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Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica has rapidly gained popularity in the past decade. The country offers excellent quality dental care at cheaper prices. Costa Rica has even addressed the concerns of the troubled U.S. health care system.[1]JSTOR Do You Know the Way to San José? Medical Tourism in Costa Rica “…In doing so, it addresses the local implications of the globalization of health care, particularly as it concerns the troubled U.S. health care system…” View in Article

Costa Rica Ranks Among the Top for Best Healthcare in the World[2]The Costa Rica Star Costa Rica Ranks Among the Top for Best Healthcare in the World “Costa Rica took the third position in the ranking of “Best Healthcare in the World” in this year’s Annual Global Retirement Index of International Living…” View in Article– The Costa Rica Star News

Cost of Dental Work in Costa Rica

The dental treatment cost in Costa Rica is surprisingly low, coupled with the world-class facilities. Wondering how much is dental work in Costa Rica?

With prices starting at just $550 for the dental crown, most of the dental procedures are offered at approximately 70% lesser rates than the US prices.[3] Why Americans are saying ‘yes’ to dental tourism in Costa Rica “Dental care in Costa Rica is a bargain when compared to U.S. dental rates. A single dental implant can cost as much as $4,000 to $6,000 in the USA. The same titanium implant is less than $975 in Costa Rica. A porcelain or zirconia dental crown in New York, Chicago, or Denver can cost $1,500 to $2,500. “ View in Article

Single Implants Avg Cost Comparison (USD)
Implant Type Costa Rica USA
Crown Over Implant $550 $2,500
Implant + Abutment $750 $3,000
Immediate Load Implant $750 $3,000
Full Mouth Dental Implants Avg Cost Comparison (USD)
Implant Type Costa Rica USA
All-on-4 $10,750 $24,000
All-on-6 $9,975 $30,000
All-on-8 $10,750 $30,000
*price may change with the complexity of a case

The cost per implant in Costa Rica is b/w $800-$1,000. The price is more than $1,500 for the same procedure in countries like the US, UK, or Canada. Similarly, all-on-4 dental implant Costa Rica costs are approximately 50% lower than the US prices.

Affordable Teeth Veneers in Costa Rica

When you decide to have veneers in Costa Rica, it also saves you a lot of money. This is because the average price of porcelain veneers in San Jose, Costa Rica starts at just $390 whereas, the veneers cost around $1,200 to $2,500 in the US.

Dental Crowns and Caps at Affordable Prices in Costa Rica

You can have dental crowns for lower prices in Costa Rica as compared to the US.  The crown price ranges b/w $1,500-$2,500 in the US while you can get under $550 in Costa Rica.

Moreover, you can have the procedure done without any worries even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost. Opt for dental crowns and caps in Costa Rica and walk out with a smile with a same-day dental crown procedure.

Why is Dental Work Cheap in Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rica follows a universal health care system. This lowers the cost of public medical services.[4]NCBI Journal Promoting universal financial protection: a policy analysis of universal health coverage in Costa Rica “UHC has been achieved in Costa Rica because it was supported at the highest political level within a favourable socio-economic and political context.” View in Article
  • Economic factors & lower cost of living – The dentists do not have to charge extra to lay off their education loans, building rentals, wages, taxes, etc.

The above factors make the medical tourism market competitive and dental work cheap in Costa Rica.

Why Choose Dental Work in Costa Rica?

The benefits of choosing dental work in Costa Rica are:

  • Travel convenience to Costa Rica for US and Canada residents.
  • US and Canadian residents don’t need a visa for a stay less than three months
  • Costa Rica offers affordable, quality, personalized care in world-class dental clinics and hospitals.[5] Is Costa Rica a safe destination for dental tourism? “In short, the quality of care is world-class, and the pricing is affordable. Many patients who cannot afford dental care at home are choosing Costa Rica as their dental destination of choice.” View in Article
  • Costa Rican dentists use the same instruments as those used by US dental clinics.
  • Our Costa Rican dental clinics have state-of-the-art equipment. Most dentists are trained from American dental schools.
  • The implant materials are obtained from reputed companies like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Bicon, etc.
  • Our Costa Rican dentists can fluently speak English.
  • Enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty, excellent food coupled with cheap dental services.
  • The dental vacation packages offered at fixed rates exclude the uncertainty of the final bill.

Popular Costa Rica Dentistry Trip Procedures

Dental Implants in Costa Rica

  • Dental implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth.
  • Based on your preference and medical conditions, single-stage or two-stage implants can be used.

Single-stage or Same Day teeth implants can be priced as low as $600 per implant. Although the name suggests a single day, post-procedure follow-up & placing crowns make the trip time about 10 days.

