Testimonial – All on Four Dental Implants in Costa Rica

In this video, Nancy from Austin, Texas shares her experience about all in four dental implants in Costa Rica.

Nancy is very satisfied with the services she got from the medical tourism company and the hospital.  She talks about the facilities provided to her during the whole dental treatment process.

Check out the video where Nancy talks about her whole journey including the services, food, travel etc during her visit to Costa Rica for dental Treatment.


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Video Narration

“Our experience in Costa Rica was so pleasant.  We are deciding to get one more round at this. I am deciding to get some facial work done.  Very happy with Costa Rica. We drove all over, we saw the facilities.  I cant think of a thing offhand.  I think it was well tangled.  The minute we got off the airplane, there were people to meet us, taxi took us directly to the hotel.

Everything was seamless, Nothing went wrong. There were no problems.  Communication was great.  I think one day the doctor had to change our appointment, they left messages at the hotel.  We were at the pool, so they left messages, so there was no problem.  They were always properly to pick us on time and bring us back and on top of that we wanted to go to the grocery store.  Driver was told so he help us shopping, went in with us, helped us find things, very pleasant, then took us back to the hotel.

Because we had appointments so we could not go far away but we hoped we could go to pacific and state for a day or two but ………. but we rent a car for 3 days, so we just took off to travelling.  We went to volcano and went to Manuel Antonio pacific.  It was a beautiful country, was easy to get around except downtown.

We had a trouble downtown with traffic and ensnares. Because we had rent a car with a GPS system which was little out of date, getting us little bit lost but we had a great time.  We were to part of …….that were poor, we didn’t feel that we were in danger and we just saw that these people were poor, we saw lot of … in costa rica, we drove a lot, it was great, beautiful.

Food was great, hotel was great, the hotel that was recommended 10 or 12 were all great I guess but we picked one and we love it, we were very happy.

I think we were charged less than five thousand dollars for four implants and again here it was 20000 dollars for the four implants.  And when we got there looked and evaluated that if you were my mother this is what I would do and recommend and I appreciated that because I’m not going to be using this teeth for 50 more years, so I appreciated what he said and it made sense and it was less stress on me and that worked just fine and I can eat whatever I want without the stress of implants and I do have bone loss and that elevated that problem because it’s a bridge and it works just fine.

Again I had bone loss and my periodontist told me that I would lose my front four teeth and it did happen and I had what is called a flipper and you put it in the morning and take out at night and it was not very pleasant and I couldn’t bite into anything. So I had to do something and I didn’t want to pay $20000 for 4 teeth. And I found Costa Rica where I can get the job done in $5000 if that what I chose to do……. And he said that I could charge you $5000 and do 4 implants but I think you would be better off with a bridge and 2 crowns.  So it’s the two crowns, a bridge with four teeth for less than $3000 and I am thoroughly happy with them, I have no problems, I can bite into anything.

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is mainly among popular Canadians and Americans. Low cost of dental treatment in the country in the major reason why lot of tourists fly to Costa Rica for dental care.

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