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Best Dentists in Colombia

Colombia is among the top countries for low-priced and quality dental treatment. [1]CNBC
Dental Tourism in Latin America
“When the World Health Organization ranked…”
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Begin your dental vacation by finding the best dentists in Colombia, one of the best countries for dental tourism.

Dentists in Cartagena

Cartagena is home to some of the richest cultures, history, and also, affordable dentistry. We are partnered with certified & experienced dentists offering quality dental work in Cartagena, Colombia. Learn more about their credentials below.

Dental Specialist Professional Achievements

Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys

  • Specialization in Oral Implantology, Smile Makeover, and Aesthetic Medicine.
  • She is an award-winning dentist who is also an active member of the ADA, AACD, and EMA.
  • She has over 23 years of experience.
Dr. Julio Oliver - Dentist in Cartagena

Dr. Julio Oliver

  • Specialization in Implantology at the Veracruzana University of Mexico
  • Specialization in Endodontics at the University of Cartagena
  • Master’s Degree in Oral Rehabilitation and Clinical Biochemistry

Dentists in Medellin

Medellin is city surrounded by mountains in Antioquia province of Colombia. It’s an ideal city for dental vacation. We partner with certified and quality dentists who offer quality and affordable dental work in Medellin. See the details of our parner dentists below.

Dental Specialist Professional Achievements
Dr. Johana - Oral rehab specialist Medelllin

Dr. Johana Ossa Gomez

  • Certified by the founder of Digital Smile Design (Dr. Christian Coachman)
  • Certified in Oral Rehabilitation.
  • 15+ years of experience.
Dr. Juan Carlos Quiceno - oral rehab specialist in Medellin

Dr. Juan Carlos Quiceno

  • Specialized in Oral Rehabilitation.
  • 13+ years of experience
Dr. Alejandro - Periodontist in Medellin

Dr. Alejandro Martinez Gaviria

  • Specialized in Periodontics.
  • University of Antioquia graduate
  • 12+ years of experience.
Dr. Diego Alejandro - Endodontist in Medellin

Dr. Diego Alejandro Mejia

  • Endodontist of Institute of Health Sciences CES.
  • 20+ years of experience.
Dr. Arles Restrepo - Orthodontist in Medellin

Dr. Arles Restrepo

  • Specializes as Orthodontist
  • 25+ years of experience.
Dr. Camilo Correa - implantologist in medellin

Dr. Camilo Correa

  • Specializes in dental implants & oral rehabilitation
  • Advanced training in implantology (institute of Branemark Osseointegration Centre)

Dentist in Bogota

The capital city off Colombia, Bogota is home to quite a few quality dental clinics. We have researched and found reputed dentists that work in international standard dental clinics in Bogota. See the details of our partner dentist below.

Dental Specialist Professional Achievements
Dr. Cristina Suaza - maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist in Bogota Colombia

Dr. Cristina Suaza

  • D.D.S., San Martin University, Peru
  • M.D.S., Orthodontics, Antonio Nariño University, Colombia
  • Extensive experience in oral surgery, dental implants, and orthognathic surgery

Is it safe to get dental surgery in Colombia?

We work with experienced and certified dentists who have a proven track record. Our patient review of dental experience in Colombia are positive and confirming of quality dental work.

How to choose a dentist in Colombia?

Here are some pointers to help your research

Track record of performing the procedure you want

Performing complex procedures like full mouth restoration and dental implants requires experience. Look for a dentist who has done many successful dental implant surgeries.

English speaking dentist

It’s highly likely you’ll come across Colombian dentists who are not fluent in English. Confirm whether your dentist can speak in English fluently before you fly to Colombia for your surgery.

Regularly receives international patients

Dentists that treat dental tourism patients will understand your needs much better than a local dentist. They will try to complete most or all of your dental work in one visit. Further they will understand US and Canadian dental insurance better.

How to book an appointment with a Colombia dentist?

Step 1: Pre-Clinical Consultation and Cost Estimate

Fill the form describing your dental problem or the dental procedure you are looking for. Send in your dental reports and Xrays. Our dentist will analyse your situation and give you a cost estimate.

Step 2: Trip Planning

Our case manager will book your appointment with the dentist on a date of your convenience.

Step 3: On Trip

The dentist will analyse your dental condition again. They may discuss prostheses materials and procedure options to decide what suits you best. Following this they will confirm the cost estimate.

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