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Overview Cost Candidate Procedures Clinics Dentists Reviews Travel Tourism FAQs Looking to fix your cracked and chipped teeth within budget? Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica will offer you a solution! You can save up to 80% for the smile you always wanted! Explore this ultimate guide for more information on the cost and procedure. Brighter Smile […]

Dental implants are an effective solution to missing teeth. However, if you do not have enough bone in your jaw or if it is too soft for the implant to hold, then you may need a bone grafting surgery. If the costs of the procedure in your home country have been bothering you, you may […]


Cost Why Costa Rica? Clinic Dentists Procedure Aftercare Advantages Dental Tourism FAQs Is your titanium allergy stopping you from getting the smile of your dreams? Worry not! You’ve landed on the right page. Zirconium teeth implants in Costa Rica are the ideal option for Americans & Canadians! Moreover, you can end up saving 50% plus. […]

Many of us regard swollen and bleeding gums and sensitive teeth as simple oral problems that can be fixed by gargling mouthwash or using special toothpaste. If not properly treated, however, gum disease could lead to tooth loss and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Scaling and root planing in Costa Rica are an effective and affordable […]

Overview Comparison Pros & cons Cost Clinic Travel Safety FAQs Are you seeking full mouth dentures but don’t want to worry about their slippage? Well, consider snap on dentures in Costa Rica. Apart from quality dental work, you get to save ~63% compared to the US and Canadian prices. Want to learn more? Keep scrolling. […]

With its outstanding beaches and fun-loving culture, Costa Rica has always been a popular tourist destination. Now more and more people are visiting the country for their medical and dental needs. Same Day Dental Implants in Costa Rica are highly in demand by dental tourists looking to work with experienced and internationally-trained dental surgeons. Same day dental […]

All on 4 dental implants in Costa Rica are an affordable option for many patients in US and Canada. As dental technology evolves, there are better alternatives to restore a fully edentulous (i.e. toothless) arch. All on 4 dental implants treatment involves placing four implants, strategically, to support a fixed partial denture. This technique has got […]

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