Same-day teeth implants offer a good solution for someone who does not want to go back for dental work, as is required in the case of two-stage (traditional) dental implants.

Below is a picture of an edentulous (toothless) patient before dental implants (left); Dental implants before crowns are placed on them (center); After dental implants were placed.
Costa Rica Dental Implants - Before Implant, Before Crown, After Implant

All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 implants involve setting an entire arch of teeth on 4 implants. This procedure is performed to restore a fully edentulous or toothless arch.


  • A cost-effective way to fix teeth on your upper or lower jaw.
  • Maximize the use of available jaw bone, avoiding regenerative procedures.

How is It Done?

Two implants are placed at an angle of 45 degrees and the other two are fixed straight in the jaw. Thus, the procedure enhances chewing efficiency.[6]NCBI Journal The all-on-four treatment concept: Systematic review “The “all-on-four” treatment concept was developed to maximize the use of available remnant bone in atrophic jaws, allowing immediate function and avoiding regenerative procedures that increase the treatment costs and patient morbidity, as well as the complications inherent to these procedures “ View in Article

All-on-4 Dental Implants in Costa Rica

All-on-8 Implants

This procedure involves setting an entire arch of teeth on 8 implants. Patients with the adequate jaw bone to hold 8 implants can opt for this procedure.


  • A cost-effective alternative procedure for a full-mouth restoration.
  • Offers convenience and durability,  as they last for years.

How is It Done?

In this procedure, the implants are placed at right angles to restore the fully edentulous arch.

Same-Day Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Costa Rica

Another popular and costly procedure in the United States, it can save thousands of dollars by having it done in Costa Rica.


Full mouth restoration addresses the oral health, functionality, and appearance of the gums and teeth.

Dentists Involved

Full mouth restoration usually requires the participation of

  • General or restorative dentists
  • Periodontists (gum specialists)
  • Orthodontists (tooth positions and movements specialist)
  • Oral surgeons, and
  • Endodontists ( tooth pulp specialist)

Why Should I Get an Implant Instead of a Denture?

  • Dental implants offer more convenience, unlike removable dentures.
  • Provides better grip for eating and chewing.
  • Dental implants offer long-term oral health.
  • Implants last for years or even a lifetime.

Dental Bridges in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dental Bridges

Dental bridges bridge the gaps caused due to the loss of one or more teeth. Natural teeth, dental implants, or a combination of both are used in this procedure.


Dental bridges offer a good solution to bruxism or grinding of teeth.

Below is a picture of before dental bridges were placed in a patient with bruxism (grinding of teeth)(left); After dental bridges were placed in the same patient.
Dental Bridge - Before Placing and After Placing

Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

Dental crowns of gold, porcelain, and porcelain-infused metal help you cover the visible portion of the teeth.

Pictures of before (left) and after dental crowns procedure done in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Dental Crowns - Before Placing (L) and After Placing (R)

Veneers in Costa Rica

Teeth Veneers are thin tooth-colored shells that cover the front surface of the teeth. Porcelain veneers in Costa Rica can work wonders on your stained or chipped teeth.

Pictures of before (left) and after placing veneers in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Dental Veneers - Before Placing (L) and After Placing (R)

Dental Clinics in Costa Rica

New Smile Dental Group, Costa Rica

Located in San Jose and San Francisco, New Smile Dental Clinic is a popular and one of the best dental clinics in Costa Rica.

The highlights of New Smile Dental Group, San Jose, San Francisco are:

  • A state-of-the-art on-site dental lab.
  • 8 fully equipped rooms, 3D imaging dental room, and sterilization area.
  • Spacious clinic (over 6,460 square feet) with a call center, logistics, operations department, large waiting area with free WiFi.
  • CAD/CAM technology by Shutz Germany for dental restorations.
  • 3D CAT scan imaging and panoramic X-rays.
  • Offers free phone call services to the US and Canada.

Affiliated Dentists From

  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
  • Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas or The Association of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica (CCDCR)

Special Highlights

  • Payment Methods: Mastercard and Visa, American Express only through PAYPAL, and bank wire transfer.*
  • Your doctor will perform an exhaustive oral evaluation during the first visit, which is exclusive of the above procedures to decide the treatment course.
  • The total payment for the treatment is to be done during the first appointment.
  • No extra fee in case re-work is needed within 10 days of treatment.**
*Ensure to check with your service provider for any extra charges while using digital payment options outside your home country.
**Conditions applied.

Is Costa Rica Safe for Dental Tourism?

Costa Rica is considered safe for dental tourism. It is also a tourist-friendly place. You will not only find expert dentists in Costa Rica but also English-speaking medical staff and outstanding hospitality.

