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  Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Corporation is an international medical travel company based in the US. Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. Watch our online video on the right to see what we do.

Modern Surgery Centers Overseas & Top Physicians

To get you affordable quality medical care, we work with some of the best hospitals in the world. We have screened these hospitals based on doctor credentials, track record, international accreditations and associations (including some associations with prestigious medical institutions and hospitals in the US).

We continually update and monitor our network of medical surgery centers overseas. This allows us to provide you a safe and satisfying medical and health tourism experience. Many of the staff and physicians in our hospital network have their medical training, certification and experience from US and UK medical institutes.

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  Medical Care Savings of 40 to 80%

When you opt to have a medical procedure done in one of our network hospitals, you save anywhere between 40-80% of the cost that you would otherwise incur on the same procedure in the US or UK. For example, knee surgery in one of our network hospitals in India costs US $ 7,000 whereas in the US it will cost $48,000. Hip resurfacing at our overseas medical network location costs about US $8,000; in the US it would be $55,000 and about 20,000 pounds in the UK.

If you are under-insured or un-insured and cannot afford medical care in the US, these savings can mean a huge reprieve. It creates a big difference in the quality of your life where earlier you had to choose between living with the medical condition or getting it done in the US and face financial calamity.

But even if you are insured, medical tourism may still help you end up saving a lot of money and provide access to better service. This is in case you have high deductibles or limited insurance coverage.

Why Medical Tourism Corporation?

We have a track record of helping hundreds of clients with successful medical travel abroad.

We have contracts and relationships with many established network of hospitals and clinics that have state-of-the-art medical technology and at the same time are cost-effective. Our hospitals & clinics network spans across continents.

By planning each step way ahead, we remove the element of uncertainty from your trip. Pre-trip planning includes selection of a medical tourism package that fits your needs, option of direct consultations with the physician before your trip, help in arranging passport and VISA, making travel arrangements, etc. At the destination country, right from the moment you arrive at the airport, we arrange a destination agent who will take care of all your needs during the visit and make sure your stay is comfortable. Also, if requested, we can arrange a mobile phone and internet that will allow you to stay in touch with friends and family. On your return home, if required, you also get free post-discharge consultation over the phone from the physician who treated you abroad.

We are easily accessible.

• You save money on your travel expenditure. We work with one of the biggest discount international airline tickets consolidators. We also help facilitate deep discounts on car rental and lodging.

• No surcharge or markup on hospital fees. In some cases, we even negotiate a lower price from the hospital which you would not get by going directly to them. In addition to this benefit, we facilitate the medical trip free of any fees.

• Financing option available. We help our clients with multiple loan options.

  Medical Tourism: what is it?

Medical tourism is a term that describes overseas travel for medical, cosmetic or dental health care. Medical outsourcing, health tourism, medical travel or health travel are all terms used to describe this phenomenon. Depending upon the need, the medical trips are to surgery centers overseas for medical or plastic surgery, or to overseas hospitals and clinics for advanced medical diagnostics, recuperation care or dental care.

The medical tourist usually chooses to have the surgery or procedure done overseas to:

a. save on medical costs;

b. avoid the long wait for medical services in their home country;

c. get better quality medical care or diagnostic services ;

d. even protect their privacy.

For some medical tourists, combining a vacation with the medical procedure is the attraction. For most, though, vacationing and leisure tourism is secondary.

History is replete with stories of travelers making trips to distant places for cures and improved health. The internet and easy and quick communication have popularized modern medical tourism. Also, now there are easy overseas travel options available that are affordable and convenient. JCI (Joint Commission International)-accredited hospitals with modern medical technology and availability of US-trained board certified physicians overseas have added more credibility to this phenomenon.

Most of the medical tourists are from the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, and the Middle East. The future of medical tourism looks very bright with some countries registering about 30% annual growth in tourism related to healthcare. Medical tourism is surely a part of the next level of globalization.

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