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Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental tourism in Costa Rica has been popular for many years now, particularly with Americans and Canadians.

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According to the Euromonitor, about 90% of plastic surgery and dentistry work in Costa Rican hospitals is performed on foreign tourists. Thus, when you choose Costa Rica for dental work, you are making a decision that many have made before you.

Unlike other dental tourist locations, it is common for many to combine dental work with a vacation in Costa Rica.

Low cost of dental treatment is, of course, the primary reason for this popularity. But there are other benefits, too, which are discussed here.

Why Costa Rica is Popular for Dental Vacations?

Low Cost Dentistry in Costa Rica:

Dental packages in Costa Rica include all costs like X-ray, prosthesis, etc., at the clinic, and the dentist’s fees, and yet they are 50-70% cheaper than what you will find in the US, UK, Canada, and most developed countries. For the 100 million plus people in the US without dental insurance, procedures like dental implants in Costa Rica is easily an attractive option.

Proximity and Convenience:

Costa Rica is quite close to the US and Canada, and this makes traveling for dental care very hassle-free. It does not take more than 4-7 hours of travel from the US, depending on which city you are flying from. Many major US cities have daily non-stop flights to Costa Rica. Also US and Canadian citizens who have passports valid for 6 months do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica for stay of less than three months.

Same dental prosthesis, equipment, and technology:

Dental prostheses and equipment used in the dental clinics in Costa Rica are the same as those used in the US. In fact, they are imported from the US. For instance, only dental implants of reputed companies like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Keystone Dental, Bicon, etc. are used. You can also have procedures like All on 4 dental implants in Costa Rica which allow you to have a smile the same day.

Personalized care:

People going to Costa Rica for cosmetic dentistry are often amazed at the level of personalized treatment. As Costa Rica dental clinics have a lot of experience in treating tourists, they are able to think of things that you haven’t thought of and ensure that all needs are met.

Fixed Price Dental Packages:

Dental vacation packages that include fixed price remove the uncertainty of how much the final bill will be. Unlike the USA where medical costa are not always clear in advance, before travelling for dental tourism to Costa Rica the package cost are known. Dental X-Ray & reports are usually required in advance, before the person’s trip.

Expertise and experience:

Top dental clinics in Costa Rica are very strict about sterilizing equipment and standards of hygiene. They have staff who speak English fluently and as medical tourists frequent these clinics, they have a fair amount of experience in attending to their needs. Costa Rica cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists have a high degree of experience and expertise because of the sheer number of cases they handle in a single day. Often, they also have memberships of or affiliations with international dental institutions.

Peaceful country and beautiful locales:

Costa Rica, as a country, has the lowest crime rate in Latin America. They demilitarized about half a century ago. In fact, it’s the spirit of ‘pura vida’ meaning “Full of Life” that pervades the country. Costa Ricans are extremely hospitable and friendly. And there’s no dearth of vacation spots here which will fit into your budget. As dental treatment does not, for the most part, tie you down in the hospital, you can easily combine recreational tours within Costa Rica to your dental trip.

Costa Rica Coati Costa Rica Flora Costa Rican Iguana
Coati – A Native Racoon Ginger Flower Costa Rican Iguana
Butterfly Farms Costa Rica Poas Volcano Arenal Volcano
Butterfly Farms Costa Rica Poas Volcano Arenal Volcano
 Costa Rica Landscape   Green Kingfisher in Costa Rica   Rich Rainforest Fauna - Costa Rica
Scenic Beaches & Lakes Green Kingfisher in Costa Rica Rich Rainforest Fauna

High Standards of Medical & Dental care:

The top private hospitals in Costa Rica are comparable with the best anywhere else in the world. Costa Rica’s average life expectancy is 78.5, whereas that of the US is 77.9.

Disadvantages of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

While low cost dental treatment in Costa Rica comes with high quality, there are not too many disadvantages one can think of.

Travelling to a foregin contry always requires some additional preparation & cost that may not be needed in case of a local dental procedure. For example, needing a passport, travel logistics like airlines, hotel reservations & the anxiety of a different culture. The other possible drawback is that Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica, and while your Costa Rica dentist may be fluent in English, the average person on the street is frequently Spanish speaking.

Dental services in Costa Rica, be it endodontics or cosmetic dentistry, are geared to give the dental tourist the best possible experience, as the testimonials of so many of them reveal. It is an easy and affordable way to maintain your oral health or even improve it.

Popular Costa Rica Dentistry Trip Procedures

Dental Implants in Costa Rica: Dental implants are a permanent way to replace missing teeth and in Costa Rica you can find them at an affordable price. Both Single Stage & Two stage implants are used. The choice is based on the dentist’s medical opinion & the patients’ preference.

Single Stage (Same Day) teeth implants can be priced as low as $ 600 per implant. Although the name suggest’s a single day, post procedure followup & inserting crowns makes the trip time about 10 days. This is a good solution for someone who does not want to go back for the dental work, as it required in case of two stage (traditional) dental implants.

Below is picture of an edentulous (toothless) patient before dental implants (left); Dental implants before crowns are placed on them (center); After dental implants were placed.

Before Dental Implants - Costa Rica Implants Without Crowns in Costa Rica After Dental Implants - Costa Rica

Dental Bridges in Costa Rica: Below is picture of before dental bridges were placed in a patient with bruxism (grinding of teeth)(left); After dental bridges were placed in the same patient.

Before bruxisim - Upper Lower Bridges in Costa Rica After bruxisim - Upper Lower Bridges in Costa Rica

Teeth veneers in Costa Rica: Have chipped, or stained teeth? Porcelain veneers are a permanent way of handling them and bringing back a bright smile.

Dental Crowns and Caps at half the price in Costa Rica: Dental crowns cover the visible surface of your teeth and are available in gold, porcelain, and porcelain fused-to-metal. Pictures of before (left) and after dental crowns procedure done in Costa Rica.

Before Dental Crowns in Costa Rica After Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Costa Rica: Another very popular and expensive procedure in the United States, it can save thousands of dollars by having it done in Costa Rica. It addresses the oral health, functionality, and the look of the gums and teeth and usually requires the participation of general or restorative dentists, periodontists (gum specialists), orthodontists (tooth positions and movements specialist), oral surgeons, and endodontists (tooth pulp specialist).

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