With its outstanding beaches and fun-loving culture, Costa Rica has always been a popular tourist destination. Now more and more people are visiting the country for their medical and dental needs.

Same Day Dental Implants in Costa Rica are highly in demand by dental tourists looking to work with experienced and internationally-trained dental surgeons.

Same Day Dental Implants vs. Traditional Implants

With traditional implants:

  • Patients require several visits to a dental surgeon and a cosmetic dentist over a period of several months in order to get a nicer smile.
  • The process includes pulling out the bad teeth, placing the dental implants, and giving it ample time to heal (which can take months), before a cosmetic dentist can work on the site again to finally place the crowns.
  • Aside from the length of time, the fact that a person can go toothless or wearing some form of dentures for months can be very depressing.

Thankfully, the answer to this problem is here. Same day dental implants, also called immediate load dental implants, are available in Costa Rica.

This process entails a much shorter process that can have a person walk out of the dentist’s clinic in as little as an hour with temporary crowns already attached to the implants.

Getting Dental Procedures Done in Costa Rica

So why pick Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination?

  • Costa Rica is very tourist-friendly, with a big majority of its population able to speak good English.
  • Over 2 million people visit the country annually; most of them come from nearby North American countries.
  • In recent years they have capitalized on their natural resources to attract people from around the globe, and much of their country’s economy is derived from their impressive tourism programs.
  • Most shops and stores, especially in their capital city of San Jose, accept US dollars – a testament to how their value their tourists’ convenience.
  • The flora and fauna are very diverse, with beautiful beaches just waiting for the water sports-loving tourists.
  • The medical and dental services in Costa Rica are also among the best in the world.
  • Because of its proximity to North America, many of their hospitals and clinics cater to tourists who go there for their affordable rates.

Dental Implants Cost in Costa Rica

If Costa Rica is a place that one is interested to see, why not avail of the services of their internationally-trained medical experts as well?

Getting an affordable package for dental procedures in Costa Rica is common, and immediate load dental implants in Costa Rica costs can be 50 to 60% lower than in the US or Canada.

Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

If you only have to spend a few hours in a dental clinic, then you can have the rest of the time exploring its beaches, lakes, rainforests, and their delicious, mouth-watering cuisine.

For help in planning an exciting vacation in this beautiful country, visit their official website for the most popular sights and attractions.

Having same day dental implants in Costa Rica means a dental procedure doesn’t have to be a painful and boring process.

Save ~60% on dental care!

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