Costa Rica Safety Travel Tips

While Costa Rica is a safe country to travel to, here are a few travel tips for a stress-free experience[7]NomadicMatt IS COSTA RICA SAFE TO VISIT? “While Costa Rica is one of the safest countries for travel and backpacking in Central America, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.” View in Article

  • Be cautious in public transportations, as petty thefts are common.
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended.
  • Travel in authorized taxis for safe rides.
  • Avoid traveling to isolated places.

Foreign Embassies in Costa Rica

US Embassy in Costa Rica

  • Location: In Front of Centro Comercial del Oeste Pavas, Costa Rica
  • Address: Calle 98 Vía 104, Pavas, San José, Costa Rica
  • Mailing Address: 920-1200 San José, Costa Rica
  • U.S. Mailing Address: US Embassy San Jose, APO AA 34020
  • Telephone: [506] 2519-2000 From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2000
  • Embassy Fax: [506] 2519-2305 From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2305
  • Consular Fax: [506] 2220-2455 From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2455

Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica

  • Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Address: Behind the “Contraloría” in the Oficentro Ejecutivo La Sabana Building 5, Third Floor, San José, Costa Rica
  • Mailing Address: Embassy of Canada, PO Box: 351-1007, Centro Colón, San José, Costa Rica
  • Telephone: (506) 2242-4400
  • Fax: (506) 2242-4410
  • Email: [email protected]

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place with the lowest crime rates.[8]Forbes The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2020 “Costa Rica remains very popular for U.S. retirees, featuring…living costs are quite reasonable, crime rate is low…” View in Article Moreover, the friendly locales make it the most preferred holiday destination too.

Famous Places in Costa Rica

Here are some exciting tourist places that you can keep on your list when you visit Costa Rica for your dental vacation.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Costa Rica Tourism - Manuel Antonio National Park

Serene beaches, vibrant wildlife, and lush greenery are the main attractions. You can also take the Manuel Antonio Nature guided tour and explore the nature and tranquillity of the place.

Monteverde and the Cloud Forest

Monteverde and the Cloud Forest - Costa Rica

Cloud forests near Monteverde is one of the best eco-tourism spots in Costa Rica. Canopy tours involving zip lines, cable cars, or bridges are also the prime attraction here.

Playa Conchal

Costa Rica Tourism - Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is known as one of the exotic beaches in Costa Rica. With a 15 minutes walk across the Brasilito beach, you can enjoy its mesmerizing beauty.

Irazu Volcano National Park

Costa Rica Dental Tourism - Irazu Volcano

At 3,342 meters, the Irazu volcano is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica  The specialty of this volcano is the lime green lake at the center of the crater which sometimes appears red.

Patient Reviews – Dental Tourism Costa Rica

Dental services in Costa Rica, be it endodontics or cosmetic dentistry, are tailored to offer the dental tourist the best possible experience, as the testimonials of so many of them reveal.

Disadvantages of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

While Costa Rica offers low-cost dental treatment with high quality, there are not too many disadvantages one can think of.

  • Traveling to a foreign country always requires some additional preparation like needing a passport, travel logistics like hotel reservations, airlines,  & the anxiety of a different culture.
  • Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica. Your Costa Rica dentist may be fluent in English, but the average person on the street is frequently Spanish-speaking.

Peaceful Country and Beautiful Locales

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central America and the Caribbean.[9]Tourradar 10 safest Places to Visit in Latin America “Costa Rica is consistently rated as the safest country in all of Central America and the Caribbean…” View in Article They demilitarized about half a century ago.[10]CrossWorks holy The Demilitarization of Costa Rica “The most prevalent example of demilitarization to explore is Costa Rica. In 1948, President Jose Figueres Ferrer abolished the military in the Central American country and it has existed without armed forces ever since.” View in Article In fact, it is the spirit of “Pura Vida” meaning “Full of Life” that pervades the country.

Costa Rica Animal - Coati Coffee Flower in Costa Rica Costa Rican Iguana
Coati – A Native Racoon Coffee Flower Costa Rican Iguana
Costa Rica Tourism - Butterfly Costa Rica Poas Volcano Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Butterfly Farms Costa Rica Poas Volcano Arenal Volcano
Costa Rica Tourism - Lakes and Beaches Heron in Costa Rica Costa Rican Humming Bird
Scenic Beaches & Lakes Heron in Costa Rica Costa Rican Humming Bird

There’s no dearth of vacation spots in Costa Rica that will fit into your budget. As most dental treatments do not tie you down in the hospital, you can easily combine recreational tours within Costa Rica with your dental trip.

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