Dental implants are effective solutions to rectify the problem of missing teeth. Their costs in the United States and Canada, however, can be a major deterrent. To circumvent high treatment costs, Canadians and Americans need not venture very far. Tijuana, a border town in Mexico, is home to several state-of-the-art dental clinics providing quality care. […]

FREE PICK-UP. SPECIAL LIMITED PERIOD OFFER – FREE STAY FOR UP TO 3 NIGHTS AT HOTEL HACIENDA, LOS ALGODONES FOR DENTAL WORK COSTING $1,500 OR MORE Choosing a dental clinic in Los Algodones border area in Mexico can help Americans and Canadians assailed by exorbitant treatment prices in their home country cut down costs substantially. […]

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics and appearance of a person’s teeth. These procedures, however, may not necessarily improve the functionality of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica can be looked into by those who want to refurbish their smiles but cannot afford to pay for the treatment in […]

Dental implants are an effective solution to missing teeth. However, if you do not have enough bone in your jaw or if it is too soft for the implant to hold, then you may need a bone grafting surgery. If the costs of the procedure in your home country have been bothering you, you may […]

Traditionally, dental implants—the standard solution to replace missing teeth—have been made of titanium. However, titanium can compromise the aesthetic appearance of the implants. This problem can be taken care of by zirconium teeth implants. Zirconium implants (ceramic based) are bio-compatible and not noticeable under teeth caps. Their price in the United States and Canada can, […]

Gastric bypass surgery helps people who have failed to shed extra pounds by resorting to diet control and exercising lose weight. The surgery costs, especially in the USA and Canada, can be quite prohibitive. Those deterred by costs can consider traveling for gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, a Mexican border town located only 25 km […]

With costs of medical treatments flying through the roof in the United States, more and more Americans looking for cheaper weight loss surgical solutions are heading to neighboring Mexico. Gastric sleeve plication in Mexico costs substantially lower. There are a number of other advantages of choosing Mexico for your surgery. Read on to learn more. […]

With rising obesity rates, bariatric procedures such as lap band surgery have become the current buzzwords. Their high costs in the US and Canada, however, are a major deterring factor for many. But there is a solution – lap band in Puerto Vallarta, a popular beach destination in Mexico. By choosing PVR (as the city […]

If you choose Costa Rica for getting immediate load, alternatively known as same day dental implants, you can look forward to paying only a fraction of the US prices. Costa Rica, a Central American country abounding with delights of Mother Nature, has of late established itself as one of the prime dental tourism destinations in […]

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 40,000 women will lose their life from it in the USA in 2013. Scientific breakthroughs on genetic testing can help determine if a woman has a very high risk of breast cancer before she gets it. Women […]

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