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Los Algodones Dental Prices


With dental care in the United States beyond the reach of many, much affordable dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico come as a breather.

Los Algodones, an otherwise sleepy border town not very far from Yuma, brims up with activity as snowbirds descend upon it in winters to avail cheap dental work.

We, at Medical Tourism Corporation, will help you refurbish your smile at one of the leading dental clinics here.

Many North Americans visit the Molar City as one can save almost 70% off of U.S. prices here.

Los Algodones Dentist Prices (in US$)

The following chart shows how much you can save by getting your teeth fixed in Algodones. The comparison has been made with the average price of the same procedures in the United States.

Cost of Dental Work in Los Algodones (US$)
Dental ProcedureU.S. CostLos Algodones Cost
Implant Only$1,500$790
All-on-4 with Acrylic Bridge$20,000$8,950
All-on-6 Implant Nobel Biocare$27,250$11,280
Full Denture Acrylic Teeth$2,000$250
PFM Crown$1,100$180
PFM Bridge$1,200$180
Full Porcelain / Ceramic Crown$1,300$340
Zirconia Crown$1,700$450
Porcelain Veneer$2,000$350

Please fill in our online quote form for the prices of other procedures as well as the latest specials. The prices for All-on-4 and 6 implants, as well as PFM bridge, are for the upper or lower arch.

It is clear from the table above that there is a big difference in the average price of dental procedures in the U.S. and Algodones. Dental crowns in Algodones cost only a fraction of what they cost in the US.

The following graph represents the percentage savings you will on make on U.S. prices with regard to four major dental procedures in Los Algodones.

Los Algodones Dentist Prices vs US Prices

You will save an average of 78% off of U.S. prices on the prices of the same dental procedures in Los Algodones.

The ancient Mayans were using dental implants as early as 600 A.D.

Features of the Los Algodones Dental Clinic

  • Professional organizations have accredited our dental clinic in Los Algodones. These include the American Dental Association.
  • Dental surgeons here have more combined experience than any other panel of dentists in Los Algodones.
  • They have graduated from renowned institutions in Mexico and the United States.
  • Sani Dental Clinic has state-of-the-art dental technologies such as:
    • CAD-CAM system
    • Digital & Panoramic X-Rays
    • Dental laser
    • Intra-oral camera
    • CT Scan.
  • It has an on-site lab, which helps decrease the patient turnaround time.
  • It has a spacious waiting room with a phone and internet access.
  • The dental staff at the clinic speak fluent English and Spanish.

Patient Review

A client from Alberta, Canada reviews dental implants in Los Algodones – Mexico.

FAQs: Los Algodones Dental Prices

  • What are the dental cost inclusions?
What are the dental cost inclusions?
  • A warranty on dental work. Warranty duration would depend on the procedure.
  • Pick-up and drop-off (Yuma AZ airport, the border, the clinic, and the hotel).
  • Free hotel stay in Los Algodones; we can also arrange for your stay at a hotel in Yuma
  • Assistance with travel arrangements.
  • Free phone calls to the US and Canada from the clinic.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Is my dental insurance valid at the clinic?
Is my dental insurance valid at the clinic?

Yes. In case the clinic does not have a link-up with your insurance provider, it can complete the required paperwork for the refund of your money.

Please inform the front desk that you wish to avail of this US $30 service when you arrive at the clinic for your first appointment.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Do you accept payment in US Dollars?
  • Why is dental work here so cheap?
  • Does the clinic charge a consultation fee?
  • Are there any promos on nearby hotels?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment Methods Accepted at the Clinic
CashPersonal Checks
Travelers ChecksWire Transfers
Cashier’s ChecksMoney Orders
Debit / Credit CardsDental Financing

A 4% fee is deducted on payments made through a debit/credit card.

Do you accept payment in US Dollars?

Yes. We accept US dollars.

Why is dental work here so cheap?

The cost of getting your teeth fixed is cheap because of many reasons. First, dentists south of the border are not in debt when they graduate, unlike the United States. Furthermore, real estate prices are lower in comparison.

Not only are malpractice insurance costs low, but the cost of living and overheads are low as well. These factors combine to contribute to reducing the overall price of dental procedures in the border town near Arizona.

Our dentist in Los Algodones explains the reason why you can save thousands on your dental work in the following video:

Does the clinic charge a consultation fee?

No. The clinic charges no consultation or diagnosis fee.

Are there any promos on nearby hotels?

