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Dental Work in Cartagena, Colombia is a great way to bid farewell to your dental problems. In addition to affordable dental treatment in Colombia, you get to explore a Caribbean paradise at equally nominal rates.

Other than Cartagena, you can also find dental work in Bogota and Medellin at equally reasonable rates.

Cartagena Dental Tourism-Places to visit

Cost of Dental Implants in Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia Dental Price List
Procedure Price Duration
Titanium(Single Implant) $795 3 days
All-on-4 (Straussman) $7,895 3 days
All-on-6/8 (Straussman) $9,580-11,000 3 days
Crowns and Bridges
Porcelain Crown $590 5 days
Porcelain E-Max Bridges $2070 5 days
Porcelain Veneer (per unit) $490 6 days
Snap-on Denture $2,500-4,300 3 days
Immediate Acrylic Full or Partial $350 4 days
High-Quality Full Arch $490 4 days
Teeth Whitening
Zoom Whitening $190 1 day
Root Canal
Root Canal $110-$190 1 day
Post/Core Build-Up $150 1 day
Pre-Fabricated Post $150 1 day
Wisdom Tooth Ext. $150-$175 1 day
Occlusal Mouth Guard $190 3 days

English Speaking Dentist in Cartagena, Colombia

Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys

Dr. Tarsys is a renowned cosmetic dentist in Cartagena and the chief dentist at Sonrisa Perfecta dental clinic.

She has more than 28 years of experience in offering high-quality services with robotic laser technology and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys | Best dentist in Cartagena

She has numerous distinctions which include:

  • International IAE of excellence 2020
  • The Winner Awards – Nueva York 2019
  • International Core Quality Achievement – París 2019
  • Maximum Leader of Excellence in Health – AMES
  • The Best Medical Practice Project 2017 – EMA
  • International Prize “Star For Quality” Gold Category, Quality and Excellence, Ginebra, Suiza. 2017.

Dr. Jairo Montoya

Dr. Jairo Montoyo, a rehabilitator and implantologist, is the head of Dentist Cartagena Dental Clinic and holds more than 30 years of experience in dentistry. He also takes care of the dental emergencies on cruise ships that arrive in Cartagena.

Dr. Jairo Montoya- Dentist in Cartagena
Dr. Jairo Montoya

Dr. Julio Oliver Gonzalez

Dr. Julio Oliver Gonzalez is a well-known dentist in Cartagena and the Atlantic Coast in Colombia. He is the head of Centro de Implantes de la Costa and has successfully treated hundreds of patients.

Oliver Julio-Cartagena

He is an expert in Cosmetic Dentistry.

  • Specialized in Implantology at the Veracruzana University of Mexico.
  • Bacheolars degree in Endodontics from University of Cartagena.
  • Master’s degree in Oral Rehabilitation and Clinical Biochemistry.
  • 20 years of professional experience.

Dental Clinics in Cartagena

Cartagena Dentist

If you need a relaible quality dental work in Cartagena, then Dentist Cartagena is the place for you.

Facilities available here:

Bilingual Staff

The staff at Cartagena Dentist is well versed in English and Spanish so there is no language barrier at all.

Flexible Appointments

The clinic takes care of the international patients and provides a flexible appointment schedule.

Guaranteed Dental Work

Cartagena Dentist provides 4 years guarantee on crowns while  it is 2 years for veneers.

Located near hotel hub

Hotels like Hyatt Hotel, Decameron Hotel, Estelar Hotel, and many more are in close vicinity to the clinic.

Available Pick-up and Drop-off Services

We can arrange for travel from and towards the airport, organization of tours inside and outside the city, islands of Cartagena, yachts and other diversions.

Follow Ups

Centro de Implantes de la Costa, Cartagena

Dental Clinic in Cartagena

Centro de Implantes de la Costa, Cartagena is an affordable option for people who wants cost-effective dental treatment.

Other facilities offered at the clinic are:

Free Airport Pick-up:

You will be picked up from the airport and directly transferred to the clinic. This will save a lot of your time.

Flexible Appointments:

We offer 100% flexibility while booking an appointment for the traveling patients. You can directly book your appointment with us.

Multiple Payment Options:

You can pay using your Credit Cards, Cash (Colombian Pesos or US Dollars), Wire Transfer.

Bilingual Staff:

Our staff speaks English and Spanish. The doctor ensures that you understand the procedure before beginning it.

No Consultation Charges:

We offer free consultations. Moreover, the cost of our services will be disclosed before you book with us so there is no scope for hidden charges as well.


We recommend that you book hotels that are near the clinic so that you have no problems while traveling during the treatment. Consider booking The Intercontinental Hotel, which is just four blocks away from the clinic.

