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Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica – Testimonial

In this video Charessa Lyle from Tyler, Texas, discusses the care she received at Medical Tourism Co.’s network dental clinic, after she decided to get her dental implants in Costa Rica.

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“My husband and I left Tyler, Texas. My nephew drove us to the airport. We just take one phone, so what happened was I got international calling. Here I am going to a place where I have never been in my whole entire life. Don’t even know what the dentist look like. I went online, I saw the office. I am in my mind yeah this will about to happen. I leave my phone in the car. Imagine now we have no way of communicating with anybody.

“So we  were at the airport we looked at each other. I said there is no one who will take away my miracle. Got to the airport the clinic was right on the way. And I said I am just going to put my trust in God. We went there, the driver picked us up, took me to hotel. We got there by about 12:30. I have appointment at 2’o clock.

“The clinic was on time, I called them when I got there. The man who picked me up he was on time. I can’t pick up the name but he was, I had never seen a place that was on time. You know here in United States you waiting forever. But here everyone made you feel comfortable.  I had two bedrooms, two baths way. I went and I started the demo work.

“Well I am not going to lie to tell you that it’s not painful, but let me tell you looking I am a brand new women. It was worth every bit of it. The staff was cordial, I felt so at ease, because here was a dentist I have never meet, and it was nothing but with the grace of God. I mean I knew that I was in a right place.

“I am new, I feel like I have been like a cool enough, I am a butterfly. It was different, because I remember I was coming back home on the airplane and I look in the mirror. You know how small those bath rooms are, I looked in the mirror and I said oh who that is? I remember when I had to take pictures, I had a tooth out this side, so use to say no will take the picture this side.

“Now I take my phone and I take so many pictures, because man I am just like vanity anything, but I am new, I am new, I am a new person and it’s because I stepped out on faith.”

Full-mouth restoration in Costa Rica, not only provided an affordable dental solution to Charessa Lyle but it seems to have changed her life completely. Although, they may seem trivial, minor changes in our appearance can make a significant difference to our lives. Those looking for cosmetic dental treatments, dental restorations, implants or dentures at low-prices may contact Medical Toruism Co. to find out the costs of these treatments at different places.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates affordable dental treatment in Costa Rica and many other world class international hospitals. Countries include India, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica & more. Fill out the free quote request using the form on this page for more information.

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