Dental Bridge & Dental Crowns in Costa Rica – Testimonial

Dental trip to Costa Rica testimonial by Ellis Berg from California. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated his low cost dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns in Costa Rica. For more, watch video interview. To start video, scroll below and click play button.



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“Hi, I am Ellis Berg. I used to work, before I was retired, for the public works department of Stockton, California. I worked there for 34 years.

For many years, my teeth had been deteriorating. I had gaps in my teeth, a dental bridge that was almost gone, forcing me to chew only with one side of my mouth.

My front teeth were not pretty at all. They were quite like pegs. I had gaps in my teeth. I took twice as long as everybody else took to eat. It got very embarrassing when I smiled. But now it doesn’t bother me. I show my teeth when I feel like.

I had no fear of going to another country. I went to check out the dental clinic in Costa Rica. And he did some things that I couldn’t get the dentist here to do.

On the right side at the bottom, I had a tooth that had broken off. And I had asked the dentist here if they might not be able to do a root canal on that tooth, place a peg [dental implant], and then put a tooth [dental crown] on top of it. My US dentist said no, they couldn’t do it. They had to pull out that tooth, he said.

But I knew it was possible, and I was fighting to get it.

The Costa Rica dentist said it could be done. He put a dental implant in my tooth and attached the dental bridge to that. So, it’s all one solid unit now.

The interesting thing is that he has his dental technicians who make the false teeth, bridges and so forth right there in the same building. And they can expedite the work. They took the impressions, worked on my teeth and made the bridges. They installed them in not more than a week. If you could get that done here in the US faster than that, that’d be interesting, because it is simply not possible here.”

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