Equipment for Dental Work in Cartagena, Colombia

The clinic uses CAD-CAM and CEREC technology, which is the most current worldwide. Also, as the Colombian government is strict about sterilizing management, sterilization of equipment is done using an autoclave.

CEREC technology-Dental work in Cartagena
Single-day Tooth-Colored Crown Machine

You can ask for more details about the instruments being used during the procedure to be sure about the procedure.

Places to Visit in Cartagena

According to the Colombian Reports[1]Colombia Reports
“Disregarding the mass migration from Venezuela, most foreign visitors to Colombia are from the United States…”
View in Article
, more than 0.6 million from USA are visiting Colombia every year. These make 20% of the total percentage of tourists entering the country annually.

Cartagena is a Caribbean city and the environment here makes it suitable for touristic activities. Even its city center is a title World’s Heritage site by the UNESCO. If you’re interested in a site tour, then you must explore the beautiful buildings in Cartagena.

  • Castle of San Luis de Bocachica: [2]Fortificaciones Cartagena de Indias
    San Fernando de Bocachica
    “Its privileged location and splendid construction make the view of San Fernando one of the obligatory fortresses of Cartagena…”
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A huge structure on the entrance of the bay, the castle is a great representation of the Cartagena history. There are 2 other forts, San José Fort, and the Angel San Rafael Fort, in Bocachica which you can see as well. All three of these forts are open and free to visit. You must include this in your must-visit locations to experience the military history of Cartagena.

Medical Tourism in Cartagena-San Luis de Bocachica

  • Teatro Adolfo Mejia

If you are keen on going for theaters, then this is the right choice for you. Even if you miss the events conducted here, still it has beautiful painting from a famous artist- Enrique Grau.

  • Playa Blanca:

A beach located south of Cartagena[3]The Telegraph
Cartagena cool – an expert guide to Colombia’s most alluring city
“What can I do in eight hours or less?…”
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is for people who love to get tanned on a white sand beach with turquoise waters. Even the nightlife in Cartagena is quite active as there are a lot of bars where tourists like to visit after a hot day in the city. However, we suggest that you take extreme caution during the night time.

tourist place-Playa Blanca cartagena

Flights to Cartagena, Colombia

Flights for Dental tourism in Cartagena

City Duration Distance No. of Stops
Miami (MIA) 2 hrs 46 min 1,105 mi Non-Stop
New York (JFK) 5 hrs 2,096 mi Non-Stop
Los Angeles (LAX) 8 hrs 40 min 3,151 mi 1-stop
Toronto (YTZ) 7 hrs 35 min 3,715 mi 1-Stop

Patient Testimonial and Reviews

Quentarius came to Cartagena for Porcelain Veneers. He found a dependable and affordable dental care and he recommends it to anybody looking for quality care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dental implants in Cartagena, Colombia cost so little?

The cost of dental care in Cartagena is low because the cost of living in Cartagena is very less as compared to that in the USA.

A survey on Salary Expert, explains the difference by comparing the cost of living in both the countries along with the gross income of the dentists.

According to a patient, she saved nearly $18,000 with her dental work in Cartagena, Colombia[4]New York Post
I saved thousands of dollars by having surgery abroad
“Meanwhile, my Colombian dentist charged $400 per tooth — $3,200 total — saving me about $18,000, all while traveling to paradise for the procedure….”
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due to this cost difference.

When should I plan my dental tourism in Cartagena?

The peak time for tourists to visit Cartagena is between December and Febraury. The weather is pleasant with cool breeze and negligible rain. But the flights and the hotels are quiet expensive during this time.

So, if you want to be easy in your pocket, then the best time to visit Cartagena is right after the peak season, which is in March. You can also enjoy the famous Cartagena International Film Festival this month.

Other light tourist months are between June and August and the days are still pleasant with less rain.

Is Cartagena safe for tourists?

Cartagena is very safe for tourists. According to NBC News[5]NBC News
Colombia seeks to expand tourism as it sees big bump in visitors

“Even former FARC guerrillas have jumped on the tourism bandwagon…”
View in Article
, even the old guerillas FARC people have started supporting eco-friendly tourism. They are enthusiastic about showcasing their culture to the world and how they have embraced the peace process. According to the International Congress & Convention Association’s (ICCA) rankings[6]Skift
Colombia Is Building a Legacy as South America’s Most Innovative Meeting and Event Destination
” In ICCA city rankings, Bogota, Medellín and Cartagena secured the 59th, 62nd and 81st places worldwide…”
View in Article
, Cartagena secured 81st place among the most popular place for conducting meetings.

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