Yes. The clinic can arrange a free stay for you at a hotel in Los Algodones. Check out our current promos (terms and conditions apply):

Dental Work Cost (in US$)Free Stay at Hotel Hacienda
More than $10001 Night
More than $20003 Nights

Getting to Los Algodones

On Foot

The dental office is at a walking distance from the US-Mexico border at Andrade. You can walk across to it after clearing the border crossing.

By Road

Driving down to the clinic from Yuma (Arizona) will take you 20 minutes. It is a 3-hour road trip from Phoenix. Moreover, it will take you an extra half hour to reach the clinic from Tucson.

It is a two-and-a-half-hour road trip from San Diego (CA) and a four-hour journey from Los Angeles. The clinic has a dedicated parking lot.

By Air

American airports nearest to the clinic are Yuma (IATA: YUM) and Imperial County (IATA: IPL). Imperial County is preferred by our clients who fly in from Portland, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Major airports closest to the clinic are San Diego (IATA: SAN) and Phoenix (IATA: PHX). Cities in the United States and Canada are well-connected to San Diego and Phoenix by air. Its easy connectivity makes it a popular destination among Americans and Canadians.

Other Useful Travel Information

  • Canadian and US citizens need to have a valid passport to enter Mexico.
  • US citizens do not need a visa or a tourist visa for a stay less than 72 hours in the border zone (within an area of 20-30 kilometers from the border crossing).
  • The Port of Entry from the US into Algodones is Andrade, California.
  • Border crossing timings are 6 am to 10 pm.
  • You can choose to park your car in one of the parking lots on the US side of the border and then walk across into the Mexican border town.
  • The Mexican border town operates under the Pacific Time Zone.

Why Choose Dental Work in Algodones?

  • Save almost 70% off of American and Canadian prices for high-quality dental work.
  • Getting here is convenient. The border town is not very far from Yuma.
  • Culturally, the town is quite Americanized.
  • One can avail dental appointments conveniently.
  • Language barriers are virtually absent as most of the people engaged in the dental tourism industry have basic proficiency in English.

Dental Work in Los Algodones: Popular Procedures

1.      Standard Titanium Dental Implant: Dental implants are false tooth roots. They resemble screws. When the dentist places an implant in your jaw, it fuses with your bone.

Titanium is frequently used in dental implants. The reason for this is the metal’s ability to fuse thoroughly with bone. The advantages of getting one are as follows:

  • It has a 95% success rate.
  • It lasts thirty years or more on average.
  • A titanium implant is sturdy and lightweight.

We have exclusive deals on dental implants in Los Algodones.

2.      ‘All-on-4’ System with Fixed Acrylic Bridge (Upper or Lower Arch): The ‘All-on-4’ system is a fixed full-arch restoration method. Here the dentist places four titanium screws into the jawbone.

These are topped with a fixed bridge to restore missing teeth. Our All on 4 implants Los Algodones packages cost just a fraction of US and Canadian prices.

 3.      ‘All-on-6’ System with Nobel Biocare Implants (Upper or Lower Arch): The ‘All-on-6’ system is also used to replace missing teeth in the complete arch. In this technique, the dentist implants six screws into the jaw.

4.      ‘All-on-8’ System with Fixed Porcelain Bridge (Upper or Lower Arch): Here the dental surgeon places eight dental implants into the jawbone.

5.      Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (Upper or Lower): A denture is a replacement for missing teeth. Full dentures are used for replacing missing teeth in the complete arch. A full denture with acrylic teeth has many advantages:

  • Acrylic lasts longer than porcelain.
  • It fuses to the bone better than the latter.
  • Acrylic dentures are much cheaper than porcelain ones.

6.      Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crown: A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that goes over a tooth. It is placed to bring back the natural shape, size, strength, and appearance of the tooth.

A PFM crown is a hybrid between porcelain and metal. The advantages of getting one are as follows:

  • The porcelain coating makes the crown look like a natural tooth.
  • The metal component infuses the entire structure with strength.
  • Metal fuses to the tooth easily.

7.      Bridge: A dentist is able to bridge gaps in a person’s smile through dental bridges. It is a set of false teeth which is kept in position by the abutment teeth on both sides of the gap.

A PFM bridge has an advantage over a standard porcelain bridge. The fusion of metal to the porcelain provides additional strength to the bridge.

8.      Zirconia Crown: These crowns have become very popular. They consist of a crystal material that is free of metal. Most of the time they are one piece that the dentist places into the jaw.

9.      Porcelain Veneer: This is a thin shell that goes over the surface of the tooth. The dentist carries out this procedure to resolve issues such as stains, damaged or crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth.

Please fill our contact form for information on low-cost treatment at our dental clinic in Los Algodones – Mexico.



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