Price Locations Why Us No insurance? Benefits of WLS Reviews The average cost of bariatric surgery is quite high in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Medical tourism is a pocket-friendly solution for people who can’t afford the self-pay price of the procedure in their home country. Bariatric surgery in Mexico, Costa Rica, […]


As with any surgical procedure, weight-loss surgeries come with potential risks. Patients should take into account all potential bariatric sleeve surgery risks when considering going under the knife. However, finding the right surgeon will help minimize the chances that they will ever experience such complications. Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee […]


FREE PICK UP SERVICES. VISA AND PASSPORT EXPEDITE. CURRENT LIMITED PERIOD OFFER – GET FREE STAY FOR UP TO 3 NIGHTS AT HOTEL HACIENDA IN LOS ALGODONES FOR DENTAL WORK EXCEEDING $1,500. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are mounted with dental crowns (teeth caps) or bridges. Though an effective solution to missing teeth, […]


Weight loss surgery can be an expensive affair and arranging finances for the same can be difficult.  Loans from family and friends are a convenient option for those dealing with a financial crisis but in dire need of bariatric surgery. Near and dear ones of an individual would, in most likeliness, gladly lend financial help […]


If you cannot arrange money for your surgery abroad, try money pooling! This easy method can come in handy when all the other avenues of arranging funds, such as medical loans and refinancing, close. Postponing medical treatment just because of lack of funds can cost you your health in the future. Therefore, you can go […]


Crowdfunding for weight loss surgery is a worthwhile alternative for individuals lacking funds for their treatment. There are times when all the avenues for arranging finances for bariatric surgery close due to reasons such as: Bad credit score Non-completion of formalities Cumbersome procedure for arranging finances Under such circumstances, the process of treatment of an […]


Do you find yourself hiding your smile because you are conscious of your teeth? Are you experiencing tooth aches and going through a bad oral health phase? Are your teeth sensitive and prone to chipping? Well, a full mouth restoration in Mexicali can help you deal with all of these problems at a reasonable cost […]


Many people have dental problems that impact their entire mouth. Such conditions need to be tackled with a comprehensive approach. The aim should be to work equally on improving both the everyday functioning capacity and the candidate’s aesthetic appearance. Individuals who require extensive treatment to achieve the desired results can do the same with the […]


Porcelain veneers or dental veneers are very thin shells which are individualized to suit one’s dental build. Veneers are designed to match the natural color of the tooth’s front surface. Considering the high prices for porcelain veneers in countries like the United States and Canada, one always has the option of looking for affordable dentists […]


Refinancing is a good option for individuals who require money for their medical treatment, including weight loss surgery, and are dealing with shortage of finances. Refinancing helps you rearrange the elements of your liabilities in an appropriate manner via which you can get hold of your finances. It also makes your repayment cycle more systematic […]

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