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Implant Supported Dentures in Costa Rica Testimonial – Debbie’s Story

Watch Debbie, who came all the way from Florida, review implant overdentures in Costa Rica. Debbie is all-praise for a leading dental clinic in Costa Rica.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Debbie and I am from Florida. I came up here, my husband had a dental appointment yesterday and I was just coming to accompany him.

I saw the facility and the doctor and I showed him what I had done and told him I was very uncomfortable and food was getting in and I did not know what to do anymore. I have gone around Florida to a lot of different doctors and I did not know what to do and in one second, he said, “I can fix that, that will be easy” and I just knew right then and there that this was the place.

In the US, I went to many doctors and the prices were crazy but I eventually had to have it done and it just did not feel like teeth. I did not feel like, it felt like something fake in my mouth. It never felt great. The food was getting underneath, it just never felt right. But, I figured it was good enough, it was best I could do. I shopped around, I tried to get a good price, it was still very expensive. But, it was never, I am wearing temporaries now all the way around and I feel like I have my own teeth in. Nothing ever felt like this before.

I felt like I had something in my mouth before. I could not talk. I am noticing right now, with my other teeth, I had a lisp, my tongue was hitting. As I am talking to you, I am realizing, I can talk properly now. Speaking, the speech is back to normal and not a lisp, a funny, you cannot tell they are not my teeth.

My husband has been with this doctor for many years and his teeth I’ve always admired how beautiful they are. The doctor did all of his upper and now he is doing his lower. As I looked around the facility in the ease, I came as just a friend to be with him and I talked with  the doctor in the hallway and I said, I do not have an appointment but this is what I have and I took out my bottom, all the bottoms, which was in one piece and he looked at it in one second and said, “that is easy, I can do that right away” and I said, “Really!” and so he says, go down and have x-rays and then we did the full head scan and in two seconds, it popped up on his computer, state-of-the-art and he saw exactly what I needed and what needed to be done and he said come back today.

This was not planned, I did not count on him and I m done. This is amazing, I mean, in the United States, it is 5, 6, 7, 10 visits, wait 9 months and it is a long time. This is all done in hour and a half.

Implants – old, new, temporaries, very comfortable. Teeth, I have teeth now. When I was here yesterday and I travel a lot. I have been to all the islands, I go everywhere and I did not what to expect here. I felt like I was in New York city or something, it was a good vibration, it was nice classy people, it was beautiful.

Our hotel was right around the corner, lovely, very affordable. I am pleasantly surprised at the area and the people, everything here. I plan on to coming back over and over. I used to go to different islands and this island is very, very high-class, upscale. It is much different, you have a lot more education, that you have newer techniques here that we do not have back in the United States. It could be done very quickly and very affordably.

I had no intention of doing this. I came as a visitor yesterday; first time and I am leaving with something that would have taken me a year or more in the States and triple the price. I am thrilled! I am very comfortable, I can talk, I can eat and I will be back. I have four sisters and I am bringing them with me.

Thank you, it was my pleasure and this was a blessing for me to find this doctor. I am totally, totally thrilled.”

Debbie is a one of the many clients of Dr. Bonilla – renowned dental implants surgeon in Costa Rica. Watch another video of him discussing the relevance of CT scan for dental implants in Costa Rica.

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