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Dental Work in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is famous for its orchids and is also known as “The Capital of Flowers”. For Americans, Dental work in Medellin means quality dentistry, savings, short flights and great tourism options.

Dental Tourism in Medellin-Air Route
Air Route for Medellin, Colombia

Cost of Dental Work in Medellin

The prices for a single implant in Medellin begins at $795. Meanwhile, a full mouth restoration will cost you $11, 265 only.

These prices are very low as compared to the US prices. With this, you end up saving 70% on the total dental treatment cost.

Dental Work in Medellin Price List
Procedure Price Duration
Titanium (Single Implant) $795 5 days
All-on-4 (Fixed Acrylic Bridge) $7,895 7 days
All-on-6/8 (Fixed Acrylic Bridge) $9,580-11,265 7 days
Porcelain Crown $490 5 days
3-Unit E-max Bridge $705 5 days
Porcelain (per unit) $490 7 days
Zirconium Ceramic (per unit) $500 7 days
Snap-on Denture $2,250-3,725 5 days
Immediate Acrylic Full or Partial $370 5 days
High-Quality Full Arch $630 5 days
Zoom whitening $150 3 days
Laser whitening $295 2 days
Root Canal $140-$175 1 day
Post/Core Build-Up $190 3 day
Pre-Fabricated Post $190 1 day
Wisdom Tooth Ext. $90-$150 3-5 days
Occlusal Mouth Guard $130 3 days

Dental Clinic in Medellin, Colombia

Oralimagen, in Medellin, is a state-of-the-art clinic. The clinic is headed by Dr. Johana Ossa Gomez who is specialized in Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry.

Dental Clinic in Medellin, Colombia

Facilities in Medellin Dental Clinic

Alternative Payment Methods

We accept cash payment in Colombian Pesos and US dollars. We also accept debit and credit cards.

Bilingual Staff

Our staff is well versed in Spanish and speak good English. The doctor makes sure that you understand the procedure first before moving ahead.

Technology and Equipment

For dental implants, we work with the BioHorizonts and Straumann group Commercial Houses.

We use Ivoclar Vivadent, 3M Espe, Zhermack, and Dentsply for dental materials.


The clinic is located in an area with a lot of good hotels. We recommend that you book one of these hotels for your stay.

English Speaking Dentists in Medellin, Colombia

Finding English speaking physicians can be challenging in a foreign land. In Oralimagen, we have bilingual staff so you do not have to face any language barrier.

English Speaking Dentist in Medellin, Colombia
English Speaking Dentist in Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Johana Ossa Gomez

Head Doctor and Director of Oralimagen, she has treated hundreds of foreign patients during her career.

  • Certified in Digital Smile Design
  • Certified in Oral Rehablitation
  • 15+ years experience

Dr. Arles Restrepo

  • Specialized in Orthodontics
  • 25+ years experience

Dr. Diego Alejandro Mejia:

  • Specialized Endodontics
  • 20+ years experience

Dr. Alejandro Martinez Gaviria

  • Specialized in Periodontics
  • 12+ years experience

Why go for dental work in Medellin, Colombia?

According to Medellin Colombia.Co,[1]Medellin Colombia Co
Medellin Tourism Figures
“Of this Medellin sees about 550,000 international visitors a year…”
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the Colombian city-Medellin has experienced a rise in its tourists since 2002. Overall, there are approximately 550,000 foreign visits every year. Out of this, 20% tourists are from the United States while 16% are from Europeans nations like UK, Germany, France, and more.

Expereinced Dental Professionals:

A crucial factor for the increase in Medellin dental tourism is an experienced dental team. Our services are backed up with a highly qualified team of dental surgeons in Medellin. They hail from accredited institutions like the University of Antioquia, Medellin. Moreover, they are board recognized professionals.

Affordable Dental Treatment:

On top of that, the cost of dental work in Medellin, Colombia, lets you save nearly 70% as compared to the USA prices.

Picturesque location:

The scenic beauty in Medellin also makes it an appropriate place for a vacation. The weather is pleasant all through the year. Along with this, there are many places you can visit in and around the city.

All these things make “The City of Eternal Springs-Medellin” the right place for your dental treatment.

