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Cataract Surgery Cost in Tijuana – Mexico

Cataract Surgery Before-and-AfterWhile treatment for cataracts is commonly available, yet quite a few Americans do not have access to proper eye care because of high costs. In comparison, cataract surgery cost in Tijuana – Mexico is quite low. And because of the lower eye correction surgery cost Tijuana has become a preferred destination for a number of Americans and Canadians seeking affordable cataract surgery abroad.

A cataract is an eye disease that causes clouding of the eye’s clear lens. As per Prevent Blindness America, more than 22 million of the US citizens aged 40 and above have cataracts.

Why go to Tijuana for Cataract Surgery?

The cost of cataract treatment in this Mexican medical city can be 30% to 70% lower than the price people would have to pay for the treatment in the United States or other First World countries. The low cataract surgery price in Tijuana is not the only highlight. There are a number of advantages synonymous with undergoing eye correction procedure in the city, some of which are as follows –

  • World-class ophthalmic facilities in the city specialize in performing various types of eye surgery procedures.
  • Leading facilities for cataract surgery in Mexico use the latest ophthalmic surgical devices and techniques.
  • The well-known ophthalmologists in Tijuana have years of experience in carrying out a variety of eye treatments, such as Lasik surgery and cataract removal procedure.
  • You will also find eye doctors and surgeons for cataract correction in Tijuana who have undergone training and have received certifications from the reputable medical institutes in the United States.
  • English-speaking surgeons and medical staff provide all the support and assistance needed to overseas patients so that they can go through the entire process without any communication impediments.
  • There is almost no waiting period for appointments for cataract eye treatment in the city.

Eye Correction Surgery Cost in TJ – Mex

  • Tijuana City ViewFor Californians, there is an added bonus of proximity in addition to the low eye correction surgery cost in Tijuana. The Mexican border city is only about 20 minutes’ drive from the San Diego airport.
  • You can save on lodging expenses by scheduling your surgery during the off-season.
  • Remember, the cost of cataract treatment in this healthcare destination varies depending on the type of the cataracts and their severity. The cost of cataract surgery also depends on the variety of the artificial intraocular lens used.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

  • Medical tourism in Mexico is growing at a rapid pace. As reported by Keith Darce in his May 2009 U-T San Diego article, approximately 1 million Californians visit this Latin American country to get healthcare each year.
  • Because of this Baja California city’s proximity to the US and easy accessibility, many US citizens, especially Californians and those residing on the West Coast, seek different kinds of medical treatments in this healthcare destination. Gastric bypass, lap band surgery, plastic surgery, eye correction surgery, and dental crowns in Tijuana are some of the procedures sought by overseas patients.

Tips for Medical Tourists in TJ

  • Make the list of top eye surgeons in the city by hunting for patient feedback and testimonials on the Internet.
  • Inquire about their education, certifications, and experience. Also, ask if they can provide some references.
  • Medical Tourism Corporation aids in quality and affordable cataract treatment in Tijuana. You can get in touch with us through the quote form on the right to know more.

Mexico draws hordes of people from the United States, Canada, and other developed countries who are looking for affordable treatments. If you are also searching for an inexpensive solution abroad for your eye treatment, then cataract surgery cost in Tijuana, Mexico will suit you perfectly.

Medical Tourism Co. facilitates low-cost cataract surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. For more information, fill-out the FREE estimate-request form.

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