja California

Read more on the plastic surgeon in US-Mexico border area by clicking on the hyperlink.

A Brief Outline of Breast Lifts

  • The surgery involves raising and firming up the breasts surgically.
  • This is done by removing redundant skin and tightening the underlying tissues to firm up the breasts.
  • The nipple and areola are both moved upwards.
  • If your areolas are stretched and enlarged, the excess skin is excised.
  • Breast lift procedures are done on an outpatient basis, which means that you don’t need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • A breast lift surgery will not make your breasts look fuller; if you want your breasts to look more pronounced, go in for breast implants along with mastopexy.

Statue of Jesus Christ Overlooking Tijuana - Mexico

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Mastopexy?

You make a candidate for breast lift surgery, if:

  • You are healthy and of normal weight.
  • You have healthy habits such as not smoking.
  • You feel that your breasts droop and have lost their volume.
  • You have flat, pendulous breasts.
  • Your nipples point downwards, and when not supported fall below the breast crease.
  • Your areolas are stretched.
  • Your breasts are not symmetrical.

Breast Lift Packages Include

  • Pre- and post-ops
  • Full travel assistance including shopping around for booking air tickets
  • Complimentary pick-up-and-drop services
  • Hotel stay for discounted tariffs
  • Dedicated 24*7 destination manager
  • Assistance in arranging for tourism activities if desired by the medical tourist

We accept credit cards, and also provide financing options.

Travel Tips and Info on Tijuana

  • Americans and Canadians need a valid passport to enter Mexico.
  • You can reach the Mexican border city by crossing the world’s busiest port of entry at San Ysidro, CA.
  • Border crossing timings – 24 hours a day.
  • If you plan to enter the Mexican border town in your own car, then you would have to purchase Mexican auto insurance from the American side of the border.
  • You can choose to park your car on the American side of the border and then cross the border on foot.
  • Parking charges range between $6-10 for 24 hours.
  • You can also choose to fly into Tijuana. The city is served by an international airport (IATA code: TIJ).
  • Spanish is the most commonly spoken language here. Some of the important words and phrases are:
    • Hello – Hola
    • Bye – Adios
    • Please – Por Favor
    • Thank you – Gracias
    • Excuse me (for attention) – Disculpe
    • Excuse me (for pardon) – Perdone
    • I am sorry – Lo siento
    • I can’t speak Spanish – No hablo español
    • Do you speak English? – Habla usted ingles?
    • Help – Socorro
    • I don’t understand – No entiendo

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