Planning your trip to Medellin, Colombia

Places to visit in Medellin

El Peño & Guatape : Guatape is a small town near Medellin which is one of the best places to visit for adventure seekers. You can climb up the rock and take a tour of the nearby town-“El Penol”. The view of the surrounding lagoons is also worth experiencing. Dental tourism in Medellin- Guatape & El Peño

Cable Cars: Cable cars in Medellin[2]Science Direct
Public Transport and Accessibility in Informal Settlements: Aerial Cable Cars in Medellín, Colombia
” In the last years the MetroCable has become a landmark for the city of Medellín….”
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is one of the main tourist attraction. Enjoy the city tour followed by a walk in the city of Santo Domingo.

These cars are also used as a major source of commute by the citizens. However, the scenic view during the journey is something not to be missed at all.

Dental Tourism in Medellin, Colombia- Cable Cars

Botero Plaza: The Plaza[3]Michael J. Larosa, German R. Mejia
Colombia- A Concise Contemporary History
“The year 2004 coincided with a massive second donation by Botero and the construction of the Plaza de Las Esculturas (Sculptural Plaza, better known as “Plaza Botero”)…”
View in Article
is located near the Museum of Antique. It houses a collection of 23 sculptures, created by Fernando Bolero. The artist is famous in Colombia for his gigantic creations.

Tourism in Medellin-Plaza Botero
Hobre a Caballo- “Man on a horse”

Tips for Communication in Medellin

The major language spoken in Colombia is Spanish. However, there are certain words that are only native to the Colombians. So, it is better that you know some Colombian slangs so you don’t miss out the fun.

Some common Colombian words & phrases are:

  • Medellin is pronounced as “Me-De-Jeen”. Don’t confuse the “L” present in the spelling.
  • How are you? – “Qué más?” or “Bien o no?”
  • Pardon- “Cómo?”
  • Later or “in a little bit”- “Ahora”
  • Mate or Pal- “Parce’
  • Beer- “Polas”
  • Colombian Pesos- “Lucas”
  • Police- “Los Tombos”
  • Do me a favour-“Hágame un catorce”
  • Tired- “Mamada”

Patient Reviews

David Smith came to Oralimagen for a full mouth restoration with ceramic crowns and bridges. He is really happy with the services and the end result. He highly recommends Dr. Johanna Ossa for any kind of dental treatment in Medellin, Colombia.

Diseno and Billy also came to Medellin for a smile makeover and are satisfied with their dental work procedures in Medellin, Colombia.

Find more information on dentures, crowns, implants, etc. on Colombia on MTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medellin Safe for Tourists?

The first question that hits when one thinks of touring Medellin, is about safety. This is because of the depressing past related to the city. But that was history. As of now, Medellin is considered very safe for tourists. Moreover, it is the only city with Metro train services.

According to BBC news[4]BBC News
A Tale of Several Cities
“The gangs are not gone, but they seem to be in retreat. Many once fearsome places are safe…”
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, although the gangs in Medellin may have not vanished altogether, but they are in retreat. The places that were once feared, are now safe as no crime has been reported since a long time.

Also, a recent report on Forbes[5]Forbes
“Dangerous” Travel Destinations You Shouldn’t Fear
“The city has put effort into cleaning up the tourist areas. Travelers enjoy a renewed infrastructure that makes getting around easy and enjoyable…”
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also mention the growing tourism in Medellin. The inmates have focused on the cleanliness to attract more tourists. In turn, the travelers are also enjoying the new infrastructure and other facilities over here.

Which is the best time to be in Medellin?

Medellin is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is located near the equator. This setting keeps the weather very pleasant. The temperature usually ranges between 59 degrees to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city experiences moderate rainfall all year-round. But, the months between December and March are drier and warmer. We suggest you visit Medellin in these summer months to avoid any heavy downpours.

However, if you are looking for some thrilling activities, then July and August months are better. At this time, you find the popular Salsa festival and Colombian fashion week in motion.

How to stay safe in Medellin?

Medellin is a safe city, but there are many things that you should avoid doing in Medellin for your own safety. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Avoid visiting shady areas in Medellin. [6]Colombia Reports
    No-go areas in Medellin
    “These caution levels are based on local reports on the prevalence of street crime and violent gang activity…”
    View in Article

The map highlights the level of caution you should practice according to the crime activities in Medellin.

extreme caution high caution elevated caution normal caution low caution
  • Dont show-off your valuables like mobile phones, money or jewellery, especially at night.
  • Don’t take cigarettes or drinks from strangers.
  • Avoid over-friendly strangers.
  • Keep your bag close to you and avoid easily snatchable bags.

In Colombia, you can find dental options like implants, crowns, dentures, etc. in Cartagena and Bogota as well.

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