Cost – $4,935. Pre and Post Ops Included. Complimentary Ground Transportation. Passport, Visa Expedience Services. Rotator cuff repair can help get respite from injuries to the shoulder rotator cuff area which fail to subside with nonsurgical treatments. And choosing Mexico for surgery can be a good decision as you get quality care by spending only […]


Orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee replacements and resurfacing are now available for only a fraction of the American prices. We at Medical Tourism Corporation bring you highly attractive packages for orthopedic surgery in Tijuana, a Mexican border town not very far from San Diego – California. Read on to know more. Orthopedic Surgery […]


Hip replacements involve replacing hip joints with prosthetic implants. These can cost quite a fortune in the United States and Canada. However, residents of the North American countries can look down south for respite from hip pain for much lower costs. Read on to know more… Hip Replacement Package Prices MTC’s special packages for hip replacement […]


Traditional dental implant treatments take 6-8 months for solving the problem of missing teeth. Those pressed for time can look into the option of same day implants. These involve placing the dental implant and attaching an artificial tooth to it the same day. And by choosing Cancun for same day dental implants, one can save […]


FREE Pick-up. Special Limited period offer – get FREE stay for up to 3 nights at Hotel Hacienda in Los Algodones, Mx for dental work costing $1,500 or more. If missing teeth are causing a crimp in your smile besides impacting your speech and chewing capabilities, it is time to get snap on dentures in Mexico. […]


Two-year warranty. FREE Diagnosis. Credit Card, US dollars accepted. Current Limited Period Offer – FREE Hotel Stay for up to 3 nights (for dental work(s) costing $1,500 or more). With dental care in the United States beyond the reach of many, much lower dental prices in Los Algodones, Mexico come as a breather. Los Algodones, […]


COMPLIMENTARY GROUND TRANSPORTATION. EXPEDITED VISA AND PASSPORT SERVICES. CURRENT LIMITED PERIOD SPECIAL – FREE HOTEL STAY FOR UP TO 3 NIGHTS (APPLICABLE FOR LOS ALGODONES) FOR DENTAL WORK EXCEEDING $1,500. Dental makeover refers to a set of cosmetic dental procedures aimed at improving the aesthetics of your smile. Also called smile makeover, a complete dental […]


FREE PICK UP SERVICES. VISA AND PASSPORT EXPEDITE. CURRENT LIMITED PERIOD OFFER – GET FREE STAY FOR UP TO 3 NIGHTS AT HOTEL HACIENDA IN LOS ALGODONES FOR DENTAL WORK EXCEEDING $1,500. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are mounted with dental crowns (teeth caps) or bridges. Though an effective solution to missing teeth, […]


Mini dental implants are artificial tooth roots of a smaller diameter than traditional implants. These are an effective solution for missing teeth. Those looking for mini implants that cost only a fraction of the American prices can look into Cancun, a Mexican resort city, as an option. Cost of Mini Implants These cost almost half of traditional […]


The resort city of Cancun offers plenty of affordable options for dental works of all kinds. By choosing dental treatment here, you can look forward to saving nearly three-fourths of the prices charged in the USA. A look at the following table should help you know your savings – Dental Costs in Cancun vs. USA […]

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