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Dental Work in Bogota, Colombia

Visiting a dentist can be a costly affair in countries like USA or Canada. Dental work in Bogota, Columbia offers a safe and cheap option for your oral health.

Cost of Dental Works in Bogota

Bogota dental prices begins at $140 for a root canal and can stretch till $10,000 for a full-mouth restoration. However, the same procedures nearly cost four-times in the USA alone.

Bogota, Colmbia Dental Price List
Procedure Price Duration

Titanium (Single Implant)

$700 Trip 1: 6 days
Trip 2: 5 days
All-on-4 (Straumann) $7,000 10 days
All-on-6/8 (Straumann) $9000-10,000 10 days
Porcelain Crown $700 6 days
PFM $440 6 days
Veneer $400 6 days
Snap-on Denture $2,100-2,600 6 days
Zoom whitening $200 1 day
Root Canal (ant.) $140 case dependent
Root Canal (mol.) $200 case dependent
Wisdom Tooth Ext. $60-$100 1 day

Therefore, it is not just teeth cleaning, you can even opt for the most advanced oral treatments at an accredited cost in Colombia.

Along with this, it is also an adventurous tourist-hotspot. So, more people are considering dental tourism in Colombia which offers dental treatment with a comfortable holiday option in one of the world’s paradise.

Other cities like Cartagena and Medellin also offer great options for dental tourism.

Why Choose Bogota for Dental Tourism?

Bogota, being the capital city is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Colombia. It is the largest city and has a rich culture, cuisines, sports, etc.

People consider dental work in Bogota, Colombia for a variety of reasons, lets read why:

Safe city

For American travelers, safety[1]Graham Averill
Colombia Wants Your Tourism Dollars
“cities like Bogotá and the coastal towns where tourists venture are generally considered safe for travelers…”
View in Article
is one of the major concerns while travelling to another country. Bogota, Colombia is deemed safer now as compared to that in the past.

State-of-the-art dental treatment

The dental clinics in Bogota, Colombia are modern with experienced dentists working with international patients. Also, the staff here is fluent in English so there is no communication barrier.

Relaible transport options

The bus system[2]Business Insider
Bogota’s massive bus system has been globally hailed as a triumph in public transit – here’s why I prefer it over New York City’s buses.
“Compared to New York, the buses in Bogotá were cheaper, newer, and cleaner. They ran more frequently and I felt safer on them….”
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in Bogota is better than the New York busses. These are new and efficient and on top of it, they are cheap and fast as compared to any taxi.

Dental Clinics in Bogota

Medical Tourism Corporation provides its clients with the best of dental tourism experience. We have tied-up with a quality dental clinic in Bogota, Colombia which priorities patient experience over anything.

Dentica by Cristina Suaza

Dentica-Dental clininc in Bogota

Dentica offers different procedures with state-of-the-art technology which are as follows:

  • General odontology
  • Prosthodontic
  • Dental implants
  • Maxillary Orthopedics / Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Needleless anesthesia

Other facilities offered at the clinic are:

Free pick-up

Our driver will pick you up from the airport and drop you in your respective hotel. To avail of this service, we need your flight confirmation and hotel details.

Payment Options

We accept cash in the form of Colombian Peso, US dollars. We also accept all international and national debit and credit cards.

Language Used

Our staff is well versed in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.


We use the latest equipment in our clinic like Ultrasonic machine, Autoclave, Diode Laser (BIOLASE), Needleless Anesthesia, Cavitron, Ultrasound, and Intraoral Camera.

English Speaking Dentist in Bogota

English speaking dentist in Bogota-Cristina Suaza

Cristina Suaza is a renowned dental surgeon in her area and has successfully treated thousands of patients till now.

  • Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • DDS 1999 Saint Martin University
  • Experienced in oral surgery, dental implantology, orthognathic surgery, aesthetics and facial orthopedics

Virtual Consultation in Bogota

If you live abroad or on the outskirts of Bogota and you are interested in dental treatment, virtual consultation can help you to understand your treatment options so you can plan your travel accordingly.

It is best if while consulting you describe the reason for your consultation. Along with that, your expectations about the desired treatment, for example, the shape or color of your teeth. This will help the doctor to understand your problems better.

Follow the instructions for virtual consultation for dental treatment mentioned below:

  1. Take a picture of your teeth smiling in a front, right and left side-face.
  2. Take a picture of your teeth lifting up your lips with your fingers so that the entire tooth and the state of your gums can be observed.
  3. If you want and you have it at hand, send us your X-rays (panoramic and periapical) plate.

In this way, the dentist can make a rough preliminary diagnosis. This will consist of a treatment plan and the proposal including the prices of the possible treatments according to your requirements.

For more information, you can check out this video as well.

Flights from USA to Bogota, Colombia

  • Flights to Bogota, Colombia
Flights to Bogota, Colombia
City Duration Distance No. of Stops
Miami (MIA) 3 hrs 30 min 1,509 mi Non-Stop
New York (JFK) 5 hrs 48 min 2,486 mi Non-Stop
Los Angeles (LAX) 7 hrs 3,476 mi Non-Stop
Toronto (YTZ) 13 hrs 5 min 2,708 mi 2 Stop

Patient Testimonials for Dental Work in Bogota

US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia
Carrera 45 No. 24B-27 Bogotá, D.C. Colombia
Phone: (+57) (1) 275-2000


Why is dental work in Bogota, Colombia cheap?

The dental treatment in Bogota, Colombia is low cost because the dental equipment exported from the USA at a low in price. This is done according to the the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement for American tourists[3]The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce
Colombia – Medical Equipment
“Since the implementation of the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) with the United States in 2012, 96% of U.S. medical equipment exports to Colombia receive duty free treatment…”
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which makes most of the export duty-free. Also, the cost of living and currency rates are relatively cheaper in Colombia which further lowers the cost of dental works in Bogota.

Is Bogota, Colombia safe for American and Canadian tourists?

Yes, Bogota is safe for American and Canadian tourists. The conflicts may still be prevalent in the rural areas of Colombia, but Bogota, being the capital city is relatively safe.

How to stay safe in Bogota, Colombia?

To stay safe in Bogota, follow a Colombian phrase “nor dar papaya” which means don’t make yourself an easy target for burglars. Also,

  • Do not flash your valuable items in the public
  • Use public buses as these are faster than taxis
  • Don’t roam alone at night. Hail a taxi
  • Use taxi apps and avoid street taxis
  • Learn some basic Spanish words
  • Do not drink with strangers
  • Avoid drugs
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program of the US government.[4]Travel State Gov
    Colombia Travel Advisory
    “Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency…”
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Is the tap water in Bogota safe for drinking?

A study[5] Mauricio Jiménez Aldana, y Fabian Santana López
Water Distribution System of Bogotá city and its surrounding area, Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá – EAB E.S.P.
“EAB E.S.P. reports to the Wealth Agency of the District the results of the Water Quality Risk Index…with magnitudes well below the “safe” water limits for consumption. ….”
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suggests that overall, the water in Bogota and nearby areas is not safe for drinking and can be contaminated with disease causing germs.

Which is the best time to visit Bogota, Colombia?

The high-tourist time in Bogota, Colombia is during the warm months from December-February but the prices for everything are on the higher end.

You can also plan your visit during the shoulder months from March-September when Bogota receives secondary rains. However, the cheapest months are October & November because of the high rains causing flood.

You can find dental treatment options like dentures, crowns, implants etc. in Bogota, Colombia.


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