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Dental Work in Barranquilla, Colombia

Are you looking for dental work to get that perfect smile? Worried about sky-high prices? Dental work in Barranquilla, Colombia is your answer to affordable, state of the art dental treatment.

Highly qualified, specialized teams of dentists in Barranquilla can take care of all your dental needs.

Dental work in Barranquilla
Barranquilla sunset

Why choose Barranquilla for dental work?

Highly Qualified Dentists

Dentists in Barranquilla are highly qualified with specializations from international universities. Additionally, they are well equipped to cater to all your dental needs.

Low-Cost Dental Treatment

The cost of dental work in Barranquilla is one-fourth of the cost in the US[1]International Living
Healthcare in Colombia is a Perfect Balance of High Quality, Easy Access, and Low Cost.
“Dentists provide excellent care at a fraction of the U.S. cost. The larger cities have English-speaking dentists who offer services from a simple ultrasonic cleaning, cavity filling, or whitening, to more complex procedures such as root canals, crowns, implants, and orthodontics. Prices are one-quarter of what you would spend in the U.S. A routine ultrasonic cleaning costs about $30. A session of Zoom whitening costs $150 verses over $600 in the U.S.”
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.  This is because of the lower cost of living in Barranquilla and a high conversion rate for the dollar.

Dental Work Cost: USA & Barranquilla
Procedure USA Barranquilla
Implant (crown + abtmnt) $1,605 $821-903
Mini implant $500-1,500 $107-119
Porcelain / Zirconia crown $1,040 $571-629
PFM crown $1,100 $357-392
Removable Complete Denture $1,275-2,750 $571-628
Removable Partial Dentures $1,605 $214-982
Snap-on denture $5,500-8,000 $5,285-5,814
Porcelain Veneer $1,070 $428-471
Dental Bridge $15,000-30,000 $6,000-6,600
RCT $265-635 $85-216
All the prices are in US Dollars. The prices from USA have been taken from online resources

No Language Barrier

The dentists in Barranquilla are fluent in English as well as Spanish.

Excellent Holiday Destination

Barranquilla is an excellent option for a relaxing beach vacation. You can enjoy your holiday and still save on money as compared to what you pay for dental treatment back home.

WHO ranked 191 countries measuring the overall health system performance and Colombia was ranked 22; which is higher than Canada and the USA[2]WHO
“Overall efficiency in all WHO member states
Rank: 22
Member State: Colombia”

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Dental work in Barranquilla includes:

  • Implants: all on 4, 6, 8; mini implant
  • Crowns: all-porcelain/ceramic and zirconia, PFM (Porcelain fused metal dental)
  • Dentures: Complete and partial, Snap-on (implant-supported), permanent and removable
  • Veneers: Porcelain, zirconium
  • Implant-supported bridge
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Teeth Whitening: in-Office and take home

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Dental work offered in Barranquilla, Colombia:

Dental work in Barranquilla is a one-stop solution for all your dental needs.


Dental Implant in Barranquilla
Dental Implant- Anatomy

Implants are titanium or zirconia posts inserted into the jawbone and act as a support for an artificial tooth.


  • The surgical procedure to insert an implant may require sinus lifting or bone grafts.
  • An abutment is a connector between the implant and the tooth on top.
  • A set of 2 to 8 implants can be used to support removable overdenture or a full arch bridge.


  • Appear and function like natural teeth because they are permanently fused to the bone
  • Thus, implant-supported dentures are hassle-free and adhesive-free
  • Additionally, allow for easy and pain-free chewing of your favorite foods
  • Implants are highly successful with a cumulative survival rate of 98.6% after 5 years[3]International Journal of Implant Dentistry
    Implant success and survival rates in daily dental practice: 5-year results of a non-interventional study using CAMLOG SCREW-LINE implants with or without platform-switching abutments
    “From a total of 196 patients planned, 185 patients with 271 implants were restored with abutments and fulfilled the follow-up inclusion criteria. Three implant failures were recorded, resulting in a cumulative survival rate of 98.6% after 5 years post-loading.”
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Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crown in Colombia
Dental Crown
  • Dental crown is a protective covering for a grossly destroyed tooth
  • Bridge covers the space of a missing tooth and is supported by adjacent teeth or implants
  • The dentist will prepare or fill the tooth/teeth to receive the crown/bridge
  • Following which, an impression of the region will be taken and the crown/bridge will be prepared in the lab

There are a variety of crown options:

  • Temporary and permanent crown
  • PFM- a tooth-colored porcelain layer covers a crown made of metal alloy
  • All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns
  • Zirconia crown (zirconia is a strong and long-lasting metal).


