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Watch Tom from Florida review dental work at a hi-tech dental clinic in Costa Rica. This is his fourth visit to Costa Rica and he is extremely content with the dental work he received.  Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any outcomes. Video Transcription “My name is Tom and I live in Pompton […]

In this video, an American patient from Tyler, Texas recounts her extremely satisfying dental trip to Costa Rica. She explains in detail the fantastic service she received right from the point she landed at the airport, and shares an emotionally moving account of her transformation as a new person after the dental procedure.   Disclaimer: […]


In this video Charessa Lyle from Tyler, Texas, discusses the care she received at Medical Tourism Co.’s network dental clinic, after she decided to get her dental implants in Costa Rica.  Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific outcomes. “My husband and I left Tyler, Texas. My nephew drove us to the airport. […]


In this video, Nellie from Houston, Texas shares her experience about teeth implants in Costa Rica. Nellie is satisfied with the dental treatment and appreciates the staff of the hospital and the medical tourism company which assisted her in every step of her dental trip. Check out the video where Nellie talks about the facilities she got […]

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is experiencing a boom, thanks to an increasing number of medical tourists from the US and Canada thronging it to undergo affordable dental procedures. Dental implants in Costa Rica cost a fraction of what they cost in the developed countries. Also, dental clinics in Costa Rica are equipped with the latest technology. Disclaimer: […]

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