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Testimonial – Teeth Implants in Costa Rica

In this video, Nellie from Houston, Texas shares her experience about teeth implants in Costa Rica.

Nellie is satisfied with the dental treatment and appreciates the staff of the hospital and the medical tourism company which assisted her in every step of her dental trip.

Check out the video where Nellie talks about the facilities she got in and out of the hospital in Costa Rica. She also expresses her happiness about the low cost dental treatment in the hospital.



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Video Narration of Testimonial

“My name is Nellie….. I had two implants put in….. and have been very satisfied with that.  ….. has been very helpful, she continues to communicate with me.  She is proficient in English, so I had no issues with her and I’m very satisfied with her.

His staff is very good actually.  The help me with arrangements to pick me from the hotel and then drop me back at the airport, that was such a convenience for me.  The staff has been very helpful, every time I go there, they are always going to accommodate me, they do their best, every on the weekend, on Saturday they are open to take care of what I need.

Do have great medical insurance in United States however the out pocket expenses were much higher than I would have, if I would have been in United States.

Dental implant one would have cost me 7500 dollars approximately and doctor was able to do that for about 1250 with was considerable savings for me even with insurance, probably would have paid up from pocket.

Well, I have had some opportunities to visit other people who had procedures in other countries and I felt very comfortable after speaking with Melena and she assured me of what I was expecting and since I do speak Spanish, I didn’t have an anxiety of well, he will do a good job or he wont.
As I have gone back to other issues regarding procedures, he has been so helpful, wonderful about taking care of what I might need in future and he is even throwing in things for free to try to help me out. Because there are all complications with dental implants and he is been able to cover that and assured that he will take care of everything, so I havn’t have any issues about it.

Well, I work for carnival airlines, it’s a fabulous airlines, so I don’t have any issues with that, I don’t have any concerns.  I just stayed in hotel, I take care of that of my own, naturally.  Safety, I don’t have any issues with that, took me to the hotel, take me to the ride, take me back to the airport. I am good with that.”

Low cost of dental care is one of the major draw for international patients coming for dental treatment in Costa Rica. But Low cost does not mean the quality is compromised.

Therefore, Dental tourism in Costa Rica is popular among people from western countries as they can get quality dental treatment at affordable price.

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