Testimonial – Dental Trip to Costa Rica

In this video, Nancy from Austin, Taxes talks about her dental trip to Costa Rica.

Nancy talks about the reasonable cost of dental implants in Costa Rica. It was fraction of what it would cost her in America.  She appreciates the medical tourism company which assisted her in every step from start to the end of the trip.

Check out the video in which she talks about her experience and quality of dental care she got during her dental trip to Costa Rica.



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Video Narration

“Hi, my name is Nancy Graves, I live in Austin, Taxes.  I am 63 years old.  I went to Costa Rica to San Jose to have implants put in my front four teeth.  On the right, its indicated disc jockey talking about Costa Rica and the healthcare and how much better it was there then it is here. The prices are so much more reasonable.

The healthcare in America has gotten very prohibited for a lot of us.  The estimate of work that I needed to have done was twenty thousand dollars.  I checked in the Costa Rica and it was a quarter of that, basically five thousand dollars and I could afford that and we wanted to go to Costa Rica anyway because of what we had heard about what a gorgeous country it was. So that was our choice, the cost and the quality of health care in Costa Rica.

I found you on computer, the website, very attentive people.  I sent an email and got a response back immediately.  They were very helpful, answered all my questions, relieved my mind about many different problems that raised.  We were taken care of from the moment we left here, we arrived in Costa Rica.  We were totally taken care of till the date we got there to till the date we left.  Very happy with the service, very happy.

Cleanliness, quality of service and the facility.  I joked with doctor about I am so happy about the………… in the kitchen and it was very clean.  The facilities were clean, professional, technology wise, right on par with what I hoped it would be, exactly right on par.  Very happy.
Absolutely, Roberto, I talks a lot with Roberto and she was helpful and I can understand her clearly.  Every question I asked, she can answer for me.  She made me feel very comfortable.  She was very professional.

I had it done in August and this is now November, so it was about four months or five months ago. I have had no problems at all, never did, no pain, it’s still the same.  I haven’t had to call them back and say that I have a problem. No, no problem at all and they have called to check on me, which I really appreciate.”

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica is flourishing as lots of tourists are coming from different western and European countries to avail quality dental treatment at affordable cost.

Well trained dentists and technologically advanced hospitals and clinics makes the country a major destination for dental tourists.

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