  • Crowns have excellent esthetic appeal
  • Have a good fit
  • Bridges hold adjacent teeth from migrating into empty space
  • Bridges help in biting and chewing


  • Can chip off
  • The cement which holds the crown can leach leading to loosening


A denture is a set of artificial teeth set together as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding gums

Removable Complete dentures:

  • Complete dentures replace an entire set of teeth set
  • The denture can have a metallic, acrylic, or flexible frame with acrylic or porcelain teeth set

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD):

Removable Partial Dentures in Barranquilla
Removable Partial Dentures
  • Replace a few missing teeth
  • Attached to natural teeth or crowns with the help of clasps

Implant-supported dentures

  • Attached to implants in jaws
  • No more slippery dentures as they are stable
  • Ensure better speech and confidence


Dental veneer in Barranquilla
Dental Veneers-Before and After Pics

Veneers are thin tooth-colored materials that cover any stains, irregularities, gaps, or fractures on the tooth.

  • A veneer is classified on the basis of materials used:
    • Porcelain veneer
    • Zirconia veneer
    • Composite veneer


  • Fast and easy way to get a perfect smile
  • Excellent esthetics
  • Minimal sittings


  • An irreversible process as some part of the tooth is removed
  • May feel sensitivity to hot or cold food.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Treatment Barranquilla
Root Canal Treatment


  • The infected pulp is removed, followed by disinfecting and cleaning the root canals
  • After cleaning, the canals are sealed with an inert material and a crown is placed on the tooth
  • Severely damaged teeth may require posts for additional support


  • RCTs prevent spread of infection into the jawbone and relieve pain
  • Helps conserve and retain your natural tooth
  • RCTs have success rate with 86% and 93% of teeth surviving over 2–10 years following RCT[4]International Endodontic Journal
    Tooth survival after root canal treatment
    “The pooled proportion of teeth surviving over 2-10 years following RCTx ranged between 86% and 93%.”
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  • Retained tooth structure might become brittle

Cleaning and Whitening:

Teeth Whitening in Barranquilla
Teeth Whitening- Before and After Pictures
  • The dentist will deep clean your teeth and root surfaces to remove plaque, debris, and stains
  • A local anesthetic may be used to decrease sensitivity
  • Whitening is done using an LED (light-emitting diode) lamp or Laser


  • Plaque and stain removal improve your oral health
  • Prevents mouth odor
  • Esthetically pleasing


  • Teeth can be slightly sensitive for a few hours after cleaning

Other Procedures

  • Local anesthetics or sedation might be used for the comfort of the patient
  • Nightguards may be recommended in cases of night grinding of teeth

Mouth Guard

Invisalign mouth guard in Barranquilla, Colombia
Invisalign Mouth Guard

Dental Clinics in Barranquilla

Dr. Carlos Acevedo Dental Clinic

English speaking dentist in Barranquilla -Dr. Carlos Acevedo
Dr. Carlos Acevedo
  • A state of the art dental clinic in Barranquilla offering treatment in different branches of dentistry.

Dr. Carlos is:

  • Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology from the Dental College of Colombia
  • International speaker of Bicon Dental Implants, in Boston, United States
  • Certified Trainer in CEREC Solutions from Sirona, Bensheim, Germany
  • Dentist at the Santo Tomás de Bucaramanga University
  • Has done Continuing Education in Dentistry, at the University of New York
  • Management in Oral Health, Dental Marketing and Life Management Coaching
  • Professor in Oral Surgery and Medicine at the Dental College of Bogotá and at the Metropolitan and San Martin Universities of Barranquilla
  • His team consists of highly skilled dentists

The clinic uses:

  • Pioneering CEREC technology that
    • Enables a 3D scan of the full mouth
    • Ensures high accuracy and precision treatment
  • Offers virtual dental consultation giving you personalized attention whenever, wherever (Watch this video to understand how to send your pictures and X-rays for virtual consultation).

