Star Medica Hospital, Ciudad Juarez – Pictures

Scroll below for pictures taken by the Medical Tourism Corporation team during a trip to Star Medica Hospital in Juarez, Mexico.

Hospital Star Medica – Juarez, Mexico

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The Hospital Star Medica, Ciudad Juarez is about 20 minutes from El Paso, TX Airport. The hospital is in the driving range for a major part of South West United States.

Map - Ciudad Juraez

Road leading to the hospital from El Paso Airport to Juarez. It is about a 20 minute drive.

El Paso-Juarez Road

Hospital Star Medica- Skyview

Hospital Star Medica - Ciudad Juarez

Front Entrance - Star Medica

Front lobby

Hospital Star Medica Lobby

Hospital hallways and sitting/waiting areas

Hospital Star Medica Waiting Area

Waiting Area - Star Medica

Star Medica Hospital Building - Ciudad Juarez

Hallway - Star Medica - Ciudad-Juarez

Hallway - Star Medica in Juarez - Mexico

Hallway - Hospital Star Medica in Ciudad Juarez

Most of the open areas in the hospital have wireless internet.

Wireless Internet at Hospital

Pictures of patient private suites

Patient Suite - Star Medica

Private Suite - Star Medica in Juarez

Star Medica - Private Suite

Private Suite at Star Medica Hospital in Ciudad Juarez

Bathroom at Star Medica

Hygiene - Star Medica

Star Medica Hospital Juarez has the latest medical equipment.


Star Medica Operation Theater

Recovery Area - Star Medica

Medical Equipment in Star Medica

Medical Equipment - Star Medica

Medical Equipment - Star Medica Hospital in Ciudad Juarez

Mammogram - Star Medica

The hospital is self contained, with all the amenities for a patient & an accompanying guest inside the hospital compound.

Hospital Star Medica - Eating Area

Cafetaria - Hospital Star Medica

ATM and Pay Phone at Hospital

Outside in the front of the hospital is upscale shopping mall & a cinemaplex, and the University of Phoenix, Ciudad campus behind it.

Hospital Star Medica Front Area

Cinema Plex

Walking distance from the hospital are few American fast food restaurants.

Denny's Near Hospital Star Medica

Star Medica at Night

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