Costa Rica Dental Implants Testimonial

Dinora Gonzales from Atlanta shares her Costa Rica dental tourism experience. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated her same day dental implants trip to Costa Rica. Dinora had permanent teeth implants done in a one week trip. Watch the video interview for more.


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My name is Dinora Gonzales and I live in Atlanta, born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York. I live here in Atlanta now and I have been here for 30 years.

Being in another country you never really know what you are going to get into. When we were finally going there wasn’t any big prediction or anything. It was you know dental service, very nice office, very nice people and they took care of me right away in a way that I felt comfortable.

I was very scared; I was shaking as a mater of fact when I was sitting there even before the first shot. I was shaking but every time I felt little pain of doesn’t feel comfortable I raise my hang and gave a signal and he stopped and make sure I am relaxed, comfortable and then proceed. I felt that was pretty good, comfortable. I’d say what we have here in anyway.

Very good service, they came to pick us at airport, were on time, they dropped my husband to the hotel, they cam back drop me. You know I can’t complaint about it.

By the time I land I knew someone would come pick us up, I dint knew its going ot be fast like that. I thought they were going to do the evaluation first day, then just give me price and then I’d come back make another trip. But the gentleman there picked us took my husband to the hotel and they took me straight to the clinic.

They took the X-Ray of my mouth and all that. They did an evaluation, we went over price. He asked me if I was comfortable with the price. And you know price what I get I was very happy. He said we can upgrade it and I can have all done.

Price was something around 11,000$ over here if I’d have all done it would have cost over 60,000$. When he told me ha can have all done I said are you serious? He said yes we can do it, this is the price and we can have all done. After I gave my OK he said OK sit down and he started procedure right away. Took a couple of hours and we stopped for 2 hours so I could relax and gums could heal, I think that’s part of procedure. Then he come back and finished off and you know I was done that day.

I have the new smile, these were temporary. I went back to the hotel and I smiled for my husband and he said oh my god these look great. They were just temporary. I was able to eat, chew without any pain, he said don’t eat real hard, but I wasn’t in pain. I’ve read testimonials that people were able to eat right away, but I think that wasn’t possible. But it’s true. Right after I have I was able to eat and show off my new smile.

That was the first day three days later they give me real crowns and next day he wanted one more time to look. During this gentleman would pick us from the hotel and take us back. On the fifth day after routine check we flew back to US.

I don’t have cold or hot sensation that I was having. Some problem with chewing that I had, it hurt sometime. Now I don’t have any pain nothing. You know I cancel my dental insurance.

I felt really terrific and I smile all time. I tell people I got my smile back because I love it.

I am very happy, Medical Tourism Corporation I will highly recommend. I am so happy, I am smiling all time. I really don’t mind the camera. Camera is my friend.

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