Dental Tourism in Barranquilla:

Barranquilla, Colombia lies at the end of the Magdalena River, next to the Caribbean Sea. It is an important port and aptly called the ‘Golden Gate’.

Flight Details from the USA
Location Airport Code Flight Duration Distance
Miami MIA 2 hrs 50 min (non-stop) 1,078 km
New York LGA 6 hrs 59 min (1 stop) 2,052 km
Orlando MCO 5 hrs 32min (1 stop) 1,283 km
Chicago ORD 8 hrs 16 min (1 stop) 2,268 km
Los Angeles LAX 9 hrs 1 min (1 stop) 3,161 km
Flight Details from Canada
Location Airport Code Flight Duration Distance
Toronto YYZ 7 hrs, 22 min (1 Stop) 3,655 km
Montreal YUL 11hrs, 24min (2 stops) 3,835 km

 Travel Tips:

  • The best time to visit is the dry months between December and April. A short dry period- “Veranillo de San Juan” between June end weeks and July first weeks is also good for visiting the city.
  • The average temperature in Barranquilla is 81.3 °F, so light clothing is recommended.
  • The Integrated Transport System has rapid transit buses to get around the city.
  • Official currency: COP (Colombian Peso)
  • Try the famous local dishes Bandeja Paisa, Fritanga, and Empanadas
Barranquilla traditional cuisine- Bandeja Paisa
Bandeja Paisa
  • Spanish is the official Colombian language
    • ‘Hola’ – hi
    • ‘Gracias’- thank you
    • ‘Por favor’ – please
    • ‘cual direccion?’ – which direction?
    • ‘clínica’ – clinic
  • It’s helpful to plan talk to your hotel concierge or the Barranquilla tourist office (Comite Mixto de Promocion Mixta del Atlantico)

Places to visit in Barranquilla:

Dental Tourism in Barranquilla, Colombia- St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church
  • Bocas de Ceniza: Explore the area between the river and sea by boat and the wondrous nature around
  • Explore the city center on foot and taste the local flavors
  • Nicholas’ Church
  • The Castle of San Antonio de Salgar
  • Carnaval de Barranquilla: The annual carnival in February has live Caribbean music, dance, and a parade. Thus, planning your trip around this best to experience the rich culture

Safety in Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Although there are thefts and robberies, it’s helpful to know that with awareness and planning one can have a good stay at Barranquilla.
  • According to the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism (MinCIT), Barranquilla has experienced an increase of 9.7% in tourism in 2019 as compared to 2018.[5]Finance Colombia
    Barranquilla Seeing A Surge In International Visitors
    “In the first half of 2019, 82,549 International visitors arrived in Colombia through Colombia’s Atlantic coastal city of Barranquilla. According to Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism (MinCIT), this is an increase of 9.7% over the same period in 2018.”
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  • It’s useful to book your hotel stay around our dental clinic.
U.S. Consular Agency – Barranquilla
Calle 77B No. 57-141, suite 511, Centro Empresarial Las Americas, Barranquilla
Phone: +(57) (5) 353-2001
Emergency Phone: (US Embassy, Bogota): +(57) (1) 275-2701[6]USA Travel.State.Gov
Embassies and Consulates
“U.S. Consular Agency – Barranquilla…”
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Places near Barranquilla:

  • Tourists can explore nearby resorts like Pradomar, Salgar, etc which have water sports, camping, fishing, and excursions.
  • Cupino hill offers paragliding.
  • Visit the house of the poet Julio Flórez in Usiacurí and buy handicrafts.
  • Cartagena and Santa Marta are nearby tourist cities.

Patient Testimonials:

  • A patient from the USA visited Dr.Carlos Acevedo for a week of dental work in Barranquilla. He loved the facility and had an ‘amazing’ experience. He was also ‘treated professionally’ and ‘had no pain’ which was the best part according to him.
  • A patient from Australia found Dr. Carlos Acevedo’s dental clinic in Barranquilla while searching online. He found the clinic to be ‘beautiful’ with ‘friendly’ and ‘professional’ staff. Despite not speaking Spanish, he was treated well and ‘thrilled with the outcome’. He smiles more often now, and this has improved his personal and professional life.

For more information on Dental works in Colombian cities visit Bogota, Cartagena, or Medellin.


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